"Transcontainer" was taken over by Alexander Abramov with Roman Abramovich

Billionaire partners bought out operator's shares from NPF Blagosostoyanie.
The sphere of joint interests of co-owners Evraz Roman Abramovich, Alexander Abramov and Alexander Frolov is not limited to metallurgy. Together they own, for example, approximately 36.9% of the shares of the premium retailer Azbuka Vkusa. Now they have another joint business - transport and logistics.

The company, connected with Millhouse Capital Abramovich and Invest AG (fund that manages the money of Abramov and Frolov), - "Enisey Capital" LLC on December 6 bought 24.5% of the shares of the largest container carrier in Russia - "Transcontainer". This is stated in the disclosure of the latter. The representative of Millhouse Capital John Mann confirmed that "Yenisei Capital" is a company connected with the structures of businessmen. Representative Invest AG declined to comment. The name of the seller they do not disclose, but the package of the same size, according to the list of affiliated persons of "Transcontainer", belonged to NPF "Blagosostoyanie" (among its founders - RZD). The representative of the fund declined to comment. In the summer, the sources of Vedomosti, close to RZhD, said that the APF "Blagosostoyanie" on the eve of corporatization (before January 1, 2019) will sell the operator's package.

Mann said that the package was bought at a market price. December 6 at the Moscow Stock Exchange, the package was worth 14.7 billion rubles, and the entire "Transcontainer" - 60.1 billion rubles. The weighted average price for the previous six months was 12.6 billion rubles. Buyers believe that Transcontainer is a promising company, says a source close to one of the parties to the deal. In 2016-2017 years. there were contacts with a large number of applicants, but no one wanted to buy the package, based on an assessment of the whole company above 40 billion rubles: the package is non-blocking, it will not allow you to influence the company's key decisions, said a person close to the seller. The second large shareholder of Transcontainer, Fesco, according to him, the package was not interesting, as the company expects to participate in the auction for the sale of a package owned by RZD, scheduled for April, Vedomosti interlocutor adds. Many are willing to participate in the auction: Fesco co-owner - Sumy group Ziyavudin Magomedov, UCL Holding Vladimir Lisin, Delo group Sergei Shishkarev, RFPI with partners. NPF "Blagosostoyanie" could wait for the offer, but then the sale would take place only in a year - the buyer must issue an offer for redemption of securities from minority shareholders within six months, explains a source close to the seller. Representative Fesco declined to comment, his colleague from Suma did not answer.

Will "Yenisei Capital" fight for control in the "Transcontainer" - is not clear. About their joint transport business is not known. Invest AG transport and logistics business sign. In 2015, the fund bought the Arkhangelsk Sea Commercial Port from Norilsk Nickel. And the structure of the RFP Group controlled by Invest AG, a timber processing holding, includes the Amur Shipping Company.

"If the growth of Transcontainer's shares on the exchange continues, a new buyer will be able to earn on the offer, which the buyer of the controlling stake will have to make. But most likely these investors have a strategic interest in the company and will participate in the auction themselves - this is a very promising asset, "says Andrey Tretelnikov, investment director of TKC Partners. True, stock quotes due to low free float are not indicative, when evaluating the company it is more correct to focus on fundamental indicators, said vice president of Russian Railways Andrey Starkov at the end of October (his words were broadcast by Interfax). The business of Transcontainer is growing. Andrei Zhemchugov, First Deputy Chief Financial Officer of Transcontainer, assumed that the operator will reach record revenue and EBITDA in 2017 (his words were given by Interfax). "Container rail transportation (especially transit and import) in 2017 continued to grow dynamically, after the record reached in 2016 in the Russian market, a deficit of containers and fitting platforms was formed - this spurred the growth of rental rates for rolling stock," says the general director of Infoline- analysts "Mikhail Burmistrov. As a result, rental rates for 80-foot platforms by December were more than a third higher than a year ago, and twice as high as in 2015 - 1550-1600 rubles. per day. "Transcontainer" actively builds up the park and increases efficiency, in combination with favorable market conditions it will allow it in 2017-2018. significantly increase revenue and net profit, Burmistrov predicts.