Viktor Zolotov youngest daughter settled in the metropolis

The head of the National Guard under prepares alternate airport in London, where he has been living and studying his youngest daughter Daria Zolotov.
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It is known that the head of the Rosgvardia, Viktor Zolotov, who was guarding Yeltsin on a tank and Putin, wherever possible, has a very wealthy family. Houses, apartments, construction business. Zolotov's daughter, Zhanna, who owns a 500-meter apartment in the West of Moscow, has a direct relationship with some of the assets.

But Zolotov has another daughter, whom he diligently hides, and not at all because of inheritance or copied property. It's all about education and residence of the daughter, about which the December Tatler wrote the first, making the rating of the most enviable brides.

[, 12/06/2016, "Tatler Rating: The Most Enviable Brides 2016": Daria Zolotova. “Google’s” bins keep carefully the information about the senior children of National Guard commander Viktor Zolotov: about his daughter Jeanne, the spouse of the producer of the series “Vorotili” [Chechikhin], and his son Roman, a brutal actor of one role in the series “I have the honor!” With Igor Kornelyuk soundtrack. About the younger representative of an especially close family, to find out at least something that is possible except for Edward Snowden. Darya’s Instagram is top secret, and for spreading even spontaneous information in magazines, the pope is punished with beating the child with this same magazine. The General protects his Daria, as his guards - the peace of the nation. The problem is that Zolotov has a fabulously beautiful younger daughter. Curls, face, figure like a supermodel. Studies simultaneously in the master's program at the Finance Academy and at the University of Westminster. Turned legs on Facebook showcased from London, where father's d'artanyans have not yet reached - insert Kru]

Now Darya Zolotova is 21 years old. When she was still living in Moscow, her father arranged her for a prestigious school not far from his work - opposite “Balchug”. Not yet finished school, Daria became a model. As any decent girl imagines herself on the podium, she started a Tumblr, but quickly lost interest in it. The archive has been preserved since 2012.

And then her father sent her daughter to London, where she lives and studies at the University of Westminster, leading an idle and carefree existence surrounded by the same London elite, judging by the Facebook page:

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