US FRS joined in the colonel Zakharchenko's case

The investigation will find out the Russian recipient of the money found at the policeman's place over the ocean.   
As the "Y" in the coming days, the criminal investigation Interior Ministry colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko establish the origin of the seized in the apartment of his sister's currency using the US Federal Reserve, which has already been sent to the appropriate request. Having established a Russian bank ordered cash dollars, the investigation will deal in financial frauds of their guardian. While it is assumed that the police following the debt service for the movement of funds in the oil and gas sector could assign kickbacks intended top management of corporations.

According to the close to the investigation "Kommersant" source, an experienced specialist in solving crimes in the financial sector Zakharchenko made a mistake by taking the so-called storage bricks - cellophane package with dollars issued by banks, the US Federal Reserve. These packaging, par value of $ 200 thousand. Each have been established by the investigation, not unpacked since both were brought for flights from overseas, so overtighten notes paper tapes inside are preserved print of some of the twelve regional banks in the Federal Reserve. For example, the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.

As explained by the source of "b", the very next day after the arrest of Mr. Zakharchenko participants in the investigation by the Central Bank and the Federal Financial Monitoring Service sent a request to the US Federal Reserve, which were asked to indicate which of the Russian bank ordered a suspicious currency. Recipient, according to investigators, could be a major lending institution, capable to overtake a large amount of dollars to their correspondent account in US bank transfer and cash out request. According to "Kommersant" that the foreign partners had no doubt about the feasibility of cooperation with the Russian investigation, in the request it was stated that the excited criminal case may bring law enforcement officers on the trail of a major organized crime groups engaged in laundering and the withdrawal of overseas funds in especially large amounts. This argument, "b" on the companion opinion, will be decisive for those officials in the United States, on which a decision will depend.

The next stage of the investigation, obviously, will be the seizure of documents from the bank - the customer's currency and asking customers who have bought from him for cash rubles those same $ 120 million, which were later found in the apartment police sister Zakharchenko.

While the participants of the investigation suggest that the exceptions in the case of US dollars have been acquired in a Russian bank for cash rubles, which is not nothing but setbacks, designed to top-managers of the largest Russian oil and gas companies, the expenditure of funds that are on duty watched Acting Chief control the "T" GUEBiPK MIA Zakharchenko. As explained by "Kommersant" a source other operatives control the "T" is traditionally interested in the first row on the installation of oil and gas pipelines, replacement and repair of pumping equipment, the construction of settlements and roads, which the company entered into with the contractors. Because these costs for any large company estimated in the billions or tens of billions of rubles, wishing to gain access to the development of the money was always in excess. "Accordingly, participation in tenders turned into a fierce battle with rivals, which won not always the best - often their winning bidders willing to pay about 30% of the value of the order in cash to recommend their top managers of corporations," - said "Kommersant" source. According to him, it was the so-called tax on the tower - the central office of the customer. For "tax" cache contractor is believed investigators, was forced to take on the fictitious subcontracting affiliated one-day firms. Thus all the work performed builders themselves, and "dump" the contract listed the amount needed to pay rollback. Then ephemeral cashed the money again through affiliate schemes with members of the bank and self-destructed.

These schemes and tracked Colonel Zakharchenko with his subordinates. At the same time of all involved in financial fraud structures of the police, is believed to participants of the investigation, interested in only the last link - banks. After checking on duty financial records of a corporation, and identifying suspicious contracts, the head of government "T" Zakharchenko pored over the whole scheme, and should involve other GUEBiPK units. This opportunity he had.

The colonel himself, according to operative data, limited to collecting information from subordinates, and interfered with the scheme already in the final stage, when the rollback was formed, cashed out and is ready for transfer. Mediator by Dmitry Zakharchenko just went to the management of the credit institution and convincingly - with a detailed description of the whole scheme of fiscal fraud - the banker explained what the article of the Criminal Code violated and how long it is for the face. For failure to collect compromising materials, according to the source "b", a police officer and his men were not offered the banker to pay a certain percentage of the amount of rollback, and took away the whole thing. It defies the imagination and the amount of money seized in the case of Colonel Zakharchenko.

According to "Kommersant", is now studying the consequence of all the Office of the "T" under the leadership of Colonel Zakharchenko testing and operational development. Already interrogated persons involved in these activities, among which were the bankers and managers of large construction companies. All of them can become a party to the alleged theft and victim status - the status of these people will depend largely on the testimony that they give.