Who saws the "military trillion"

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov choose a candidate for the head of the VSK, which received contracts for special construction in Russia.
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Around the appointment to the post of head of the newly created Military Construction Company (VSK), a serious undercover fight unfolded. Regular orders and stable multi-billion dollar budget financing of VSK are guaranteed. The "company" understood who was more likely to use 1 trillion rubles.

We built, built ...

President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the creation of the Military Construction Company in October. As noted in the decree, the company is created to "ensure the protection of state interests in the organization and implementation of construction, reconstruction and overhaul of military and social infrastructure."

The company turned out to be not quite ordinary: it was given the status of a public law company (PPK), which is still not clear to many. Such an opportunity appeared in Russian legislation in 2016. The main feature - the activities of the PPK should be non-commercial in nature and not be aimed at making a profit. At the beginning of this year, the Russian environmental operator, the federal operator for waste management, was created in the same form.

Timur Ivanov, Deputy Minister of Defense, who is in charge of all the construction work at the military department, said that the main task of VSK is to withdraw the military construction from the commercial sector. So that under the influence of some external circumstances or unfair competition it would be impossible, according to him, to bankrupt this company or impose any burdens on it.

The proposals were supported by Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov and Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation Andrei Belousov and reported to the head of state, ”Timur Ivanov explained.

In contrast to the Russian Special Forces mired in corruption scandals, VSK will be the only contractor for state contracts with the Ministry of Defense. “Spetsstroy, being a federal agency, has never been a contractor, but only carried out managerial functions in relation to subordinate enterprises. As a rule, earlier his enterprises themselves did no more than 10-15%. Basically concluded contracts with dozens of contractors and subcontractors. Huge production chains were built in which it was difficult to track the flow of funds and control the timing and quality of construction. Our task is for the Military Construction Company, as one large general contractor, to carry out at least 60% of the work on its own, including the entire volume of sensitive facilities, ”said the deputy head of the military department.

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Spetsstroy of Russia was disbanded in December 2016. The decision was preceded by a series of corruption scandals in which the state company was involved. So, in March 2016, Gazprombank and Roscosmos tried to recover 5.1 billion rubles. with Dalspetsstroy, which was part of the structure of the federal agency and was involved in the construction of the Vostochny spaceport. At the same time, the Basmanny Court arrested the founders of the RusAlliance Stroy company, which acted as a subcontractor for the construction of military facilities on Cape Schmidt in the Arctic. At about the same time, on suspicion of receiving a bribe, three employees of the Main Directorate of Special Construction No. 3 under the Special Construction of Russia were detained in St. Petersburg. Together with them, one former employee of this enterprise was detained.

At the end of April 2016, the former head of the FSUE “Spetsstroytekhnologii” under the Special Building, Vladimir Shamailov, and entrepreneur Renat Syamiullin were arrested. Both were suspected of commercial bribery. According to the investigation, Syamullin acted as an intermediary in commercial bribery and received several million rubles from a subcontractor of TMK CJSC for Shamailov. The contractor was supposed to build housing, communications, social facilities and landscaping for the Vostochny spaceport.

In the fall of the same year, the Federal Antimonopoly Service announced a breach of the deadline for the fulfillment of the state defense order by more than 150 billion rubles. Violations were found during an inspection of FSUE Spetsstroyengineering, which was subordinate to Spetsstroy.
There is money, no need to hold on

The newly created Military Construction Company will be the only contender for the development of 1 trillion rubles. from the state budget allocated for the construction of military facilities. That is exactly what is laid down for military construction in the state armament program for the period until 2027. At the same time, VSK will be able to build not only military, but also infrastructure and social facilities and housing. The company has already concluded and is implementing several contracts that are in no way related to the army and defense. For example, in Dagestan it is building kindergartens and schools - the contract was signed at the request of the head of Dagestan Vladimir Vasiliev and after the approval of Vladimir Putin. It seemed that the local leader did not dare to contact the locals when they needed to be built and not stolen.

