Who and what makes money on provision of urban amenities in Moscow

Over the last three years the Moscow government has spent no less than 17 billion rubles on the improvement of green spaces and recreational facilities.
"Vedomosti" found out who and how to get the money and why is allocated for the next three years, 20 billion rubles will spend differently.

The allocation of budgetary funds for landscaping and beautification in Moscow this year there was a revolution. "This is a great park redistribution" - ironically the official City Hall. Its essence is as follows. Firstly, the Moscow government is completing the process of transferring the capital's parks from the Department of Housing and Public Utilities and Public Works Department of Culture of Moscow. Old master parks supervised Deputy Mayor Pyotr Biryukov, new - government minister Sergei Kapkov. If at the beginning of 2013 the Department of Culture in charge of the 14 parks, now he has more than 90 park areas. Together with the parks and transferred budgetary funds for their arrangement - more than 20 billion rubles. in the 2014-2016 gg., the official said the Moscow City Hall. Now the money in the competitions not distribute the Department of Housing and Parks Authority.

Secondly, with the January 1, 2014 greening of urban areas, not related to the parks - what a year is spent from the budget of about 1.5 billion rubles. - bolshe not by private contractors. Contracts with them terminated, told "Vedomosti" head of the Department of Housing Andrew Tsybin, the Moscow city government has set up a state budgetary institution (SBD) "Moszelenhoz", which now carries out all these activities. This decision was made to eliminate the problems encountered in the allocation of orders for planting in previous years, the official explained. In short, these problems, according to the former prefect of the Northern Administrative District of Moscow Oleg Mitvol, lies in the fact that the planting is carried out in Moscow obscure firms that inflate prices by 2-3 times with low quality work.

After reviewing data on public procurement, "Vedomosti" found out who actively shared the other 17 billion rubles., Spent the Moscow budget for improvement in 2011-2013. Among them are companies associated with the owner of Rostov, a businessman from Tyumen, a manager of Kogalym, as well as people with the last name Biryukov, found "Vedomosti".

Ozelenitel from Rostov

In 2013, most government contracts for landscaping in Moscow - Mr.and 3.4 billion rubles. - Collected two related businesses, "TCL Group" and "Zelenhoz" (see the table of the largest recipients of government orders.). Among the founders of the "TCL Group" were the Rostov businessman Boris Lee, who twice tried on criminal charges, and Muscovite Dmitri Cho, whom the media called a relative of Paul Cho - co-owner of real estate development, "Capital Group".

Pavel and Dmitry - namesakes, not relatives, refutes this representative of the "Capital Group". Co-owner of "Zelenhoza" means wife, Tatyana Lee.

A CEO "TCL Group" Elena was Yelmanova in 2011 headed the State Unitary Enterprise "Moszelenhoz" - the structure, which owns eight state farms of decorative gardening in Moscow and Moscow region. This company - the main supplier of planting material for landscaping Moscow, the year it sells 20 million 360 plant species indicated on Gupalo site.

When on the success of the company Lee wrote last fall, "Izvestia", Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin criticized the Biryukova for contracts, "cast is not clear who" told "Vedomospits "one of the participants of the meeting. After that, a commission was established with the participation of city organizations, the tender committee, law enforcement officers who checked the contracts with "TCL Group" and "Zelenhozom" and found out that the contest fully comply with the law, Tsybin explains.

He noted that the city authorities do not have the opportunity to choose a contractor. "Unfortunately, we could not register in the tender documentation requirements for the Executive and its owners, and therefore won the most different organizations", - says Tsybin.

Landscaping professionals

But if we consider not only gardening, but also other improvement works, most of all government contracts over the last three years, won the Moscow Engineering and Construction Company (bowl), established in 2008 by Gennady Zhivotinskim, until 2009 headed one of the largest infrastructure builders Moscow - "Mosinzhstroya". MISK built for Moscow and the buildings and the roads, getting contracts from 2011 more than 19 billion rubles. On the improvement of them had no less than 4 billion rubles. - nexample, bowls equip pedestrian zones, laying tile in the center of the capital, engaged in the installation of stone tubs for trees on Tverskaya Street, etc. "Zhivotinsky we had mainly in granite" -.. humorously comments on this official in the mayor's office. It was for this work the company most criticized: in the beginning of 2013 the blogger and journalist Andrei Malygin suggested that Zhivotinsky and his wife bought a property in Miami on money raised from the tile in Moscow, while the quality of the work was so low that a half month coverage had changed. A journalist Pavel Lobkov and politician Alexei Navalny was considered that the price started in spring 2013 planting Tver was exaggerated by 16 times - for the installation of 64 songs from the trees and bushes in containers of granite city has allocated nearly 530 million rubles to 8 mln. Rub. for one set, whereas the suppliers similar compositions can be ordered for a price of 500 000 rubles. per set.

But granite tubs on Tverskaya Zhivotinsky formal relations had. He stopped znachitsya co-owner of the bowl in the end of 2012, when the scandal with Nekalic laid tiles. By the way, in 2012 all appeared for the company unsuccessful: MISK amount received this year's state contracts fell compared to six times more than the previous year. Share Zhivotinskogo moved to the former vice-president of "Zenith" bank Dmitry Andreenkov developer and Dmitry Davydov, previously owned the enterprises in Tyumen. General director of the bowl in 2013 was appointed Farid Khaydarov, who worked the top managers of large companies in Kogalym in those years, when that city led Sobyanin.

The volume of contracts won by the company with the new owners has increased several times. Representative MISK doubt that Davydov and Khaydarov were familiar with Sobyanin during operation in the North.

