VTB Group has taken the first step from Ukraine

BM Bank has been put up for sale. 
Investors received an offer to buy part of the Ukrainian VTB group of BM Bank. This opportunity came after the revision in November, the country's sanctions against the bank. Not agreeing with investors for the sale of the main "VTB Ukraine", the band decided to realize the asset less. Experts believe that the chances to sell a small bank is now much higher, but the price will be modest.

The fact that the Ukrainian BM Bank put up for sale, told "Kommersant" several sources in the country. According to the source "b", in late November, investors have received from "VTB Ukraine" presentation with the main indices of BM Bank (there are at the disposal of "b"). Both banks are part of VTB Group, but "VTB Ukraine" is much larger (14-th place in terms of assets, according to the NBU) than BM Bank (33 th place). The press service of VTB "Kommersant" reported: the group made a strategic decision to sell the BM-Bank (Ukraine), which is a formal proposal was sent to all interested parties. The decision must be made before March 1, 2017, reported the press service of VTB did not specify whether there are already candidates for the purchase of Ukrainian BM Bank. The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has reported "Kommersant" that the regulator has not received a package of documents for the purchase of BM Bank.

The ability to sell the BM-Bank (Ukraine) in the VTB Group has appeared due to the fact that in the beginning of November were revised Ukrainian sanctions against him. Bank hit the Ukrainian sanctions list in 2015. Back in September of this year, the head of VTB Group, Andrei Kostin said that the Ukrainian BM Bank may be closed in the near future: "We want it to capitalize, but the leadership of Ukraine ... categorically against any changes due to sanctions." In early November, the NBU has updated the procedure for the application of sanctions by allowing capitalization.

November 14 the bank's shareholders decided to increase the authorized capital of BM Bank (Ukraine) by half - to 3.28 billion USD (7.69 billion rubles at the exchange rate for 19 December.). A significant portion of capital increase was carried out by the conversion into capital of the bank obligations to VTB Group's structures, says financial analyst Michael ICU demo. According to the presentation, as of November 22 at the BM Bank remained interbank loans and subordinated debt, which at the beginning of the year amounted to more than 1.3 billion USD. It interbank loans head structures have been a stumbling block in negotiations for the sale of Ukrainian "daughters" of Russian state-owned banks. Thus, the first deputy chairman of VTB Yuri Solovyov in an interview with "Kommersant" on October 12 said: "We in Ukraine there is capital in the form of inter-bank loans, and we would like to bring it fully ... but potential buyers were interested in the fact that we are partially or completely left inter-bank loans, and we are not ready for this. " With the BM-bank this question has already been removed.

According to experts, is small in comparison with the "VTB Ukraine" size increases the chances for sale of BM Bank. "The bank may be of interest to investors who wish to enter the market, such as foreign players, as a launch pad, - notes Michael Demkiv.- He has a stable deposit base (according to the presentation, to UAH 440 million, or about 1 billion rubles on 22 November.) represented in the major regional centers of Ukraine - 17 offices. " However, the situation in the Ukrainian economy is not conducive to investment activity.

As a result, the inflow of direct investments to Ukraine will amount to $ 3-4 billion, with two thirds of this investment - is forced investments of existing shareholders in the banking sector in the form of a capital increase, the economist points out, the executive director of the International Fund blazer Oleg Ustenko. "Talking about the low sales of the bank is not necessary - continues Mr. Ustenko.- Moreover, if large banks is extremely difficult to sell (no attempt to Sberbank, VEB and VTB to get rid of Ukrainian" daughters "are not crowned uspehom.-" b "), then It has a chance to "small. According to him, the medium-sized banks may be of interest to local investors to serve their business or foreign - from China and Korea who are interested in Ukrainian market. An example of such an interest may be the purchase of a Chinese company Bohai Commodity Exchange Ukrainian Bank for Reconstruction and Development in late November. However, even if we manage to find buyers in the BM-Bank (Ukraine), the sale may be carried out at a significant discount to the capital, adds Mr. Ustenko.

At the same respondents "Kommersant" experts agree that declared on the eve of the nationalization of the largest Ukrainian Privatbank (1st place in terms of assets, according to the NBU) will not affect the attitude of investors to such banks as Bank of BM.

According to sources, "b", familiar with the plans of VTB Group, in the case of BM Bank to sell can not be before March 1, it will be connected to the "VTB Ukraine" in order to optimize costs. According to the managing partner Sergei Budkina FinPoint, VTB vain hurry to get rid of the Ukrainian BM Bank. "The group has two banks in Ukraine, and the first need to solve large size problem as its solution may require a translation of the assets and liabilities of the" VTB Ukraine "to another bank group, - explains on.- presence of parallel structures, which can be activated for such a decision, it may be useful. "