Vasily Anisimov sells his largest development project in Moscow

The structures of the owner of the vodka brand "Putinka" sell the project area of ​​almost 160 000 square meters between the headquarters of UC Rusal and "Gorbushkin yard." The buyer is the developer of Central Properties - he will build his first residential complex.
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President of the Russian Judo Federation and billionaire Vasily Anisimov agreed on the sale of about 160,000 square meters at the site of the pipe factory "Filit" in Moscow. About this Forbes told two sources in the Moscow real estate market, familiar with the course of the transaction. The buyer is the company Central Properties, which, as it is believed in the development market, represents the interests of several top managers of Tatneft.

"Filit" is located on Barclay Street near the shopping center "Gorbushkin Dvor" and the headquarters of UC Rusal Oleg Deripaska. About the fact that Coalco Anisimova plans to build a residential complex on the site of the plant, Vedomosti wrote in September 2017. Initially, the partner of Coalco was to become MR Group of Roman Timokhin and Victor Labuzdko, but the parties could not reach an agreement.

Now Central Properties buys the project for 3.5 billion rubles or 27 000-28 000 rubles per square meter of future apartments, told Forbes interlocutors. Coalco did not respond to the Forbes request. Director General of Central Properties Sergey Egorov declined to comment.

Town Planning and Land Commission under the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin approved the construction project in place of "Filita" in July last year. According to the documents, a residential complex with an area of ​​179,300 sq. M will appear here, of which 22,200 sq. M will be for housing for immigrants under the renovation program. The maximum height of the future LCD will reach 200 m.

Despite the high competition, business-class housing in this area will be in demand, I am confident the development director of the Granel Group of Companies, Andrey Tsvet. "Taking into account the purchase price, the investment in the project will amount to about 23 billion rubles, and sales can start from 185,000 rubles per square meter," the expert said, adding that the total revenue of the developer will reach 28-30 billion rubles.

According to Oleg Kolchenko, the managing partner of the "Osnova" Group of Companies, the proceeds from the sale of housing under this project can reach up to 37 billion rubles, another 4 billion rubles Central Properties will be able to benefit from the sale of commercial real estate. The cost of construction is estimated at 100,000 rubles per square meter.

The building of "Filita" will become a debut for Central Properties in the field of residential real estate. Previously, the company dealt exclusively with commercial real estate: its property and management of 225,000 sq. M, including the business centers "Dvintsev" and "Pavlovsky", and the shopping center "Viasna" in Altufiev in the north of Moscow.

Coalco, whose portfolio is about 4 million square meters. m, since 2015, develops development projects in conjunction with the MR Group, which Anisimov transferred to the management of projects with an area of ​​more than 1 million square meters. m. The billionaire systematically comes out of development assets since 2011, when he sold his shares in business centers "White Square" and "White Gardens". However, until now Anisimov is a large landlord with a portfolio of 20,000 hectares of land in the south of the Moscow region. In 2016, the entrepreneur agreed with the Kazakh KTZExpress on the construction of a "Central dry port" transport and unloading complex worth $ 169 million.

Previously, Anisimova was associated with a major distributor of vodka, the company "Status-Group." As RBC wrote, in 2016 the structures of Anisimov received a license to use the trademark "Putinka" - one of the most popular in Russia. A year later, Status-Group merged sales with another major vodka seller in Russia, Kristall-Lefortovo. But in 2017, the company's debts exceeded 10 billion rubles, and in February of this year, it filed for bankruptcy.

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