Who got loans from Alexey Khotin's bank

The share of affiliated of loans affiliated with the bank's owners can greatly surprise the regulator.
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In the bank "Yugra" yesterday, an administration was introduced in the person of the Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA). Also, a moratorium on settlements with creditors was introduced, and the powers of the management and the main owner of Alexei Khotin were terminated. The Bank of Russia announced that it will conduct a survey of the financial condition of the bank. The regulator raised questions from clients of Yugra in the oil industry and legal entities involved in real estate. Assets in these sectors were the basis of the non-banking business of the main owner of the bank, Alexei Khotin.

The bank had a high concentration of loans to owners, says the deputy chairman of the Central Bank Vasily Pozdyshev. "Most of the loan portfolio was used to finance business owners. In our opinion, the bank was circumvented by means of schemes to limit the risk to owners (regulated by the Central Bank's regulation - no more than 25% of the capital, according to the official accounts, Ugra had 1 billion rubles on June 1, its own funds were 50 billion rubles, RBC data) . But we need to not only assume, but also prove, "he added. According to Stanislav Volkov, director of banking ratings RAEX (Yugra refused to participate in the rating of this agency), loans to related parties in mid-2015 amounted to about a third of the bank's portfolio. "Basically, these are companies that lease out real estate, and the oil sector," Volkov said. "The bank itself does not recognize this."

The composition of a small part of the loan portfolio can be judged from the data of the "Contour-Focus" system. According to them, many liens in the bank "Yugra" are really connected with Khotin, his managers and acquaintances. An example is the company "Surguttrans" Anastasia Makarova (She is also involved in the management of assets of Alexei Khotin) - the company laid the oil pipeline from the Grassy to the Multanovskoye field with a length of 148 km in the Khanty-Mansiysk-Yugra District and forest areas of 101.3 ha and 540 hectares Same area. The loan amount is unknown.

Makarova was the founder and the head of a number of companies that are connected with Khotin - ZAO "Kub" and LLC "Second Real Estate Agency". She tried to interrogate the tax on the case of tax violations, but she was not on the agenda and did not provide documents to the FTS. It got to the point that representatives of the Federal Tax Service in 2015 tried to find it through investigators of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in Krasnogorsk district. The activities of her tax company considered extremely suspicious - the company did not have a significant property and transport, the company's staff consisted of one person.

Other loans in the bank could also be given through acquaintance or to maintain a relationship. Khotin's manager, the former head of Negusneft and Sky Property (who manages assets in Alexei Khotin's real estate), Mark Lapunov took out a loan for the blue BMW X6M, and Ekipport, the daughter of the head of the FSB's security service, Mikhail Shekina, Anastasia Zadorina, received funds secured by a dozen sewing Machines, ironing tables and thermo-presses. Companies Khotina and its partners have previously supported its activities.

Credits related to the oil and construction business were taken by little-known and small companies - they were taken by the companies "Yuzhno-Vladigorskoye", "Burneft" (laid drilling rigs), "Promdelo", etc. The bank "Yugra" Business centers of the Khotin Empire - BC East Gate (53,000 sq. M.), Technopark-Sintez (12,000 sq. M.), Au-room (20,000 sq. M.). The most high-quality objects of Khotin were laid in Alfa Bank, VTB, Sberbank and Rosselkhozbank. Information on the serious loans of "Yugra" issued to large and understandable borrowers in the database "Contour Focus" is not.

Last year, partners of the owner of the Integrated Investment Holding Alexei Khotin claimed that he was not the owner of the oil assets. According to the representative of the company "Rus-Oil" Eduard Sapunkov, Khotin is not related to his company, and its owner is Sergei Podlesetsky (previously worked with Khotin). He assures that the attempt to link the Rus-Oil company to Khotin carries a "negative connotation". Sapunkov explained that the oil companies Dulisma, Matyushkina Vertical (the ex-assets of the Hungarian MOL), Polar Lights, Gustorechenskoye, Negusneft, Irelyakhneft and the Development of St. Petersburg (their total reserves are more 100 000 tons of oil) Khotin does not belong either.

Owners of assets that the media previously attributed to Khotin, according to Sapunkov, is also Sergei Koshelenko. Earlier, Koshelenko claimed that he had purchased "Northern Lights" from Rosneft and the American ConocoPhillips for personal savings and credit money. According to Forbes, the purchase price was about $ 150-200 million.

Perhaps the managers who worked with Khotin became very wealthy. In 2014, Koshelenko managed to redeem the additional issue of Bank Otkritie for 10 billion rubles. In general, only for the above oil assets, according to Forbes, about $ 1 billion was spent.

From the statements of representatives of the regulator it followed that the actions of the bank was enough for the Central Bank to apply to law enforcement agencies. "We sent appeals to law enforcement agencies that concern the work of the bank," Vasily Pozdyshev said.