TRK Company did not pay Moscow for billboards

The company TRK, one of the leading operators of the outdoor advertising market in Moscow, has not transferred the next payment to the city. Earlier, associated with the shareholder of TRK Alexander Geller, "Trade Company" lost a contract for advertising in the subway.
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The TRK company, the fifth largest outdoor advertising operator in Russia and the second-largest advertiser in Moscow, did not pay the city budget for another year of work in the capital market. According to contracts with city authorities, the company was to transfer 1.4 billion rubles in December 2017. As follows from the response of the Moscow Media and Advertising Department, which entered RBC on Tuesday, January 9, but dated December 29, 2017, the agency "does not have information on payment". As RBC's press secretary Konstantin Gorokhov said, the payment was due by December 29 inclusive. There is no payment from the dispensers, confirms the source of RBC in the advertising market, citing information from the officials of the department.

TRK became one of the seven winners of advertising auctions, which the capital's media and advertising department held in 2013-2014. They were drawn 8,8 thousand seats for advertising structures. Winners are required to transfer to the budget of Moscow for ten years almost 97.4 billion rubles. The TRC, having concluded eight contracts with the authorities, received almost 1.4 thousand places for billboards and small-format constructions, for which they pledged to pay more than 22.5 billion rubles. In terms of the number of seats in the TRC, Moscow was second only to Russia's largest operator, Russ Outdoor, which received more than 2,100 seats at Moscow auctions for 27.2 billion rubles.

At the end of 2017, the TRC retained the right to install only 1 thousand structures, for which it had to pay 15.7 billion rubles to the budget within ten years. The reduction in the number of structures was due to the fact that the company was delaying payment. So, in December 2016, the TRC did not transfer funds to Moscow in time for the shields, and all contracts with it were terminated. Two months later, in February 2017, when the company paid part of the amount, the authorities restored five of the eight contracts.

It was not possible to contact the leadership of the TRC operatively. The company's phones on Tuesday, January 9, did not respond, the company's website did not work. The site of the whole holding "Gema" did not function, the main shareholder of which Alexander Geller also owns the advertising operator. In this case, as the source of RBC in one of the Moscow advertising groups, TRK continues to accept applications for advertising for this year.

Automotive and advertising business

TRC, according to the research company Espar-Analytic for November 2017, had in Moscow more than 1.2 thousand advertising surfaces (one design can have more than one surface) with a total area of ​​29.1 thousand square meters. m. The possible revenue of the shopping and entertainment center in January-November 2017, "Espar-Analytic" estimates 1 billion rubles. VAT included. According to this indicator, the company ranks fifth among all outdoor advertising operators in the country. In the first place - Russ Outdoor with revenue of 6.8 billion rubles. (in 50 cities of Russia), on the second - Gallery (4.3 billion rubles.), on the third - "Vera-Olympus" (1.7 billion rubles.), on the fourth - "Laisa" (1.5 billion rubles. ).

The owner of 79% of OOO TRK, according to the USRLE for August 2017, is the founder of the auto holding Gema Alexander Geller. In 2007 Forbes called Alexander Geller one of the candidates for the "golden hundred" of the country's richest businessmen. According to the results of 2006, the publication estimated the revenue of "Gema" at $ 520 million (about 14.4 billion rubles at the average rate for that year). Since 2004, the auto holding has consistently been included in the rating of the largest non-public companies in the country. The last time Forbes estimated the revenue of "Gema" in 2013 - in 2012 it was 25 billion rubles. ($ 804 million), which allowed it to take the 188th place in the ranking of the largest private companies.

15% of the dispensary is owned by the management company Inversion, established in 2014 by Sergei Gilev and invested, in particular, in the Timan-Pechersk gas company and the pulp and paper mill Kama. The remaining 6% of LLC "TRK" belongs to the company itself.

The shares of the founders of TRC are in pledge until December 2026 from its creditor - the bank "FC Otkrytie", according to the USRLE. The representative of the reopening "FC Otkrytie" refused to comment on issues related to specific clients.

Not the first problem

For the past seven years, Gema Holding has been a key player in the Moscow advertising market. In 2011, the associated company "Auto Sell" won an auction for the right to place advertising in the Moscow metro, but the contract was terminated early, in July 2015, as the contractor owed the budget 1.1 billion rubles. In autumn of 2016, the new advertising contractor of the subway was the "Trade Company", which also acted in the interests of "Gema".

The contract with "Trade Company" was concluded for ten years, the new contractor on the results of the auction undertook to transfer the subway almost 22.7 billion rubles. But in December 2017, the contract with him was also terminated ahead of schedule, since Trade Company failed to provide another bank guarantee for 6.8 billion rubles in time. (30% of the total value of the contract). "Trade Company", as well as TRK, is in pledge with the bank "FC Otkritie", which has been undergoing a rehabilitation procedure since autumn 2017.

At the end of December it became known that the Moscow Metro prosecutor's office had checked the "Trade Company" and sent materials to the police "to take a decision to initiate criminal proceedings." December 27, 2017 on suspicion of fraudulent actions of the Internal Affairs Directorate on the Moscow Metro detained the director of the "Trade Company" Rome Soghomonyan.