Vodka King Yuri Schefler bought the most expensive hunting in Scotland

The estate is famous for both its salmon fishing and the hunting of wild birds.
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Billionaire Yuri Shefler purchased the Tulchan estate in the valley of the Spey River. This is the most expensive hunting game in Scotland, reports The Telegraph.

According to the publication, the owner of the SPI Group, which spends most of the time in the UK and Switzerland, regularly visits the estate. The area of the site is 85 square kilometers. Putting it up for sale, specialists from Savills wrote that the estate is ideal for passionate hunters. The transaction amount is unknown, however Tulchan was auctioned for £25 million.

Tulchan is located on the edge of the Cairngorm National Park, 64 km south of Inverness, in an area famous for whiskey production and hunting, and many fish, including salmon, are found in the Spey River. On the territory of the site there is also a place for hunting snipe and woodcock, five farms and the production of beef and lamb.

Before a certain moment, the estate belonged to the Scottish aristocracy, then it was bought by a London financial company. Among those who visited the estate were Kings Edward VII, George V and George VI, former US President Theodore Roosevelt, American businessman William Vanderbilt and King Leopold of Belgium. In 1993, it was acquired by businessman Leon Litchfield and his wife, who later founded Tulchan Sporting Estates Ltd.

The company was bought by a company whose beneficiary is Mr. Yuri Shefler from Russia, who is well known as a frequent guest of the estate, Savills said, noting that the billionaire would continue to manage this business as the Litchfields did, and plans to develop it and invest in it.

"This was an important factor for sellers, as the estate makes a significant contribution to the local economy: it employs 20 full-time employees and another 20 seasonal employees," realtors added.