Vasily Anisimov will get rid of the yacht Saint Nicolas

Russian billionaires began selling boats less than a hundred meters in length.
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Member of the list Forbes, the owner of the company Coalco Vasily Anisimov decided to sell his seventy yacht Saint Nicolas. This is reported on the site of the yacht broker Fraser yacht. The asking price for St Nicolas is € 65 million. A similar model of Martha Ann is now on the market through the IYC broker. In Coalco confirmed that Vasily Anisimov sells a boat and plans to buy a new one.

St. Nicolas is one of three yachts of the same series built at the Lurssen shipyard commissioned by American businessman Warren Hall in 2007. Subsequently, the owner of the boat was Vasily Anisimov. According to the founder of Yachtharbour portal Dmitry Semenikhin, such yachts are very popular for charter. On the boat there is a home theater, a jacuzzi, a fitness room and six guest cabins of VIP-class. The range without refueling is 4000 miles, the maximum speed is 15.5 knots.

Anisimov is not the first of the billionaires who decided to part with a relatively small boat. Prior to it, the owner of the Monaco football club Dmitry Rybolovlev exhibited his yacht. He intends to sell his 67-meter yacht Anna for € 65 million. On the site of the Yachtzoo broker, an Anastasia boat (75.5 m) was put up for sale, which was named after Vladimir Potanin's daughter. The seller wants $ 110 million for her. Semenikhin believes that both boats are adequately priced, but they are usually sold below the set price. "The average check of the cost of the boat from 30 to 50 m - from $ 1.5 million to $ 2 million per m, from 50 to 100 m - $ 2-2.5 million, and after 100 m - $ 4-5 million," says the founder of Burevestnik Group Andrei Boyko.

Recently, the name of Vasily Anisimov is often mentioned in the context of drunken debauches, including the celebration of Musa Bazhaev's jubilee at the Olimpiysky sports complex. As reported by the agency "Ruspres", suddenly appeared on the stage drunken co-owner Coalco tore up the speech of Andrea Bocelli and dirty obmateril leading Grigory Leps, before his, kicking, dragged the guards. But even after that, the billionaire who was unsteady on his feet tried to provoke a conflict with fellow businessmen.