Vladimir Yakunin went for fourth term

The head of Russian Railways will extend his contract for three years.
The powers of the President of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin, who heads the company for nine years, should be extended for another three years. Market two months waiting for government decisions about who will head the monopoly - the previous term of office of Mr. Yakunin ended in June. A number of market participants allowed the possibility of changing the head of the monopoly, given that the financial position of OAO Russian Railways is unstable, and the reform of the railways is not brought to an end. But according to sources, "b", amid "difficult economic situation" the government felt it was important to keep the old management of JSC Russian Railways.

The presidential administration has agreed to a contract extension by the Government of the President of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin for another three years, told "Kommersant" three sources familiar with the situation. "In fact, the decision is made, you should see the government order in the near future", - said one of the "Kommersant" interviewees. According to him, it "can be published in the coming days." Dmitry Medvedev's press secretary Natalya Timakova and Vladimir Putin's press secretary Dmitry Peskov yesterday refused commentarytariev, JSC Russian Railways is also not comment on the situation.

According to the regulations of the Russian Railways president, appointed for three years by the Government and may be reappointed any number of times. Contract Vladimir Yakunin, who took office in 2005, the last time extended by 10 June 2011. Another extension was expected in mid-June of this year, but so far has not happened, although a top manager continues to perform his duties. Sources "Kommersant" people familiar with the situation said that Mr Yakunin "can calmly continue to work as long as no new orders, as the contract itself is an open-ended with him."

But the two-month delay in the market worried. Several sources of "Kommersant" noted that Mr. Yakunin 66 years, while the age limit for civil servants is 65 years old. In addition, they said, the financial position of OAO RZD on the background of frozen tariffs of monopolies is now quite complicated: in the first half net profit under RAS decreased 3.6 times to 2.26 billion rubles. Falls and loading on the railway: for the year it may decrease by 1%. Many teachingMarket ticipants also noted, and "virtual standstill" RZD reforms, which began in 2001.

In spring sources "Vedomosti" newspaper said that Vladimir Yakunin contract may be extended for only one year. But now the interlocutors "b" believe that the decision to reassign the top manager - "strategic", as "the situation in the economy as a whole complex and it is important to guide the approach to the monopoly of management did not dramatically changed so that all the plans were made." Another source of "Kommersant" notes in favor of extending the contract of Vladimir Yakunin was the fact that in relation to his US sanctions were imposed.

Chapter "Infoline-Analysts' Mikhail Burmistrov believes that the work of Mr. Yakunin" started for the health "- was launched reform and solve the problem of shortage of wagons. But then, says the expert, it was necessary to define the strategy: RZD - either infrastructure or logistics company. But the head of the monopoly decided to combine these areas that "has led to a distortion of the meaning of railways reform and liberalization of the locomotive braking Marketsecond thrust. "RZD has appeared in a difficult financial situation, and the problem is not only in the freezing of tariffs, says Mr. Burmistrov, but also in reducing the share of high loads. According to him, strategic error was that the company is not focused on the customer, and this has led to a reorientation of shippers to other transport modes "RZD is now entirely dependent on state support, and the probability of weak profitability", -. the analyst said.