US accused Timchenko and Rotenberg of systematically bypassing the sanctions

The US authorities give no peace to "Putin's friends": Gennady Timchenko and the Rotenberg brothers. The US Treasury blacklisted ten companies through which these businessmen allegedly evade sanctions.
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US authorities continue to pursue Gennady Timchenko and Rothenberg brothers who are considered oligarchs close to the president of Russia Vladimir Putin. Of the 34 persons and firms, today added to the SDN sanctions list, 11 are associated with Timchenko or the Rotenberg and punished for having helped the businessmen to circumvent sanctions, should US Treasury Department press release.

New sanctions target "associated with earlier who fell under the sanctions of Gennady Timchenko, Arkady Rotenberg, Boris Rotenberg, concern" Kalashnikov "and IMZ - all of them were involved in serious systematic evasion of sanctions," explains the American Ministry of Finance.
The Office distributed the sanctions against Timchenko on the Swede Sven Olson, Russian OOO «Avia Terminal Group", LLC "Transservice" and offshore Lerma Trading, LTS Holding Ltd, Maples SA, Fentex Properties and White Seal Holdings. According to US authorities, Olson, and seven of these companies are controlled, provide material support or act in the interests of Timchenko and "his network".

The Company made to the SDN list, can no longer carry on biHe is carrying with US officials, and citizens - to enter the United States.

Timchenko himself, whose fortune Forbes estimated this year at $ 10.7 billion, was added to the black list of the US Treasury in March 2014 as a co-owner of oil trader Gunvor and a man of "inner circle" of Vladimir Putin. US officials then said that Putin "has investments in Gunvor and may have access to the facilities of the company."

Sven Olson was a member of the board of directors Gunvor and after Timchenko sold his stake in the company in March 2014 (according to the official version, the day before the sanctions ads), has ceased to be a director of Gunvor, but remained on the board controlled by Timchenko's Volga Group. 72-year-old Swede is on the board of directors of family industrial group Liljedahl Group, on the site which states that he is also a director in companies such as IPP BV, Gunvor BV, Smedbo, Camp of Scandinavia, Aller Media, SOVAG (owned by Russia SOGAZ) , labrusca Family Office, Meerwind.

Fentex (British Virgin Islands) - the company through which Timchenko owned stake in Gunvor. A Cypriot White Seal Holding he owns most of its stake in Novatek (15.84% from 23.49%). "Avia Gron Terminal "Timchenko owned prior to the 2014 summer of the same year, it became known that the businessman is still the spring sold 74% of the company (which owns the business aviation terminal in Sheremetyevo), and 70%" Avia Group Nord "(business aviation terminal in Pulkovo ). "Transservice" - "daughter" of "Transoil" entered in the SDN list in April 2014, and Maples - the company through which Timchenko controls of the rail carrier.

Share of LTS Holding, formerly known as International Petroleum Product (IPP), Timchenko sold in April 2014, "business partners". A Panamanian Lerma Trading is first mentioned in connection with Gennady Timchenko (all other companies previously featured in the media as related to its business).

"Have you seen the news. Let's see, examine the extent to which it has a relationship to us and how it can affect, if it does, "- Timchenko said RBC representative.

"Volgogradneftemash" (produces oil and gas equipment), and Mosoblbank Republican Investment Bank (Inresbank) included in the sanctions list as a controlled or Arkady Boris Rotenberg, according to the matialah US Treasury. Mosoblbank and Inresbank brothers belong to the SMP-controlled Bank. "We originally came from the fact that Mosoblbank as our daughter organization will be included in the OFAC list, but all restrictions actually acted before. Mosoblbank only works on the territory of Russia, no assets abroad is not so in the bank's activities including the sanctions list is absolutely not affect ", - reported the press service of the SMP Bank.

Brothers Rothenberg after the introduction of sanctions against them in the spring of 2014, as Timchenko, thoroughly peretryahnul their assets. Son Arkady Rotenberg Igor received from the action "Mostotrest" father, "Gazprom drilling" and "SCC Real Estate". The eldest son of Boris Rotenberg Roman bought from his uncle, father and Gennady Timchenko, a controlling stake in the Finnish Arena Events (owns a sports and entertainment complex in Helsinki), but after he got to the sanctions list.

"By adding some of the officially traded companies on the sanctions list, the US government appears to cast doubt on the fact that oligarchs ustudrank control over these businesses, "- noted in August, the newspaper Financial Times.

Responded for the Crimea

The updated lists of entities under US sanctions also hit banks operating in the Crimea, - Genbank, Krayinvestbank, Sevastopol Marine Bank and the Upper Volga bank.

Genebank - a small Russian bank, which occupies 164 th place in terms of assets, known for being one of the first to open their branches in Crimea after its accession to Russia. Now Genbank inferior to the volume of business in the Crimea is only RNCB - the first Russian bank to make money on the peninsula and was hit by US sanctions in March of 2015. In August, the Council of Ministers of Crimea and Sevastopol government received 50% stake in GenBank. The Bank has 29 branches in Sevastopol, Simferopol, Yalta, Yalta, Kerch. In September, the head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksenov said that requests Genbank capitalize on the 10 billion rubles.

Krayinvestbank in April last year opened one of the first three units in the Crimea. He now has six offices in the territory of the peninsula. At the beginning of deabrya Central Bank recommended Krayinvestbank in a short time to find a nursing home. The main shareholder of the bank - the Krasnodar Territory, which owns 98% of shares - it did not capitalize.

Sevastopol Marine Bank - small in terms of assets Crimean bank focused on servicing local businesses and individuals - 95% owned by businessman Alexander Annenkov. Until September 2014 the Bank worked on the license of the National Bank of Ukraine, in August received a license from the Bank of Russia.

Upper Volga Bank (268-th place in terms of assets) - one of the largest banks in the Yaroslavl region. The main part of its branches and sub-branches according to the information on the official website is "in all economically important cities of the Crimea."