Vadim Belyaev resigned from the "Opening Holding"

He left the post of general director of the company, with which the Central Bank is trying to collect almost 5 billion rubles.
Founder and shareholder "Opening of the Holding" Vadim Belyaev in the post of CEO will be replaced by his deputy Sergei Shkodinsky, decided an extraordinary meeting of shareholders. The contract is designed for three years, Shkodinsky will focus on optimizing business processes and increasing efficiency, the holding said.

Belyaev became CEO in August 2017, at the same time, the Central Bank took the main asset of the holding company - FC Otkritie - for reorganization, the Trust Bank, Rosgosstrakh bank, Rosgosstrakh and three included in the Fund for the consolidation of the banking sector non-state pension funds.

Remaining managing company Otkrytie, the diamond mining company Arkhangelskgeoldobycha, a stake in Baltic Leasing and small companies, the Holding's opening statement for the first quarter says, the holding took a wait-and-see attitude, revalues ​​assets and builds up cooperation with companies that are belonged.

Sanction of FC Opening, associated with it the change in the structure and business model of the holding required the personal participation of the shareholder in the operating activities, now there is no such need, explained the holding's resignation of general director Belyaev, the difficult stage was over and Belyaev decided to focus on strategic directions of business development.

At the FC "Otkrytie" bank, transferred to the control of the Central Bank, there remain claims to the holding, in particular 12 suits for a total amount of over 4.8 billion rubles. (Two suits for 672 million rubles have already been considered, are not satisfied, the bank disputes the decisions of the courts.) FC Opening opened a claim against the shareholder of the holding, Gatecraft Limited, for 9.7 billion rubles.

The claims concern the surety agreements allegedly signed by the Khanty-Mansiysk Bank Opening and the holding in 2015, the claims were filed with procedural violations, including the statute of limitations, the holding company spokesman said and reports the holding's claims to the bank: "The court cases have been won bank on the refusal of the rent for the office and from the company "Opening Factoring" about the refusal to pay for the use of the trademark "Discovery" (owned by the holding .- "Vedomosti"). " The suit against Gatecraft Limited was not filed with the holding, he assured.

The Central Bank challenges some of the transactions concluded prior to the introduction of the temporary administration in the bank "FK Otkrytie", for some of them having signs of withdrawal of assets, the Central Bank turned to the Prosecutor General's Office, Bloomberg was told by the deputy chairman of the Central Bank Vasily Pozdyshev at the end of 2017. Interaction with Belyaev CB considers complete.

The departure of Belyaev from the post of the holding's general director is unlikely to create difficulties for creditors, says Pavel Mitrofanov, director of corporate ratings of Expert RA, he remains a shareholder, namely, the owners of the holding are settling disputes. The change of the CEO does not affect the responsibility for the transactions that took place when he was in charge of the holding, adviser Saveliev, Batanov & Partners Radik Lotfullin points out: the court can bring it to subsidiary liability and recover damages from it.

The bank "FC Otkrytie" agrees that the key procedures for reorganization have been completed, the bank has been successfully operating, as evidenced by the profit and the increase in ratings. But the relationship with the "Opening of the Holding Company" has not yet been settled: his debt to FC Otkritie was reduced, but remains very significant. Negotiations continue, and the bank considers its main counterparty to be Belyaeva, regardless of whether the CEO is he or not.

The Central Bank did not respond to Vedomosti.