Tourists instead of gas: a stream of Russians rushed into Turkey

Over the last 6 months, only Antalian resorts were visited by 1.3 million Russians.
In January - June 2017, in Antalya, according to the local airport, flew 1.3 million Russians. Russian tourists turned out to be the most in the Antalya resorts, according to statistics: their share for the six months was 38%, which is much more than the proportion of Germans (17%) and Ukrainians (8%). In just six months, 3.4 million tourists came to Turkey.

For the first half of the year, the number of Russian tourists exceeded the indicator by 2015 by 22.6%, but so far it is less by 10.7% than in 2014 (see graph). In autumn 2015, Russia closed its citizens for an organized trip to Egypt and Turkey - the most popular beach destinations. Air communication with Egypt was terminated after the Russian airliner over Sinai was undermined in October 2015, and flights with Turkey were closed since November 2015, after the Turkish Air Force shot down a Russian bomber.

 The Association of Tour Operators of Russia predicted that for the entire 2017, 2.3-2.5 million Russians will come to Turkey. The founder of Onlinetours Konstantin Pobedkin believes that more - 3-3.5 million.

Now Turkey is the leader of sales both with tour operators and travel agents, while Antalya resorts account for 90% of all Turkish sales, explains Pobedkin. Onlinetours to Turkey accounts for 37% of sales, Tez Tour - 55%, for tour operator TUI - 60%, representatives of these travel companies told.

Antalya is the most convenient airport for Russians in Turkey, Pobedkin believes: from it tourists go to all the most popular resorts of the Mediterranean coast: Kemer, Belek, Side, Antalya proper and Alanya.

 Mediterranean coast of Turkey is more mass direction, confirms the representative of the tour operator Tez Tour Larisa Akhanova: here an extensive hotel base, earlier than on the Aegean coast, the season begins and ends later, and the tourist infrastructure is better developed. On the Mediterranean, you can choose a holiday with a variety of programs (fitness, spa, special meals), and in Antalya a large selection of hotels with professional children's clubs, which is great for a family holiday, indicates the representative of TUI. According to Akhanova, on the Aegean coast more expensive vacation, there are fewer flights from Russia, but more depth of sales, and the infrastructure is designed not only for beach, but also for historical or excursion holidays. At Tez Tour, seven days in a 5-star hotel in Antalya cost an average of 40,000 rubles. Per person, and on the Aegean coast - 45 000 rubles.

Turkey will remain the favorite of sales from the Russians until the end of the season, that is, until the end of October and early November, Akhanova is sure. Pobedkin believes that even before the end of the year, Turkey will hold its first position unless another mass direction - Egypt - opens. Among other popular tourist destinations, the leaders of Russian preferences are Greece, Russia, Cyprus and Tunisia, Pobedkin reports. Demand is also used by Spain, Italy and Bulgaria.