Vekselberg is no longer waited at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

He was expelled from the MIT Board of Trustees. This happened shortly after the billionaire came under US sanctions.
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Billionaire Viktor Vekselberg’s membership in the board of trustees of one of the best educational institutions in the world (according to the QS and Times Higher Education ratings) - the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) was suspended shortly after a businessman fell under American sanctions. It is reported by Radio Liberty, citing the response of the representative of MIT. Vekselberg has been on the board of trustees since 2013, in 2015 he was re-elected to the council for five years.

The publication notes that when he was at the MIT Board of Trustees, Vekselberg donated money to the institute - he was a member of the William Barton Rogers Society, which included donors who were most generous to MIT. Vekselberg entered the company in 2016, and donated at least $ 50,000 to MIT in 2017-2018. The total amount of donations from Vekselberg to the university is unknown, but in the list of members of the so-called. Charter Society (unites donors, whose total assistance to the university has exceeded $ 1 million) There is no Vekselberg. In the 2017-2018 academic year, the Renova Vekselberg Charity Foundation opened a scholarship to Russian MIT students.

The link between Vekselberg and MIT has a long history. At the beginning of the decade, the university actively collaborated with the Skolkovo Innovation Center, in 2011 the Skolkovo Foundation (headed by Vekselberg) entered into an agreement with MIT, according to which the American university received $ 302 million, half of this amount was to be used to help create Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech) - concept development, staff training, etc. This contract was valid for three years and then extended.