Vitaly Saveliev leaves for landing

The head of Aeroflot Vitaly Saveliev has long been predicted to resign. It is rumored that the principal decision on the top manager has already been made. He was no longer accepted in the Kremlin's offices, the former "benefactors" turned away from him.
The fact that Vitali Saveliev is looking for a replacement, began to actively gossip after the former Minister of Transport Maxim Sokolov was nominated a candidate for the board of directors of Aeroflot. Then came the news that last year the airline's net profit fell by 40%. The loss amounted to about 7.2 billion rubles.

Where do the money go?

Vitaly Saveliev - General Director of PJSC Aeroflot since April 2009. That is, he is a man who, for almost 10 years now, is responsible for what is happening in the company. At the same time it happens there for this time the devil knows what.

Experts repeatedly noted that if it were not for state orders, Aeroflot would have already gone bad. In quality, to put it mildly, controversial decisions are unjustified waste, questionable contracts and personnel policy. But about everything in order.

In open sources, you can see where Aeroflot is draining funds. It is so interesting that one of the main contractors of the company is Hewlett Packard Enterprise LLC. She received 3 contracts from the company for a total of almost 10.5 billion rubles! This is while the head of the Federal Air Transport Agency Alexander Neradko called for speeding up the process of import substitution and making more active use of domestic solutions in the industry. First of all, it is a question of ticket reservation systems.

The second in terms of investments and contracts - "Natixis Bank JSC." Here, Aeroflot spent more than 7 billion rubles. At the same time, PJSC Aeroflot is almost the only customer.

And here the company with foreign roots - 33% belong to the French "Natexis Bank Populer SA JSC." Why the company and pulls to send money for the hillock? At the same time, judging by analysts, Aeroflot has chosen not the most reliable partner.

So the bank demonstrates negative indicators of the ratio of borrowed funds and own funds. And also a negative indicator of the stability of funds on settlement and current accounts of customers.

On the basis of banking data, analysts made the following conclusions:

The share of liabilities on demand is high (the trend is negative);

Dependence on the interbank market is high (trend is negative);

Loans to liabilities (non-bank) - unsatisfactory (trend - negative).

Obviously, it is possible to choose one of the main financial partners only with the approval of the company's CEO. Vitaly Saveliev is not aware of the situation of the bank or is personally interested in working with him?

And the top three contractors - the Dutch bank LLC "HSBC Bank (RR)". Aeroflot and its 6 billion rubles are almost 99% of the bank's orders.

Here the financial performance of the company is not so sad. But again the question arises, why is one of the largest domestic companies actively cooperating for a foreign bank? Why does Vitali Saveliev not want to "shine" the financial performance of the company in responsible banks? They say that tax authorities and law enforcement agencies can easily access this information. The first person of Aeroflot has something to hide?

And people for later?

Wherever billions of the company go, it seems that they are not aimed at the working conditions of the staff. So last year a scandal broke out with the outflow of pilots to foreign companies. The problem was recognized in the airline "Russia" (part of Aeroflot). Most of the pilots went to Chinese and Asian companies. Then they tried to fight the situation, refusing to confirm to the Chinese employers the pilots' certificates of Russian pilots. But it was not possible to influence the situation much.

If you believe the feedback that employees leave about working in Aeroflot, working in the company is a very dubious pleasure. On one of the sites the company has an average score of 2.2 out of 5. Here are some feedback from employees (orthography and punctuation saved):

"The leadership is inadequate and incompetent at all." The instructors are on duty at the briefing every day, the task of which is to fulfill the plan to deprive employees and bonuses of money, etc. The remarks reach the point of absurdity, they are not sewn up an internal button, did not respond to an even more absurd question-the flashlight will click in. In case of a complaint from a passenger or an unreasonable remark from the senior flight attendant on a flight, they simply shun you, "the flight attendant writes.

"It's a very difficult schedule, the biological clock is constantly lost, not all people in our country work adequately, we have to endure much rudeness and bad manners from colleagues and management, but not all of them are good people! You can not fight for your rights, otherwise you will pay!"