The bowl and its co-owners do not receive any benefits from the government of Moscow, "so you can not even imagine, the attitude to it is the same as for other contractors," says the mayor's office officials.

However, among the major Moscow blagoustroiteley many well-known professionals. For example, orders for the device of lawns and flower beds at 3.2 billion rubles. for the years 2011-2014. to get a closeMpano "Transstromservis", specializing in the construction and repair of roads. It belongs to the family of its director general Peter Shkatulova.

Another contractor received a lot of state orders in 2013 - the company "Maxi flora" Maxim Voskoboynikova - not a novice in the field of gardening. Owned Voskoboinikova "Master bouquet" and "Flora Style" engaged in wholesale and retail trade in flowers and seeds, but went bankrupt, but those of his company that engaged in state orders, is now booming. By the way, until 2009 a businessman Victor Voskoboynikov father was CEO SUE "Moszelenhoz".

dark horse

But there are among the lucky contestants and less well-known companies, in some ways similar to each other. These Ltd., established by individuals just before the first won the competition, divided legal address with hundreds of other companies, to indicate the contact details e-mail on free servers and mail.ru yandex.ru and compete for the same contracts.

For example, established October 30, 2012 "Avtodorstroy" already two weeks later applied for and won his first goszakh for 31 million rubles. In 2013, "Avtodorstroy" participated in 19 competitions metropolitan government clients and has won 12 of them, received contracts for 893 million rubles. The only thing that we could find, "Vedomosti" about the general director and owner of the company Igor Hurchenko - that "Avtodorstroy" - the first of his company, and he, according to the INN, arrived in Moscow to Stavropol. According to the same address with "Avtodorstroem" reported another 178 companies that, according to the methodological instructions of the Federal Tax Service, is one of the signs of shell companies. to "Yandex" in the registration documents of the company do not have contact phone numbers, e-mail address only.

Permanent competitor "Avtodorstroya" the auction was even more fortunate of "Alliance": in 2011-2013 gg. it won competitions capital by 4 billion rubles. Its co-founder Vadim Samylovskih until 2011 owned by the EBU, together with Evgeny Biryukov, whose two Moscow contractor considered nephew Vice Mayor Biryukov. EMU itself participated in city competitions. People with the last name Biryukov or business partners of such people can be found among the other co-ownersNGO fighting for city contracts.

could not relate to any of these companies or their "Vedomosti" founders.

All information about communications companies involved in the modernization of Moscow, with the relatives of Peter Biryukov - fiction and fantasy of those who may be advantageous to cast a shadow on the Deputy Mayor of Moscow, is convinced his spokesman Igor Pergamenshchikov.

Primary Culture

From this year, after the start of GBU "Moszelenhoz" dubious organizations do not participate in the greening of urban areas, "the subject is no longer" sure Tsybin.

Parks subordinated to the Department of Culture, too, are now spending money wisely, said City Hall officials. To budget money they will add their own funds. Over the past year the parks have earned 2 billion rubles., Of which 1.7 billion rubles. - Park them. Bitter and only 20% of the funds spent on salaries parks, and the rest invested in the development, said the source "Vedomosti". And guidance in this city beautification standard, which stipulates, for example, should vyglyaet benches and a playground in the park and how much they might cost. Then all the work broken down into smaller lots - such as children's playground or planting alleys - not to attract raiders volume. Win their professional contractors, often foreigners, who do not need super-profits, they are ready to work with a margin of 20%, I am sure the official City Hall. In addition, the parks director now receive a good salary comparable to salaries of directors of banks, why not interested in pullbacks, continues the source "Vedomosti". As a result, improvement costs are 2-3 times cheaper per hectare than when working under the old scheme, concluded the official. Kapkov earlier said that arrangement of 1 hectare of parkland will cost the city between $ 5 million to 20 million rubles.

Parks pay contractors currently the market price, and another thing that they bought expensive as the cost of the work, says landscape designer who has participated in several major urban projects. "It was possible to choose cheaper solutions, but they all like innovative, and it's not the worst option, if there is money & raquo ;, - says the source "Vedomosti".

But, perhaps, the old leaders of the state order are trying to play by the new rules. In 2013, the competition for the beautification and greening won LLC "Translogistik" specified in your data such as phone, like TCL. The owner and CEO of the company - Galina Butylin. Prior to that, she was a registered individual entrepreneurs engaged in retail trade in the village. Kuraganovo Tver region. By the beginning of 2014 "Translogistik" gathered contracts for 700 million rubles.

A man who answered on a single number "Translogistik" and TCL, introduced "Vedomosti" expert, which invite us to participate in public procurement, so his phone "a lot where specified." He said that TCL and "Translogistik" unrelated. However, he does not know the owners of both companies as well as for its operation is not important.

By the way, at the beginning of this year itself, "TCL Group" has been sold. It was bought by Fedor Yepishin, previously worked as Director of Human Resources in one of the farms SUE "Moszelenhoz" - "Pervomaisk". SovladeleAssociated in the past with the largest supplier of seedlings for Moscow, business is not helped: contracts with the city in the TCL is no more, say City Hall officials. But TCL itself so do not seem to believe: the company disputes the termination of contracts in court. First instance she won at the end of May. "Translogistik" at this year's planting does not work - did not have the administrative resources, explains the man who answered the phone company.

MISK will participate in the competitions for the improvement, but road and bridge construction will bring her much more money than an accomplishment, says company spokeswoman Milena Aref'eva. In MISK changed after the change of shareholders and the problem: before the company sought to develop in the sphere of housing and communal services, and now she is ready to reach a new level and return to the position in road and bridge construction, she added.