Transneft and Rosneft exchanged harsh statements

The dispute was caused by the offer of the pipe company to become a shareholder of the pipeline company. The latter called that idea "hysterical" and accused the opponent of data distortion. Rosneft invented the term "transport frenzy" in return.
"Transneft" has reacted sharply to the proposal of "Rosneft" to become a shareholder of monopoly. President Igor Sechin state companies in late January suggested that the Government consider the possibility of placing the additional issue of shares of "Transneft" for the benefit of his company. According to the Sechin (his letter is in "Vedomosti") the proceeds monopoly would develop the pipeline system.

"This initiative hasty" Rosneft "can only cause regret and compare it can only be unworthy of the company's hysterical," - said in a statement, the press service of "Transneft" released today.

"Rosneft" has created its "own coordinate system", which is very different from the one in which "exist all of us", said in a statement: "In this coordinate system, apparently, intestines dictates the rules of the game, and the heart and the brain, and used arithmetic very different from the present. This also applies to reporting when production decline is called its growth, the capitalization of the fall - increasing the company's value, and the build-up of debt - Growthm investment rating ... "

"Transneft" argues that distorted data on its rates were given in a letter Sechin. "Rosneft" the President pointed out that the tariffs for transportation of crude oil in Russia is much higher than abroad. Thus, the rate of the oil pipeline TAL from the Italian port of Trieste to Germany, Austria, Czech Republic - 0.216 rubles. for pumping tons of oil per kilometer, while the average rate of "Transneft" - 0.42 rubles. t / km.

"Transneft" cites other figures. 0.216 rubles. t / km - the nominal rate is set for one of the owners of the TAL - Austrian OMV (for pumping oil at its own refineries "Schwechat" in a suburb of Vienna). For the rest of the market participants in the TAL tariff is much higher. For example, in the area of ​​Trieste - Ingolstadt - 0.38 rubles. t / km, and the Ingolstadt - Karlsruhe - 0.4 rubles. t / km. And of the 11 largest companies in the world piping "Transneft" highest rate is in tenth place, is listed in the statement.

"If the" Rosneft "are aware of this, the data are distorted deliberately, if not, what are untrue calculations svidetelsto exist a low-skilled specialists who participated in the preparation of appeals to the government ", - stated in the message.

In addition, the "Transneft" fears that the entry of oil companies in the capital pipeline monopoly may lead to the fact that the big players will not only establish double standards - for yourself and for the "others", but will maximize savings on the maintenance and development of the system. This "will inevitably lead to the destabilization of the entire industry," the statement said.

Subsequently, the representative of "Transneft" Igor Demin explained that the statement was a response to the comments of an unnamed source in the "Rosneft", quoted by news agencies. Monopoly - is an artificial model where the tariff for pumping put at the forefront, led today the agency "Prime" in the words of the interlocutor of "Rosneft", "It's a paradox, when the company is to provide services to determine the pricing picture. Translated into the language of anatomy, it turns out that the intestines dictates the rules to all vital organs - heart and brain, and liver. "

The official response of "Rosneft" in the statement of "Transneft" was too harsh.

"The reaction of the press service of" Transneft "is the best illustration of the designated" Rosneft "problem when infrastructure company imposes the entire industry and the entire economy of its immanent goals and interests. The term "transportobesiya" where applicable. The essence of it - of the situation, when the purpose of transportation is the transportation itself, "- said in a statement Press Secretary of" Rosneft "Mikhail Leontiev, sent to the editor.

Observations of "Transneft" on the level of production and capital he called "delusional".

The representative of the curator both state-owned companies in the government - Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich - declined to comment on their harsh statements. Earlier, he said that Deputy Prime Minister considers it inexpedient to hold an additional issue of "Transneft" in favor of one of the oil companies.

In Sechin and president of "Transneft" Nikolay Tokarev long been a difficult relationship, recalls the deputy director general of the Center floorcal information Alexei Panin. Instead, the current proposal looks like Sechin's "claim to the empire Tokarev," the expert said: "The idea of ​​an additional issue for good purposes looks like masking attempts to gain control of the decisions taken in the" Transneft ".

Both companies - public and their actions should generate interest from Western investors continue Panin: "This skirmish produces a painful impression. I find it hard to imagine that such a discussion was - relatively - between BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto ».