Who Vladimir Putin had to deal with

Vedomosti studied the heroes of Maxim Freidson's story: who was out of the game, who achieved career growth and what does the Russian president have to do with it.
Dima argued that long traded with Vladimir Vladimirovich [Putin]. I believe him. Since it first asked for 15% of revenues. It was a total fee - from 10 to 15%, if it could quickly generate income <...>. As a result of a conspiracy by 4%, which will belong to Vladimir Vladimirovich, "- said in an interview to" Radio Freedom "businessman Maxim Freidson. He argues that in the mid-90s, just when Putin was deputy mayor of St. Petersburg, has lost a profitable business - the share in the company "Sovex" refuel aircraft at the airport "Pulkovo".

Presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov admitted unusual: denied these allegations before publishing them - once I received questions from journalists, preparing interviews. Foreign media are preparing "information attack" on the president, asking questions about the time when Putin worked in the St. Petersburg mayor's office, he said. The reaction to the president's question was "quite surprised because such an abundance of, say, slander, and they are trying to adjust to concoct <...> it is a little bit amazing," said Peskov. The interview itself soon afterublikatsii been removed from the station site.

Dima, about which there was in it speech - St. Petersburg businessman Dmitry Skigin, principal owner "SOVEX" in the 1990s. He did comment on the words Freidson can not: in 2003 Skigin died in Nice. During his lifetime he also controlled the Petersburg Oil Terminal, through which the petroleum products exported an old friend of Putin Gennady Timchenko, the Baltic part of the bunker, refuel vessels in the St. Petersburg sea port and one of the first oil traders on the Russian market - registered in Liechtenstein Horizon International Trading. With Skigin worked different people: some of its partners are now accused of involvement in criminal groups, such as, for example, from St. Petersburg Gennady Petrov, who is investigating the case against Spain. And some of the former subordinates Skigin now head the state company.

"Vedomosti" learned heroes Freidson history: who was out of work, who have achieved career and what does Putin.

Sleeping partner

Who is Maxim Freidson, whose stories CallVali uncomfortable questions to Putin?

According to the St. Petersburg businessmen and officials, it was not a significant value in the business. "I have it somewhere saw, but I can not remember", - he told "Vedomosti" a former member of the government of St. Petersburg, Yuri Novolodsky. "I Do not even heard of such names. There were a lot of people who can be called sleeping shareholders: they became co-owners of businesses first, and then do nothing special "- says a former employee of oil trader" Kineks ", then general director of" Sovcomflot "Dmitry Skarga.

Freidson left Russia a few years ago. And in July 2014 filed a lawsuit in court for the Southern District of New York. It businessman, referring to US law "On the organization, subject to racketeering and corruption» (RICO), demanded $ 540 million from the "Lukoil" structures and "Gazprom", which went to "Sovex." Freidson claimed that in 1997 he and Skigin selected stake in this company, it came under the control of the well-known St. Petersburg Tambov group and began to be used for money laundering. According to him, "Lukoil" structure and "; Gazprom "buy the company in the late 2000s, were aware of the history of a property seizure. Now "Sovex" belongs in equal shares "Lukoil-Aero" and "Gazpromneft-Aero".

Weapons Freidson

In an interview with "Radio Liberty" Freidson said that in the 1990s had several meetings with the vice-mayor of the program Putin, who was then engaged, - the inclusion of a special police weapons used by the police in the list. The businessman claimed that it was paid for. "The money given <...> Money is always used to take an assistant Vladimir Alex Miller. And Vladimir Vladimirovich in a manner characteristic of the employee of special services just wrote sum during a conversation. " People, who are also at the time the documents signed with Putin, doubt the veracity of this story. "I find it difficult to believe that he could write the numbers down on paper in his office, indicating the amount of the bribe. It was not his style and not his level. I never heard that he held informal meetings in his office. It could talk in restaurants or even in "Moon" club at about AscensionSPECT, which went against all delegations and there is a long time on the bench was his business card ", - says Skarga. In the "Gazprom" does not comment on the situation. Putin's spokesman this part of the story Freidson also denied.

A US court has rejected the claim of a businessman, sending him to sue in Russia.

