Vneshprombank deposited the money of state-owned companies and VIP-savers

The bank has about 27 billion of uninsured deposits.
As of November 1 VIP-depositors (deposit of more than 1.4 million rubles.) Stored in Vneshprombank, whose fate is now decided regulators, 27 billion rubles. (Total deposits in the bank when it was 72.1 billion), said the person, who has studied the statement of the bank. About 24 billion accounted for deposits of more than 5 million rubles., He adds. The figures seem to confirm a person close to the supervisory unit of the Central Bank, adding that now these contributions was less. The bank has "a very large proportion of the major contributors," confirms the counterparty Vneshprombank.

Many of these contributors "difficult", says the bank's counterparty, including many civil servants. About officials - say another customer Vneshprombank its counterpart and top managers of the two banks, including the state. Names of officials none of them are named, only one interlocutor "Vedomosti" said that there is a member of the government among the depositors.

Stay in Vneshprombank funds and state-owned companies, say the two sides "Vedomosti", "Rosneft", "Rosneftegas", "Transneft". According to one of them, as of 1 November "Rosneft" was holding in the bank about 10 billion mantasd rubles, "Rosneftegas." - 6 billion, and the "Transneft" and its structure -. 14 billion second confirms the order of digits.

Vneshprombank leads some payroll "Transneft", says her employee. The site of the bank published the conditions of service of "Transneft" employees and its subsidiaries. The representative of the state-owned company has confirmed that the "small amount stuck" in the bank, but did not specify it.

"Rosneft" and "Rosneftegas" does not have the money in Vneshprombank, says a representative of "Rosneft". "Rosneft" had deposits there, he added, without revealing their condition and refund date. In November, a significant outflow of funds from corporate clients Vneshprombank was not, it follows from his statements. "Rosneft" could take the money in December, assumes the counterparty bank.

As of November 1 at Vneshprombank was 134 billion rubles. means companies, as of December 1 - 138 billion.

One of the interlocutors "Vedomosti" adds to the list of companies that are stored in Vneshprombank several billion rubles, the state JSC "Special Economic Zones" (SEZ), and Baltic Stevedoring Company, owned by Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port (NCSP), which owns shares in the "Transneft". The representative of NCSP declined to comment, a spokesman for the Economic Development Ministry has assured that now funds the JSC "SEZ" in the accounts in Vneshprombank left.

The Central Bank Wednesday Vneshprombank disabled by Electronic Funds Transfer (BESP). Central Bank decides Now sanitize bank or deny a license, say the counterparty Vneshprombank and a man who knows this from regulators.

CB representative yesterday did not respond to questions "Vedomosti". As a rule, the regulator does not comment on active banks. Vneshprombank questions "Vedomosti" did not respond.

Recently held in Vneshprombank check CB, he stated doformirovat reserves of 7 billion rubles., Told the three bank counterparty. In November, the bank's capital was reduced from 27 billion to 19.5 billion rubles., Which is why he violated the norms of capital adequacy. To support the capital, the bank attracted a five-year subordinated loan of 3 billion rubles. O1 Group by Boris Mints. According to "Expert RA", to 3 Decembercapital has amounted to 26 billion rubles. and the bank has managed to align the standards.

The hole in the bank - about 100 billion rubles, says the man who knows it from regulators employees.. The same figure referred to "Kommersant", citing a source.

If the regulator decides to revoke the license Vneshprombank, physical persons and individual entrepreneurs holding large deposits, will only receive 1.4 million rubles. by DIA. Then they will become creditors of the first stage and will return their money from the estate.

Money companies are not insured, and return them to legal entities will be able to only the estate. On October 1, the average 37% satisfied the requirements for the failed bank, follows from the DIA report: creditors of the first turn - by 71.6%, the second - by 26.8%, the third - by 17.8%.

Means all clients of the bank can be saved in the event of reorganization, the head of investment consulting practice FBK Roman Konigsberg, but not the fact that they will be able to use them. In March, the Central Bank decided to sanitize "Tauride" bank, where hung to 16.5 billion rubles. "Lenenergo", but the company had to restructuretheir claims of 12.7 billion rubles. 20 years subordinated deposits.