Who Framed Yevgeny Dod

Top manager Andrey Rappoport deceived Anatoly Chubais, but stumbled on trying to do the same with Igor Sechin.
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Personal expenses of the arrested state manager Yevgeny Dod amazing. 800-meter mansion in the village of Pestovo, known as the "Island of Millionaires", the 400-meter apartment on the Great Yakimanka in the super-elite residential complex "Copernicus" ... The cost of real estate experts estimate only 2 billion rubles.

November 16, 2011 Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin, head of the State Duma elections Stavropol list of "United Russia", has arrived in the Stavropol region to the pre-election visit. The program of visits - ceremonial laying of the first cubic meter of concrete in the foundation of a small hydropower plant Barsuchkovsky. Sechin was accompanied by the chairman of the board "RusHydro" Yevgeny Dod, Stavropol Governor Valery Gajewski and director of "Cascade of Kuban HPP" Victor Macheyev.

The Russian power industry has a tradition: the participants of the solemn event should throw into the concrete base under the power his watch - to the company and then worked as a clock. "We are ready to watch your pay?" - I asked one of the visitors Doda. He showed his Vacheron Constantin and confidently gave a positive response. "I'm laughing: and do not mind? - Says participant in this event. - And he's laughing in the answer: yes it is a Chinese fake. Why wear these watches, I know that now is. "

Witnesses then doubted that the top manager award $ 6-7 million per year specifically put Chinese clock. For one of the highest power of Russia losing real Vacheron Constantin worth 1-3 million rubles is not the biggest trouble.

22 June 2016 Doda was arrested for prescription itself excessive bonuses for their work in "RusHydro". He immediately compensated for damage in the amount of 73 million rubles, it is now under arrest.

From blonde mistress in a dirty chamber

At the party, billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov at the restaurant "shatush" in June 2016 during the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, Evgeny Dod was in high spirits, he looked happy and carefree. In contrast, prefers men Prokhorov, Doda accompanied blond woman - new mistress. From St. Petersburg Dod two days went to Finland. In Moscow, he returned June 22 by train. On the platform he was greeted by the staff of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation and the FSB. Night after questioning Dod held in the temporary detention center at Petrovka 38. The next evening, in consequence of the Basmanny Court charged him with fraud in a large scale (para. 4, Art. 159 of the Criminal Code). He was taken into custody and seized the passport to open a Schengen visa issued in the Czech Republic and a driver's license.

The essence of such claims. Remuneration of top managers "RusHydro" depended on the company's financial results. To increase their bonuses, Dod and accountant Dmitry Finkel is not reflected in the financial statements for the 2013 paper losses of 12.4 billion rubles, arising from depreciation 84,39% of shares of "RAO ES of the East", 29.8% "Yakutskenergo" 1 , 04% of the Far Eastern energy company. This Dod misled shareholders and paid himself 73.2 million rubles extra bonuses (Total sum of payments amounted to 353.21 million rubles, or $ 11 million at the rate of 2013). Later in the course of numerous hearings article about the fraud it was reclassified at h. 4 Art. 160 of the Criminal Code ( "Misappropriation or embezzlement in a large scale").

It all happened too suddenly wondered familiar Doda in conversation with Forbes. Therefore, the story soon overgrown with rumors and speculation. Some linked the incident with the "problem of Prokhorov." Dod, chairman of the board owned by billionaire energy company "Quadra". In April 2016 "Quadra" were searched. But the manager came to the company in just three months before his arrest.

Another explanation: Dod quarreled with Sechin. Familiar arrested the manager believes that the size of bonuses and prizes, including inflated, was well known Sechin - who was responsible Energy Deputy Prime Minister. "The decision by the Board of Directors receives the award, was the external and internal audit, the Chamber checks. Everyone always agreed with those numbers, "- said one familiar with Dod Energy.

Indirect evidence of the fact that the theft of Doda noticed precisely because he was in political disgrace, the seizure on July 28 in the Moscow office of PricewaterhouseCoopers documents related to the audit of "RusHydro" for the year 2013. Prior to this, no one questioned the validity of the audit. Who are the influential people disappointed in Daudet?

Grudgebearer Sechin

The rapid ascent of Evgeny Dod their careers began when he was 26 years old. RAO "UES of Russia" a recent graduate of the Moscow Aviation Institute in 1999, led the vice-president of the holding of board Andrey Rappoport. As reported "Ruspres" Rappoport, formed as the head of the division of state-owned RAO UES FGC UES, the company has created for himself "Energostroyinvest-Holding" (Ecija), which started more than half of the contracts FGC. In 2006, Rappaport sold Ecija co-owner of Evraz Group, Alexander Abramov. The proportion could also be a senior partner Abramov - billionaire Roman Abramovich. The new owners have made the chairman of the board of directors Ecija Nikita Belykh - he later became the governor of the Kirov region, and is now arrested on charges of taking bribes in a large scale.

