Volodin's new wife gave her mother-in-law an apartment for half a billion

The State Duma speaker has acquired a young wife and an elite apartment.
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Vyacheslav Volodin got a young wife who registered a two-story apartment for half a billion rubles for the Duma speaker’s mother, The Insider found out. 84-year-old pensioner Lidia Barabanova, mother of Volodin, first appeared in the center of scandal in August 2018, when Alexei Navalny FBK found her a 400-meter apartment on Michurinsky Prospekt in Moscow. She was estimated at 230 million rubles. As it turned out, just a month after the public scandal, Barabanova expanded her possessions. In September of the same year, according to an extract from Rosreestr held by The Insider, LLC Invest Holding, controlled by Barabanova, bought a two-story apartment in Fusion Park residential complex on Usacheva Street in Moscow.

Barabanova owns 373.7 m² on floors 6–7. In the neighborhood with it, the apartment is being sold at a price of 1.077 million rubles per square meter, and a floor lower - at 1.56 million. Based on this, the real estate of Barabanova costs from about 400 to 600 million rubles.

Almost all his life, Volodin officially worked on various government posts and did not have the right to do business. Business assets, including agricultural firms in the Smolensk region, are executed on his elderly mother. In “Invest Holding” Barabanova owns 51%. The share in the amount of 3% is controlled by the ex-assistant Volodin for work in the government and presidential administration Artem Balykhin. The remaining 46% are issued for a resident of Mordovia, Yuri Polyakin.

Until 2016, the share of Yuri Polyakin was under the control of his daughter Yana Polyakina. This 33-year-old woman is also a native of Mordovia and is associated with the team of the State Duma speaker on a number of political projects (I am a Citizen, etc.). As you know, Vyacheslav Volodin divorced his first wife, but in recent years he wore a wedding ring on his right ring finger. Apparently, he was not officially married yet: his income statements did not contain information about his life partner.

Perhaps now everything will change: The Insider noticed that Yana Polyakina changed her name to Volodin. The relevant information was entered in the register in March this year.

The traffic police database contains information on the acquisition of Yana Polyakina (the date of birth coincides) of Infiniti, Cadillac Escalade, Porsche Macan and Honda CR-V cars. Her mobile phone is also indicated there: 89651 **** 66. As The Insider established, the owner of this number used an account on the My [email protected] service under the name Yana Polyakina. Access to the page is limited, but several photos are available:

There is not so much public information about Polyakina. But you can listen to how she sings (sings well).

According to the statement on the transfer of rights held by The Insider, the apartment in the Fusion Park residential complex used to belong to just Polyakina-Volodina. It is unlikely that the company of the mother of the speaker of the State Duma bought it at a market value of half a billion: the annual income of LLC Invest Holding does not exceed 15 million rubles. Renewal of family property in a legal entity may be required to conceal ownership from the declaration.

The Insider made sure that Lydia Barabanova continues to own the apartment from Navalny’s investigation. In addition, Vyacheslav Volodin himself owns a 167-meter apartment in the residential complex “Maly Kozikhinsky 3” (about 230 million rubles), and his prospective wife also has an apartment in the house on Akademika Anokhin Street (about 30 million rubles). Volodin also has a mansion in the Istra district of Moscow region (152 million rubles).

In addition, the possessions in Bobrovo are recorded on Volodin’s mother - a hunting estate with a helipad (Volodin likes to fly a helicopter himself), a lake, a bathhouse and several houses. One can only guess about the value of the economy.

Thus, the total value of only the well-known and measurable possessions of the Duma speaker’s family now, after finding The Insider, has exceeded one billion rubles. At the same time, the total declared income of the Volodin family over the past 11 years amounted to 722 million, that is, even if the politician all this time had been fed exclusively with love for the Motherland, he could not explain the origin of the funds for this property.

Anastasia Kashevarova, Volodya’s media assistant, told The Insider that she knew nothing about his new wife and was at a loss to explain the source of the funds for which the apartment on Usacheva Street was purchased.