VTB managed to sell one of the Moscow shopping centers Telman Ismailov

The shopping center owned by the criminal businessman in Izmaylovo was purchased by Avangard Bank.
Bank Avangard became the winner of public tenders for the sale of property of LLC Rusline 2000, it follows from the information on the site of the Single Federal Register of Bankruptcy Information. This company belonged to the structures of the ACT group of the former owner of the Cherkizovsky market Telman Ismailov and his family. She owns a shopping mall at 20 900 square meters. m on the Izmailovskoye highway. Among its tenants - "Crossroads", "Children's World", Gloria Jeans, etc.

The property "Rusline 2000" has already been put up for auction twice - first for 2 billion rubles. in December 2017, then for 1.8 billion rubles. in January this year, but there was no one who wanted to buy it. In addition to the shopping center were also sold the panel "Snowflake", the composition "Olenyonok", a six-meter long Christmas tree, computers, a snow-removing machine, a pear for boxing,

Bank Avangard made an offer to acquire all these assets for 1.55 billion rubles. and became the winner of the auction, it follows from the message "Rusline 2000". Why the "Vanguard" shopping center in Izmailovo, too, is not known. The representative of the bank promised to answer the questions of Vedomosti later. A source close to the organizers of the auction says that "it's just a financial investment." Earlier, market participants said that the complex could be of interest to various investors, as it is filled with tenants and brings a stable income.

The amount earned from the sale of the shopping complex, in any case, not enough to pay off debts to creditors. Earlier, the representative of the bankruptcy trustee in December said that the total amount of claims for Ruslan 2000 exceeded 17 billion rubles. True, a source close to Ismailov's creditors specified that it is the debt of all structures of a businessman to VTB Bank. In addition to the shopping center in Izmailovo, the restaurant "Prague" on Arbat and the "Tropicana" business center on Krasnaya Presnya are also in pledge. In relation to the companies - owners of these facilities and the businessman himself - also the bankruptcy procedure was started. Bidding for the sale of the Tropicana business center is due in May this year.

In the AST group before the crisis of 2008-2009. included more than 30 companies, and turnover exceeded $ 2 billion. After the May 2009 opening of the Mardan Palace Hotel in Antalya, the group began to rapidly lose assets. The Cherkizovsky market was closed, and Mardan Palace actually transferred Halk Bankasi for debts. Ismayilov himself was arrested last year in absentia on charges of organizing two murders and illicit arms trafficking. The businessman's representatives have not yet received comments.