Thanks Rappoport Dod became the deputy head of the export department of RAO UES and became close friends with the chairman of the company Anatoly Chubais. Pretty soon, the young manager charged with electricity international trade. Dod headed "Inter RAO UES" from 2000 to 2008. It is at this position, he became friendly with Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin, who took him under his wing.

Dod was almost the only top manager of RAO UES, which remained after the departure of Chubais and continued his career. In 2009, Sechin, who led at the time of Directors "Inter RAO" council appointed a "loyal and conflict" Doda head "RusHydro". He often spoke, consulted with his mentor, absorbing ideas Sechin.

Igor Sechin is late more often Vladimir Putin - to subordinate considered normal expectation of the Chief of 4-5 hours. Dod "could spend days sitting with briefcase at the reception Sechin and wait for it," - says an acquaintance who was arrested. This behavior is the head of a huge power company clearly demonstrated his dedication to the Deputy Prime Minister, who was responsible FEC. "They had a very good relationship," - recognizes a person close to Sechin. In an interview, Dodd called Sechin "senior fellow".

In 2012, the government has prepared a plan of recapitalization "RusHydro" at 50 billion rubles. This amount of new hardware opponent Sechin, who was responsible for Energy in the government Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, wanted to eliminate the "Rosneftegas" (the main shareholder of "Rosneft") as dividends. Sechin, who led at the time of "Rosneft", offered another option: "Rosneftegas" send money in the capital "RusHydro" on its own behalf. Almost half of "RusHydro" Board of Directors supported Sechin and management headed by Dod suddenly stood on the side Dvorkovich.

"Dod supported the government's position, and Igor Ivanovich, of course, could not forgive him. In fact, Dod had betrayed him ", - said a familiar management. "He behaved incorrectly. And it was his choice, "- agrees a person close to Sechin. "Perhaps Dod decided that he could have to live without care and act independently. And maybe, he thought, that under Sechin reeling chair "- reflects the other participant in the events. Armchair under Sechin is not swayed, and for Doda this conflict has far-reaching consequences.

Another interviewee Forbes recalls the story of the gray schemes around contracts "RusHydro", which could not like Sechin. In early 2013, President Vladimir Putin publicly scolded Doda on Energy Development Commission in Novo-Ogaryovo for theft at Zagorsk PSP-2. Companies 12 billion rubles were sent, half of which entered the general contractor accounts - "Gidrostroya". "Eugene V., it is your office?" - Putin asked. Dod said that this is the old contracts signed in 2005-2006. Putin said that the Interior Ministry has repeatedly appealed to the "RusHydro" with proposals to make the injured party. In response to the scant justification Doda president was indignant: "What's that? Do you understand what you're saying now? You have to pull teeth all that money! Billion have dragged a billion went to bogus office, where two people are working, and you are good so far and do not consider it necessary to protect the interests of the company ", - was indignant President. Dod did not expect such separations. Billions lost, then found, but osadochek was, ironically familiar Sechin. Once Dod stayed all day in the reception Sechin, but it was never adopted, he tells his friend.

"Dod became uncontrollable and all agreements with Sechin forgotten. Similarly, before he forgot Rappoport, which everyone was required. Because such betrayals he eventually lost all the supporters, "- said another friend Doda.

In September 2015 Dod was forced to resign as head of the "RusHydro". And although it is still some time positioned itself as a project of Sechin, who, in turn, is it so, apparently, he is not considered. In public, they communicate normally, but people familiar with the head of "Rosneft", pointed out that he had long remember old grudges.

"Nobody will defend"

This year was marked by a number of cases against the leaders and shareholders of the power companies. But until now, the top managers in the industry, and federal officials familiar DoD can not figure out what was the specific reason of what happened with him. Apparently, it is a confluence of several factors and circumstances.

Doda was arrested because "he was not protected," say two federal official. For various reasons he lost the protection of those people who once paid attention to it, closer to itself and improve its financial position. "The competent authorities are working on a wide range of people, to prosecute can be virtually anyone. And it has the information, and the rest ", - says one of the sources. "The president has hinted that in the energy industry a few people involved to justice, and great financial problems. Security forces took it literally, "- explains the other.

Dod entered the top 25 most highly paid managers of Russia. Probably, says one of the officials, after it became clear that the company is in a difficult financial situation, there is a question how it happened: like the managers are well earned, and now the state must have the hole closed.