Vadim Vaneev smells bad at the house

The entrepreneur is suspected of non-payment of salaries to employees of LLC Donstar.
In the Millerovsky district of the Rostov region a criminal case was opened against businessman Vadim Vaneev. He is suspected of non-payment of salaries to employees of LLC Donstar. This was reported by the press service of the prosecutor's office of the region.

According to the investigation, Mr. Vaneev, being the general director of the company, for more than two months did not pay salaries and calculations when he dismissed almost 500 employees of the enterprise in the amount of more than 11 million rubles. suspected of other needs, ”the report says.

Donstar was once a member of the Eurodon Group of Companies and specialized in the production of duck meat. According to, Donstar is 99% owned by Mr. Vaneev. Another 1% from LLC TD Agrotorg. According to SPARK, the company's revenue has collapsed in recent years. If at the end of 2016, the net profit of Donstar amounted to 9 million rubles. (with revenue of 3.3 billion rubles), then already in 2017 the company showed a loss of 140 million rubles. (with revenue of 2.9 billion rubles), and in 2018 the loss reached almost 812.6 million rubles. (with revenue of just over 2 billion rubles.). According to the site "Donstar", the capacity of the enterprise is 30 thousand tons of duck per year.

Vadim Vaneev - a well-known Rostov entrepreneur, founder of the company-producer of turkey and duck meat GC Eurodon. The group survived several outbreaks of bird flu. In the fall of 2018, VEB’s main creditor and owner of Eurodon demanded the resignation of Mr. Vaneev from the post of General Director. The conflict was accompanied by the death of a bird at the company's sites, blackouts, and unpaid wages for workers. In the end, Mr. Vaneev left the leadership post, and later lost his share in the group.