Ugra's disclosed owners

Alexey Khotin officially becomes a shareholder of the bank.
Bank "Ugra" in the near future will open its real owners, among which first manifested one of the owners "Gorbushkin court" Alexei Hawtin. This will happen on the basis of the bank's capital increase by 6.8 billion rubles., Which will increase its authorized capital stock twice. According to "Kommersant", the Central Bank has long claimed to reveal the real beneficiaries, "Ugra" and for this reason did not approve of the bank receipt of OFZ - out of 27 banks included in the state program in January of last year, "Ugra" was the only one who OFZ did not get.

As the "Kommersant", the bank "Yugra" has completed the additional issue of 6.8 billion rubles., Which bought the company Radamant. As a result, the bank's authorized capital increased to 6.17 billion rubles. to 12.97 billion rubles. A Radamant became the controlling shareholder (52.45% stake). One of the beneficiaries Radamant - co-owner of "Gorbushkin court" Alexei Hawtin, information about it will appear on the website of the Central Bank in the near future. Earlier in the list of beneficiaries, he did not appear, but according to unofficial information controlled bank. The "Ugra" yesterday confirmed that the issue was carried out in favor of Radamant, which controlsruyut top managers of the bank "Yugra" and well-known businessman Alexei Hawtin. "According to the Forbes Russia magazine, Alexey Hawtin is one of the largest investors in real estate, securities and mining assets of the oil sector in Russia", - stressed in the press-service of the bank.

It is noteworthy that this additional issue was announced back in mid-2014, as officially reported in the Bank's annual report for 2014. However, as a result of additional capitalization delayed. "Usually, this procedure since the approval of the shareholders takes several months - says a top manager of a large banka.- Probably, in this case, there were some issues that needed to remove." According to another source "b" familiar with the situation, the main question referred to the beneficiary company Radamant. "CB rigidly required to disclose the real owners, not nominal holders", - he says. "In addition, the additional issue was delayed due to lack of confirmation of the presence of the net assets of a foreign company, which demanded the regulator", - adds another source. The annual report for 2014 togetheretsya that Radamant company provided the bank "Yugra" two subordinated deposit in the amount of $ 32.8 million and $ 17.7 million, but its owners are not disclosed in the report.

Disclosure of the actual beneficiaries, "Ugra" can open a bank access to the OFZ received under the state program of recapitalization. To date, of the 27 banks that have been included in the number of recipients of federal loan bonds in January 2015, bonds received from the DIA 25 (exception - the bank "Globex", which did not participate in the program). The bank "Yugra" applied in April last year (he can qualify for federal loan bonds in the amount of 9.9 billion rubles.), Carried out the necessary corporate procedures, but the confirmation of the participation of the Central Bank has not received. According to the source "b", it is opaque ownership structure has caused disapproval of the application "Ugra".

The fact that the bank still revealed the real owners, may indicate that he is required to support and control it requires greater transparency in business than he showed today, adds a chief expert of "Interfax-CEA" Alex Buzdalin.According to statements of the bank, it almost does not attract loans from other banks (3.7 billion rubles., Or 1.4% of the size of liabilities), mainly taking the Central Bank (40.9 billion rubles. December 1, or about 16% of the liabilities volume). The bank does not have any rating on which potential counterparties could assess its financial position and on its website the latest disclosure of financial statements of International refers to 2014. Thus, until transparent, "Ugra" in spite of the disclosure benefetsiarov still far, experts say.