"no conditions for employees (parking costs a minimum of 2000-3000 per month.) A long interview, which lasts almost the whole day. For every mistake you risk your money., a very large amount of knowledge! ... Super often you can not physically the day / night schedule, not the fact that you fly away, well, who needs Istanbul / Milan after the night?) .. not a single shift goes smoothly (you are always in "soap" and you can not swallow a drink behind the counter) ... come home hardly alive, between shifts - not to eat, just to crawl to bed. "

And many still remember the scandal when it became known that work in Aeroflot can be lost if you do not fit into a certain size. Irina Jerusalem through the court tried to achieve the cancellation of the company's requirements to the size of the clothes of employees. Conditions are quite tough - for women - height 160-175 cm, clothing size 42-48, body mass index (BMI) 16-25; for men - height 170-185 cm, clothing size 46-54, BMI 16-25.

Falls without take-offs

But can Savelyev put all his strength into the comfort and comfort of his passengers? Hardly. In the first year of his management of the airline, there was a winter collapse. Forgetting about the peculiarities of the Russian winter, the company did not purchase anti-icing fluid in time. As a result, cancellation and delay of flights, passengers languishing in the airport and financial losses of the company in 20 million dollars. So the company experienced the first image and financial fall, with the arrival of a new leader. The first and far from the last.

In 2014, the shareholders already felt the "fall". The company went into a steep financial peak, as a result of which shareholders did not wait for the promised dividends. The situation was repeated in 2016. Then the profit was, but no payments were made. By the way, the company's profit amounted to 42 billion.

True, despite the fact that in the same year the revenue was 428 billion, this figure does not sound so impressive! At the same time, some experts note that the company is actively using financial support from the state. According to some estimates, it can reach $ 200 million. These are the funds that foreign carriers pay for the use of airspace over Russia.

Some suggest that these funds are allocated almost directly to Aeroflot, after which they dissolve in the bowels of Saveliev. At the same time, against the background of the closure of competitors - other air carriers, Saveliev continues to talk about new losses for the company. Strangely, passenger traffic should grow along with finance, but under the leadership of an "effective manager" everything happens differently. Maybe it's all about bonuses that every year the company shocked ordinary mortals. According to some reports, more than 1 billion rubles can go to the management team to pay bonuses!

From "Victory" to defeat one step

A separate system to pass a low-cost Aeroflot-Pobeda. The reincarnation of Dobroleta the company somehow miraculously survived in the market, and it survived, most likely, at the expense of customers. About how the company builds its business, we wrote in great detail. Who faced with "Victory" knows that the nominal price of the ticket can significantly differ from the final one. So the debt company struggled for the right to charge passengers with money for hand luggage.

Special rules and requirements led to the fact that passengers were forced to pay extra for luggage, which sometimes could cost several times more than the ticket itself. It is also said, it happens that family passengers sell seats at different ends of the aircraft, it is possible to be next to you for an additional fee.

Perhaps this arbitrariness of "Victory" and "elder brother" Aeroflot is not to do with it. That's only Andrei Kalmykov - the head of the low-coster is called Saveliev's longtime friend. Probably, therefore, he can afford such "tricks" with his clients.

In the treasury of "achievements" Saveliev, you can still add the company's love for the company Kandelaki "Apostle". Many noted extremely questionable tenders, which the company won on advertising support of Aeroflot in social networks. In particular, one of the tenders cost 27.5 million rubles. At the same time another contract with the same company immediately surfaced, only for 64 million rubles. Moreover, the basis for concluding this contract was not an open tender, but ostensibly Savelyev's order of January 12, 2012. Will the head decide to personally dispose of the company's millions?

If Savelyev had been hired by the head of the commercial structure without subsidies, then with such management, the question of dismissal most likely arose, in order to save the company. But the "effective manager" successfully patches holes from state subsidies. But how long will the means and patience last?