Vladimir Potanin was summoned to Cyprus

The ex-wife of the businessman demands to arrest his assets.
The ex-wife of the head of "Interros" Vladimir Potanin Natalya asked the Cypriot court to recognize her right to a businessman assets jointly acquired during marriage by requiring security in the form of their arrest. At the same time there are disputes in Russia and the United States. The majority of assets worth about $ 15 billion, including 30% of shares "Norilsk Nickel", "Interros" owns it through a Cypriot company. Although the businessman claimed to have already passed all the "charity" of legal evidence for this is not yet possible to find.

Natalia Potanin, the former wife of the head of "Interros" and "Norilsk Nickel" Vladimir Potanin, last week filed a Cypriot court claim for recognition of her ownership of the businessman's assets, including shares of companies, said, "Kommersant" lawyer Ms Potanina Philip Ryabchenko. According to him, in the trial of 14 defendants, most of them in Cyprus. Among them, the parent structure "Interros" Interros International Investments Ltd, and its subsidiaries, or owning shares previously owned MMC "Norilsk Nickel" (eg, Bonico Holding Co. Ltd, and Montebella Holdings Ltd). Natalia Potanin also filed a motion for the imposition of provisional measures in the form of seizure of assets. Preliminary hearings are scheduled for June 2nd.

Ms. Potanin's claim to half of the state's ex-husband, which Forbes magazine estimated at $ 12.6 billion. At the beginning of 2014 the value of assets "Interros" was $ 15 billion, Natalia Potanin has already begun to search for them in the United States. According to the holding, in Russia, in addition to the 30.3% of "Norilsk Nickel", is 88% development group "ProfEsteyt" included in her ski resort in Sochi "Rosa Khutor", 90% of the vaccine manufacturer "NGOs" Petrovax Farm "," a network of cinemas "cinema park" (100%), a majority of the "Interport", and 50% in the media company "Afisha-Rambler-SUP". According to SPARC, the owner of 100% of CJSC "ProfEsteyt" - Cyprian Turpile Holdings Co. Limited, LLC "UK" Interport "" - Cyprian Cleton Investments Ltd, a package in "Petrovax" "Interros" owns a Cyprus Vaccine Ltd, follows from the FAS materials. CJSC "Cinema Park", according to SPARK, 45.07% from the Greek "CP Invest", 41.67% - Sberbank, 13.26% - in CJSC "JV Holding" (in late 2013 reo-organized in the course of accession to the "Cinema Park"). A source close to the company, says that "Interros" still owns 100% of cinema circuit, and Sberbank shares pledged for the loan. In the Savings Bank to the request "b" is not answered.

Representatives Vladimir Potanin before the completion of divorce stated "Kommersant" that the businessman handed over most of his fortune to charity (see. "Kommersant" dated February 7). But the lawyer of Mrs. Potanin says that she has not seen the documents that prove it, and believes that Mr Potanin could not, without the consent of the spouse to dispose of jointly acquired assets. The magistrate granted the petition of Vladimir Potanin for divorce in February, but Natalia Potanin appealed the decision. The Court pointed out that the spouses are not a married couple since 2007, and this is an important point, which may affect the decision on the division of property. The claim of Vladimir Potanin's division of property, which are not considered business assets, is in production Presnensky court of Moscow. A preliminary hearing on it on Monday has been postponed for June 26. The suit in the Cyprus court representationTeli Vladimir Potanin refused to comment.

Managing partner of law firm "Dmitry Matveev and partners" Dmitry Matveev said that the basic logic of the seizure of assets - the desire to protect them from the translation to other structures not involved in the litigation. At the same time almost all jurisdictions, the imposition of a court any interim measures can be interpreted in the way that the court considers unfounded statements by the plaintiff, the lawyer said. It can "stimulate the other party to the dialogue," adds Mr. Matveev. According to Mr. Matveyev, the proceedings in the first instance of the Cypriot court can take "several months", but if the decision is challenged, the hearing may be delayed. At the same time the lawyer points out that the possible existence of Cypriot companies' shareholders in the face of offshore structures should not be a hindrance to the dispute on Cyprus.