Ulmart switched to secondhand cars

Investments at the initial stage are estimated at 100 million rubles.
Online retailer "Yulmart" opens a new direction. Until the end of 2018, the company plans to sell up to 500 used cars per month in St. Petersburg and the Moscow region. The first car - Kia - was sold in July. The company said that it is negotiating the purchase of the necessary models of cars with a number of companies and private sellers. In the next two months, the retailer will buy and sell one or two cars a month at a site in St. Petersburg.

 "At the preparatory stage, we paid much attention to setting up accounting business processes and developing service standards, we are now adapting our system to new requirements," the press service quotes Nikita Samarin, director of product management at Energia Yulmart. Before the sale, the company will evaluate the technical condition of the car and legal expertise.

In parallel, "Yulmart" will develop a category of car goods and additional services, says Samarin.

In the priority - the models in the price range from 300 000 to 1.5 million rubles; The average price will be 500 000-700 000 rubles., The company said. You can choose the machine on the official website of the retailer, see - in the suburban centers for the execution of orders at Piskarevsky Avenue (52,000 sq. M.) And Pulkovskoye Highway (42,000 sq. M.) In St. Petersburg. The center has an area of ​​55,000 square meters. M in the Moscow region Mytischi company intends to open before the end of the year, and in 2018, it plans to organize a car delivery service.

The representative of the company does not disclose the volume of investments: "The final amount will be known after the launch of the site in the Moscow region."

The market for used cars is growing: in Axel Group sales of such cars in 2016 increased by 40%, this year it is expected to grow by one and a half times, says Igor Sedov, the development and sales director of the group. Marginal profit from the sale of second-hand machines is higher than from new ones, he clarifies. "Yulmart" will be hard, believes Selov: the main source of second-hand machines for dealers is trade-in, the retailer will have to buy all the machines, in addition, in this business is likely internal corruption. There is a place for new players in the market, but every start-up can end with both success and failure, he sums up.

The initial investment in the creation of a warehouse of machines and the formation of business processes will amount to about 100 million rubles., Says Mikhail Chaplygin, general director of Auto-Dealer-SPb. According to him, the proposed model does not differ much from the classic sale of a second-hand car in a dealer center and its marginality will be 10-15%. Sale of used cars is one of the main directions of the automobile business, about 5000 used cars are sold every month in the city, "Yulmart" is unlikely to be able to change the market, but the director of "Autoworld St. Petersburg" Sergey Lysov. The extra charge for used cars is 5-7%, he says. To sell 500 cars, you need a site of about one hectare, the rental price in St. Petersburg per month can be 500,000 rubles. Together with communal payments, he estimated. Yulmart has no name in this direction and they will have to prove that it is a reliable partner, Lysov believes. Chaplygin agrees: "Yulmart" can sell anything, it's been a supermarket for a long time: it will be difficult to popularize new services and convenience for the consumer.