Valentin Vinogradov rooted in Slovakia

The country's authorities changed their minds to give Russia a runaway businessman.
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Fugitive Midlands Development CEO Valentin Vinogradov wants to get legal status in the European Union. Apparently, Slovakia will provide him with political asylum contrary to the story with “notes from prison”. Although, why be surprised? From year to year, this small country has been shaken by corruption scandals. Vinogradov has money, which means there will be a European passport.

In Russia, Valentin Vinogradov is accused of major real estate fraud. Last year, when the Slovak police arrested him at the request of Moscow, the regional court of the city of Trnava decided to extradite the Russian. This decision was confirmed by the Supreme Court of the country, but they did not begin to issue a prisoner. The reason is the personal intervention of Justice Minister Gabor Gall. Soon after, Vinogradov was released. In an interview with a local newspaper, he said that he plans to obtain refugee status and finally move his family to Europe.

- I plan to stay in Slovakia until next year. Therefore, I want to get legal status here. I want my children to come to me. They’ll probably go to a British school, ”said the former head of Midlands Development.

When asked whether he had submitted an asylum application, Valentin Vinogradov replied that he was already consulting with his lawyer on this issue. “In this unenviable situation, I have no choice,” he added.

The situation is really difficult for him. In 2007-2009, Vinogradov “heated” the shareholders of Midlands Development to 284.1 million rubles. And this can hardly be considered the only criminal episode in his biography. One of these episodes happened to him already in Slovakia.

Under the leadership of Valentin Vinogradov, Midlands Development was to build more than 1.5 million square meters in Russia and Ukraine in 2007-2009. m. real estate: offices, shopping centers, hotels and residential buildings. But in March 2009, the developer announced the freezing of projects due to lack of funding. At the same time, the hired director of Vinogradov turned out to be the owner of a luxurious mansion and a dozen other elite real estate objects, as well as a fleet of luxury cars, among which were Aston Martin and Mercedes-Maybach. Our version described in detail here how the criminal scheme worked.

Jail notes

Law enforcement authorities seized letters from his wife, Valentin Vinogradov, which may indicate that while behind bars he continued to violate the law and manipulate justice. According to Nezavisimaya Gazeta, a Slovak sitter told his wife what to do to hush up his case and prevent extradition to the Russian Federation. He also planned against whom it would be more profitable for him to testify.

In connection with the latter circumstance, it is difficult not to recall the appeal of the Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP law firm to Slovak Minister of Justice Gabor Gall. Lawyers told him that earlier Vinogradov “tried to use the Russian special services” and “enlisted the support of criminal gangs in Russia” to intimidate those who conflicted with him. Apparently, the runaway top manager decided that he could use the same shadow methods in the EU. Surprisingly, he did it! According to media reports, in one of his notes, he writes to his wife: “I will find $ 1 million, the main thing is how confident are people that they can close the question? .. In short, say the details.

It is not difficult to guess what kind of "closure of the question" is in question. Apparently, from the following letters you can understand the final picture of how Valentin Vinogradov, sitting in a Slovak prison, gives instructions on how and through whom it is necessary to organize his “salvation”. At the same time, the former CEO of Midlands Development seemed to be confident in his impunity and calmly plans his future life in freedom: “Maybe we should really think about us settling somewhere thoroughly? Maybe in the same Holland, maybe in Austria. To buy a good stable with a house or two and with this money to live there quietly, but to sell everything in Russia, ”NG quotes one of his letters.

Apparently, even before his arrest in Slovakia, Valentin Vinogradov was ready to convert part of his fortune into the loyalty of the authorities of this country. He was released - he asked for refugee status. Where there is shelter, there will soon be an EU citizen passport. And then you can safely go anywhere - even to Holland, even to Austria, even London, which is so loved by Russian emigrants with a criminal loop.

Issue price

Soon after the liberation of Vinogradov, the Slovak edition of tried to find out how much the refusal of extradition could cost. I mean, what kind of bribe must be paid to turn it around. We can talk about amounts up to a million euros, but apparently the figure will not exceed 200 thousand. The publication published another quote from the note, the authorship of which is associated with a fugitive Russian businessman: “Do you understand that now you need to pay a lot of money for a criminal case, when half of this money can be solved in Slovakia about political asylum?”

Our colleagues from Bratislava continue to monitor the development of history with the abolition of the extradition of Valentin Vinogradov to Russia and the possible granting of asylum to him in Slovakia. The interest of local newspapers in this strange case lies on the surface. Last spring, investigative journalist Jan Kutsiak was killed in the capital of the country with his girlfriend. A likely reason for the reprisal against him is the preparation of material on the relationship of two advisers to Prime Minister Robert Fico with organized crime. According to Deutsche Welle, the murder of a journalist sparked a discussion in Slovakia about the need for new elections, as well as whether Slovakia is a rule-of-law democratic state or is it ruled by the mafia.

Against the background of all this, it becomes clear why Valentin Vinogradov chose exactly Slovakia for political asylum. As we recall, the local police detained him on an international warrant at a time when a fugitive Russian spent time at the races surrounded by the local elite.

It would be interesting to know how the European Commissioner for Justice Vera Yurova would react to this whole situation. Some time ago, she seemed to support the campaign against Golden Visas, which was launched by Portugal’s MP Gomez. The latter accused businessmen receiving residence permits in exchange for investment in money laundering, and the authorities of their home country - corruption. Portuguese history looks like a childish prank on the background of what is happening in Slovakia around the figure of Valentin Vinogradov and his money.