In parallel, the military is building a passenger terminal in Karelia and reconstructing the Belbek airfield. “Of course, they will pay money for work on such orders. But only in a commercial enterprise, the profit is distributed among the shareholders, and in a non-profit enterprise, in our case, it will go to the solution of pressing problems. This refers to the tasks of the Ministry of Defense. In addition, profit can be directed to the development of production capacities of VSK, ”Timur Ivanov assured.

As for the resource base, the VSK has already included 11 companies previously subordinate to the Spetsstroy. These are five construction enterprises assigned to the four military districts and the Northern Fleet. In addition, there are three specialized enterprises: one for the construction of roads and airfields, the other for the creation of a berth fund and hydraulic structures, and the third for nuclear deterrence facilities; two design institutes - the 20th and 31st, as well as the Main Directorate for the Arrangement of Troops as a technical customer. In the near future, VSK branches will be formed in all military districts and in the Northern Fleet, as well as units intended for the construction of special facilities.

The geography of the construction of facilities covers the entire territory of the country - from Kaliningrad to the Kuril Islands, from the Arctic to the southern military bases, including those located outside the Russian Federation.

As for the future head of VSK, then there is still an intrigue.

New Year's interchange

According to the "Company", a serious struggle has unfolded for the post of leader. According to our sources in the military department and on the construction market, several influential power groups are tipped to the chair of the head of the VSK at once. The first and, what is there no reason to conceal, having the most significant chance of winning this unofficial competition is the Shoigu & Co. group.
Their man is the same deputy defense minister Timur Ivanov. He is supported by the first deputy head of the presidential administration Sergey Kiriyenko. Ivanov worked until 2012 in the structures of Rosatom, and then in the Ministry of Energy and was close in those years to Sergei Kiriyenko.

Yuri Borisov, the deputy prime minister in charge of the military-industrial complex, is lobbying his man for this post. Perhaps the choice will fall on Borisov’s classmate at the Suvorov School of Nikolai Krylov, associated with the construction company GC EKS. The take-off of CEN GC is impressive: over the past three years, the company from Yaroslavl has become one of the “kings of state orders”, having received contracts for billions of rubles, in particular in the metropolitan area.

They want to see their man on the post of head of the VSK and in the Ministry of Construction. The fact is that the aforementioned Spetsstroy was previously not always a part of the Ministry of Defense. For a period, the state structure was directly subordinate to the government. And the “Minstroevtsy” as a trump card-argument remind us that the Spetsstroy scandals began to shake after being subordinated to the military. Not the fact that this was so, but the timing really coincides.

And, finally, the odious Evgeny Prigozhin, the “Kremlin cook” and the creator of the “troll factory”, decided to fit into the competition. Its influence in recent years has grown markedly. If earlier he was exclusively involved in organizing dinners for political parties, now his people oversee political shifts in African countries and try to influence the elections in Latin American states.

According to the source of the "Company" in the Ministry of Defense, the appointment of the head of VSK will take place just before the New Year. By the way, before the authorities often sentenced to high-profile criminal cases in the last days of the year. So that people preparing for the New Year, do not take information to heart. It is possible that this time it was decided to inform about the appointment before the New Year holidays.

However, one thing is certain for sure: to put an end to this selection for the title of “chief military builder” lies with the head of state personally.

Help 2:

VSK in terms of functions, tasks and territorial coverage will have no analogues in Russia. The company will become the general contractor and lead contractor in the construction of military and special facilities, with the exception of those under the jurisdiction of the FSB or the Main Directorate of Special Programs of the President.

VSK will be responsible for the entire range of construction work, from preparing documentation for territory planning, engineering surveys and designing to construction, reconstruction, overhaul and technical re-equipment of military and social infrastructure. In addition to construction companies, the company will also include manufacturers of building materials, structures and products.

VSK will be able to acquire land for construction, necessary property and equipment, as well as participate in concessions and public-private partnership projects, establish subsidiaries, acquire shares in the authorized capital and shares of enterprises.