Ugra Bank disclosed the co-owner of Gorbushkin Dvor Alexey Khotin among its owners

Formally, he is only a minority shareholder with a stake of 0.5%.
The bank "Yugra" (35 th place in terms of assets in the ranking of "Interfax-CEA") on January 12, revealed the list of affiliated persons, which showed formally the new shareholder - one of the owners "Gorbushkin court" Alexei Hawtin, which directly owns 0.48% shares follows from the document on December 31, 2015 Previously, Hawtin any of the owners, nor was a member of the bank's management.

However, market participants for several years already believe that the "Ugra" control Moscow developers, owners' yard Gorbushkin "Yuri and Alexei Hawtin. The related person acquired, in 2012 while still a small bank "Yugra" - at the end of 2012 he held the 272-th place in terms of assets in the ranking of "Interfax-CEA".

The control package "Ugra" belongs to the Swiss Radamant Financial AG (controls 51.4% of the shares), which is owned by top managers of the bank and also Aleksey Hawtin, said representative of the bank, without specifying the composition of the owners. Aggregate share of Alexei Khotin bank did not disclose. In addition, the bank's shares belong to nine individuals to the report on the results of the latest additional issue of the bank.

On paCovered real owners insisted that the Central Bank, in October told the interlocutors "Vedomosti" and confirmed a person close to the supervisory unit of the Central Bank. They also pointed out that Hawtin can reveal among owners "Ugra" via Radamant.

Disclosure of new shareholders took place, together with additional capitalization of banks by 6.8 billion rubles. Radamant in favor, which was announced in the summer of 2014, confirmed the representative of the bank. As a result, the proportion of older minority among top managers of the bank could adjust. However, information on the site about the owners of the Swiss company no.

Means (6,8 bln.) Should double the Bank's authorized capital, ie. E. Tier I capital, said the "Ugra" the annual report under IFRS for 2014 From the same report shows that the company has provided Radamant subordinated bank deposits $ 55.5 million.

Disclosure of the actual beneficiaries of "Ugra" can open a bank access to the OFZ received under the state program of recapitalization. The Bank is included in the list of contenders for the capitalization of 9.9 billion rubles., But before the end of the year and did not get the OFZ. Participation & laquo; Ugra "in the program did not confirm the Central Bank, including due to the opaque structure of the bank's owners, told" Vedomosti "a federal official and a person close to the Central Bank.

But this is not the only thing that did not satisfy the regulator. In 2015, "Ugra" was the champion to raise funds individuals in January - June, the bank increased its deposits by 93% (or by 62.4 billion rubles.), Thanks to the highest rates in the market. On deposits accounted for almost half of the liabilities of "Ugra", at the same time, the bank actively credited the legal entities, with almost a quarter of loans were related structures, says the counterparty bank.

Regulator is not quite satisfied with this operating model of the bank, he said then the director of bank ratings RAEX Stanislav Volkov (RAEX ​​rating of the bank), adding that the bank should restructure the business model, but the corporate sector is a tough fight.

The bank has operated the restriction of the Central Bank to take deposits, said the source "Vedomosti", the Central Bank also ordered the bank dosozdat reserves, some of which have yet to be dosozdat. While in relation to the bank's actions were limiteds instructions, it can not be admitted to the state support funds, indicates a source close to the Central Bank.

Board of the Deposit Insurance Agency Directors (ASV) decide on the conclusion of the contract with the bank to obtain BFL in case of confirmation of the bank's compliance with the Central Bank with all the requirements, he reminded the representative of the DIA. He added that "the increase in the capitalization of banks will continue in the current year."

"Central Bank does not comment on active banks and their supervisory actions", - he reminded the press service of the regulator.

Now part of the bank there is no obstacle to the conclusion of the contract with the DIA, said the representative of "Ugra". The requirements of the Central Bank, limiting attracting retail deposits, does not apply to the bank, he said.