Unistream failed to circumvent Ukrainian sanctions through Britain

The British payment system Cell.int denied her protection.
The money transfer system "Unistream" stopped transferring money to Ukraine bypassing the sanctions. The mobile payment system Cell.int, which helped her, does not plan to act as an intermediary between Russian and Ukrainian payment systems and closed the site of the Russian representative office.

It is no longer possible to carry out money transfers from Russia to Ukraine with the help of Unistream, Kommersant was told in the call center of the payment system and confirmed in one of the offices of Unistream. The press service of the money transfer system did not reply to Kommersant why the money was sent to Ukraine.

The Russian payment systems Unistream, Golden Crown, Kolibri, Leader, Anelik and Blizko fell under the sanctions of Ukraine in October 2016. In June 2018, the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) denied the license to the international money transfer system Tyme for helping Russian players circumvent the restrictions imposed on them - acting as an intermediary and issuing transfers sent through Russian payment systems in Ukrainian cities. As Kommersant has previously found out, Tyme, in particular, helped Unistream. However, payments to Ukraine the Russian payment system did not stop, since she still had a spare option at the end of June - she worked on the same scheme through the British payment system Cell.int.

The site of the Russian office Cell.int recently stopped working. However, the correspondent of "Kommersant" managed to get through to the directorate for business development of the company. They said that now the transfers to Ukraine are suspended and if the situation does not change, then their renewal is not planned in the future. The NBU did not respond to the request of "b".