VTB will sell its hotels in Moscow cheaply

Their buyers may turn out to be entities connected with the head of the bank Andrey Kostin or his entourage, experts suspect.
State Bank, which receives state financing and has been in a serious crisis for a long time, when profit fell to 126 times (!), Began to make a profit. And now for some reason the bank decided to get rid of six Moscow hotels. "The auction will take place in a mixed type, when the lot is put up for sale at a price that is set at the discretion of the seller, With further trading down to the cut-off price, which is also set by the seller, "the bank's representative explained.

Fighters against corruption, considering the corruption scandals associated with the bank and the reputation of its head Andrei Kostin hotels, can move away "the right people," perhaps even the very Andrew Leonidovich. It is worth remembering that in May of this year a story arose, according to which the company "Invest Reserve" was able to get 1000 hectares of grape land in the Sevastopol area at the auction. This office, as investors say, "looks the future," namely, plans to expand sales of the wine brand Alma Valley.

Why did we suddenly start talking about vineyards and what does Kostin have to do with it? "Invest Plus", which is owned by OOO "East Investments" from Yalta, and the Yalta asset belongs to the offshore company Vargas Properties. From the British Virgin Islands. And then, according to a well-informed source, the most interesting thing is that Mr. Kostin can stand behind the offshore. The fighters against corruption point to numerous schemes of theft from the state bank, which then settled in offshore. Vargas Properties Inc., allegedly affiliated with Kostin, may be one of such offshore companies. And evil languages say that offshore through a front office can buy hotels from VTB.

And the property that is in Andrei Leonidovich raises additional questions. So, the influential financier Alexander Lebedev cited data according to which Andrei Leonidovich, with the money of the bank, "acquired a yacht and an airplane in the Maldives for amusement."

There are also rumors that the banker is the actual owner of the park "X-Land", "which is located on a hundred hectares of" gold "near Moscow land in the Dmitrovsky district." Plus, Andrei Leonidovich and to put it mildly a chic apartment in Moscow in a house in the Swedish Dead End (the most elite place of the capital)! Is it bought with money from the bank? Here, for example, the verdict to Fedor Khoroshilov, who allegedly alone stole 12 billion rubles from VTB. Could one person have stolen such a sum?

Condemned, as people familiar with the materials say, only one because of the fire during which "several high-ranking figures disappeared from the list of suspects."
By the way, in 2015, another person involved in the case - the departed country, Pavel Mitrofanov, said that "in the case of Khoroshilov, senior VTB employees should be interrogated", this was a hint of Kostin.

And already a famous story, when Andrei Leonidovich decided to "engage in leasing rigs for Russian state-owned companies." VTB established under the leadership of Kostin "daughter" - and began buying drilling rigs from the Chinese Sichuan Honghua Petroleum Equipment Co.Ltd. The most interesting thing was the contract for thirty pieces of ZJ50DBS installations - each unit cost $ 10 million. But, at first they were bought by a subsidiary of VTB, and then sold to the bank itself for 15 million dollars apiece! Where the difference has gone is still unknown ... Maybe this money bought vineyards?

The situation with the "Bank of Moscow", actually absorbed a few years ago by the state bank VTB, also raises questions. The former head of the "Bank of Moscow" Andrei Borodin called this absorption "raider capture"! Even then, independent experts said that the takeover of Bank of Moscow VTB had all the signs of "fraud". But law enforcement agencies again did not pay much attention to the top management of VTB ...

Also, fighters against corruption say that the siloviki ignored the attack of "VTB Capital" on the company Svoboda, behind which is the entrepreneur August Meyer. This, "raider attack" was associated with an attempt to intercept Meyer's control over the supermarket chain "Lenta". Then, against the shareholders of "Lenta" VTB threw, as they say, the "capture group" headed by Kostin's deputy Andrei Puchkov. As a result, Meyer was trite banished from "Tapes". The subsidiary bank VTB 24, owned by VTB, is also not far behind. The affiliated organization was seen even in dubious financial relations with Anatoly Serdyukov.

In addition to suspicions of embezzlement, there is also the so-called "white salary" of Andrei Leonidovich. Last year, the state bank pleased with its salary and "zamskie" pockets for 6.1 billion rubles. According to documents available from the All-Russian People's Front (ONF), VTB employees acquired in May 2014 Mercedes-Benz S 63 AMG 4 MATIC for 9.7 million rubles. Andrei Leonidovich Kostin does not just continue to not just remain head of the bank, he is reassigned this year. In fact, ignoring corruption in VTB leads to budget damage, because it is a state bank that transfers funds to the treasury. If the hotels are sold at a lower cost - it will also be a loss, but if they move away from the alleged offshores of Kostin, then it will be a violation of the law.