Victor Vekselberg goes into cash

Having received a billion support from the state, the scandalous oligarch suggested that the structure of Gazprom - Gazprom Energoholding - be purchased at a fair price by PJSC "T Plus".
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The Renova Group of Viktor Vekselberg proposed to resume negotiations with the Gazprom structure - Gazprom energoholding on the sale of the power company PJSC T Plus, Interfax reports citing a source familiar with the negotiations and a source close to one of the parties.

The offer to buy Renova was sent to Gazprom Energoholding last week, says a source close to RBC, one of the companies. Gazprom, whose gas tariff is regulated by the state, has long lost its share in the domestic market, losing to independent companies that give discounts to consumers and take large consumers from the monopoly, he recalls.

Interfax interlocutor, close to one of the parties to the deal, said that the proposal was not yet official, another source said that there were "many issues" for the possible deal.

The representative of the FAS did not answer the question of RBC about whether there was a request for a purchase from Gazprom energoholding. A representative of Gazprom Energoholding told RBC that the company had not received any official offers from Renova about the sale of T Plus.

"T Plus" is a Russian private company that conducts activities in the field of electricity and heat supply. In 2011, Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller discussed with Vekselberg the prospects for combining energy assets. Then it was planned that Renova will have at least 25% plus one share, while Gazprom has no more than 75% minus one share. But then the deal was blocked by the antimonopoly service. To discuss the merger, the parties returned in 2015, the negotiations again did not end with the agreement.

FAS head Igor Artemyev said on May 15 that the department does not welcome the possible sale of "T Plus" to the structure of Gazprom, but stressed that there had been no requests for this to the service, RIA Novosti reported.