What the governor of Odessa sold to the oligarch from Russia

Will Dmitry Mazepin get the Odessa port plant from the hands of Mikhail Saakashvili?
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It turns out that the governor of Odessa Georgian origin is willing to trade tidbits property in South Palmyra, not only with the Americans. Recently, Ukrainian paparazzi filmed video of the meeting of two people-like Saakashvili and businessman of Russia Dmitry Mazepin - Member scandalous and unsightly fuss about "Togliattiazot" (we reported on it in the latest issue of "Our Version"). As we hinted Togliatti and Odessa-way track the purchase and sale of ammonia and other chemicals revenues crossed.

Saakashvili may agree with the recent acquisition of Mazepin Odessa Portside Plant (IPF) - is established Ukrainian journalists. IPF is associated with the pipeline special purpose "Togliatti" to which Mazepin eyeing for a long time (and, according to some, has 9 percent stake in the company). So news that the factory a few months ago bought Kirsan Ilyumzhinov entrepreneur, to put it mildly, upset. First, allegedly supplying Mazepin on "Togliatti" happened "rebellion minority" disgruntled aboutazhey arrested stake in the plant. Then Ilyumzhinov became pressed from overseas (either with the filing of the former owners of the company, US citizens, whether at the initiative of Mikheil Saakashvili). And while the situation with the production Togliatti temporarily "podvisli" Mazepin, apparently, decided to take up the case with the other hand. On the part of Odessa.

According to Ukrainian edition, the governor of Odessa region deliberately retarding the process of privatization of the SCR "in the interests of Russian business" - or rather, in the interests of the oligarchs Mazepin (and this in a very delicate conditions, when the Verkhovna Rada rejects privatization bills on the conditions of sale of strategic enterprises, Kojima, and is IPF). As suggested by the head of the Ukrainian State Property Fund Igor Bilous, Saakashvili's pre-arranged for the hype in the press, the purpose of which was to create a negative image of a very promising and profitable enterprises, and thereby intentionally distort information on its real activity: "The goal of the campaign - to undermine the interest of Western investors the privatization of the plant. "

Now the staff an HMOLlyr to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine - say, the recent statement by the prosecutor Odessa region Sakvarelidze Company reported a loss of $ 4 billion hryvnia - a blatant lie and a provocation. Nevertheless, strategic enterprise is prepared to sell to an individual, and, apparently, the buyer will make the Russian oligarch. Unless, of course, the governor of the Odessa area will not mind.

Even after the publication of the material (09/12/15 16:26) to the Editor received a message from Alexei Ismailova Department of Public Relations of JSC "UCC" URALCHEM. "In their view video staging.

"URALCHEM" states that the person playing the role of Dmitry Mazepin, it is not in reality, said videos are orchestrated provocation.