VTB went on a hunt for Alexander Pleshakov

The State Bank intends to recognize the former owner of Transaero bankrupt. Pleshakov himself and his family have already fled Russia.
The Moscow Arbitration Court accepted VTB's application for bankruptcy of Alexander Pleshakov, the first meeting is scheduled for June 6.

Pleshakov was the controlling shareholder of Transaero Airlines (59.48% at the end of 2016), which by September 2015 had no funds for operational activities. It was the second carrier after Aeroflot in the country. Transaero's work was financed almost two months by Aeroflot, which at one time planned to absorb the competitor, but on October 26, 2015, Rosaviatsia canceled the operator's certificate of Transaero. In December 2015, Transaero introduced surveillance, in September 2017 - bankruptcy proceedings.

Pleshakov and his wife Olga - they together created "Transaero" in 1992 and alternately were its general directors - in the fall of 2015 they left Russia, several creditors and acquaintances of Pleshakovs told Vedomosti. This was also reported by Forbes with reference to sources. In 2017, Pleshakov informed the American court that he lives in Azerbaijan and the states of the European Union.

"Transaero" remains due to creditors of about 250 billion rubles., Of which will return at best 1-2 kopecks. on a ruble of debt, the representative of the airline said. About 90 billion rubles. of this amount - the debt to more than 20 banks, including to VTB - 9 billion on a loan to VTB "Transaero" in 2014 received state guarantees. Pleshakovs were not entrusted with loans from Transaero, three bankers said.

Pleshakov should VTB 563 300 rubles. and $ 300 - this amount was collected from him Nikulinsky court of Moscow, in February the decision came into legal force. In January 2015, Pleshakov signed an agreement with VTB for the provision of depository services, but did not pay for securities accounting, the court said.

MTS-Bank, to which the airline remained due 4.1 billion rubles., Filed a lawsuit in the court of the Southern District of Florida with a demand to oblige Pleshakova to disclose information about its assets around the world. "Transaero" received loans in the MTS-Bank fraudulently and paid dividends to shareholders, the bank told the court, due to the assets of Pleshakov planned to cover the company's debt. In August 2017, the court satisfied the claim, Pleshakov appealed.

When submitting an application for the bankruptcy of a physical person, two options for further events are possible: a person can himself submit a plan for repaying the debt and the court will approve it, says A2 law firm partner Mikhail Alexandrov. Or an external management will be introduced, under which the manager will seek the assets of the person to pay the debt, including he can challenge the debtor's transactions before the bankruptcy to withdraw his assets, Alexandrov said.

"This move of the bank can be regarded as an attempt to start an active search for the debtor's assets, as well as an attempt to merge all possible claims against the debtor in the Russian court as part of the bankruptcy case," says Dmitry Kletochkin, partner of the law firm Rustam Kurmaev and Partners. Obviously, Pleshakov is able to pay half a million rubles, but filing may be a stone, which now creates an avalanche, the lawyer said.

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