Skigin no one forced to do anything, insisting his son, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Petersburg Oil Terminal Mikhail Skigin. "Encounter had with different people, but the choice of partners was always to Dmitry Skigin, and shady characters, he tried anything to do not lead" - handed son Skigin "Vedomosti". He suggests that Freidson general speaks about some other "SOVEX": owners of the company changed after the transaction involving refueling "Sovex-Pulkovo" Petersburg Oil Terminal and JSC "Sea Port of St. Petersburg", which Freidson "had absolutely nothing. "

But the registry data suggest that Freidson was linked precisely with the "SOVEX" who worked in the "Pulkovo". He Vladeat 29% of the St. Petersburg company "Sigma", most of which belonged to Dmitry Skigin (hereinafter - data from reports of companies and SPARC). A "Sigma", in turn, controlled JSC "Sovex." It coincides with the TIN TIN "SOVEX" working in "Pulkovo".

Freidson Rights and that "Sovex" was a valuable asset to a business, the company was always good. Until 2013, he was the only one refueling now in "Pulkovo", and in 2014 provided 99% of the fuel needs of the airport. Revenue "SOVEX" in 2006 amounted to 4.8 billion rubles., In 2013, passed for 13.7 billion rubles., While its net profit for 2009-2013. exceeded 5 billion rubles.

When many years ago, "Lukoil" and "Gazprom oil" bought "Sovex" any notifications from Freidson that he was co-owner of the company, has been received, adds a representative of "Gazprom oil". Freidson lawsuit in the United States declined, so any risks to "Gazprom oil" and its assets do not exist, he said.

reputable partners

In an interview with "Radio Liberty" Freidson called & LAQuo; influential businessmen "take away his" Sovex ", - Sergey Vasilyev, Ilya Traber and Vladimir coumarin (Barsukov).

Judging from the data registers, the structure of these people, and yet, Gennady Petrov, who was arrested in 2008 by the Spanish police on suspicion of Tambov-Malyshev criminal community, in the 1990s were partners Dmitry Skigin the Petersburg oil terminal and Baltic Bunkering Company, working in seaport.
"Outsiders were not allowed in the port, in the 90s it was vysokokriminalizirovannaya territory. During bunkering business were constant conflicts comes to shooting, "- says Skarga.

"After the destruction of the state weakened Soviet control structure. Immediately there were those who substitute for the state and swallow our property. Who was stronger than organized groups. This happened all over the country ", - says the St. Petersburg lawyer, former deputy chairman of Bank" Saint Petersburg "Andrey Ibragimov.
Prior to the "historical period," Traber collecting antiques, coumarin worked ohAnnika and bartender, and Sergei Vasilyev brothers Boris and Alexander in boxing.

In 1990-ies. they were mentioned in the materials of the criminal cases of the Tambov gang, whose leader called coumarin, or appeared in the crime reports. So, in June 1994 Mercedes Kumarin shot from rifles, after which the businessman lost his arm. In May 2006, Vasilyev seriously wounded by shooting his Rolls-Royce.
However, these people do not look like gangsters, remember their friends. Coumarin has never produced gangster impression Novolodsky says: "It is very discreet. A little he had something with cunning in his eyes, facial expressions. Facial expressions, he emphasized that he knew a little more conversation. " Novolodsky said that he met with Kumarin in St. Petersburg in the late 1970s - early 1980s: "I went to the bar" Tallinn ". It stretched a long line, and the people ran portions. But on the gate was a Kripen'ka, low boy growth. When he missed the next portion of the people and all stopped on me, he asked me: "Are you, then why go? There's going to young people. " I at that time was 28 years. We were ptalk time. And about a week later he was a bartender. It grew very quickly. I have over the years it was always interesting to talk with him. "

"Gennady Petrov enough cultural communication, vociferous, but it is quite a nice person. Those that were unpleasant - they are all on the light - sigh familiar Petrov. - A Vasilyev, quite extraordinary personality, known as the owner of a magnificent palace in Vyritsa near St. Petersburg. "
"Looking at the facade of the building on a regular park with an area in front of the facade, remember the <...> The Catherine Palace in Tsarskoye Selo and Peterhof Palace and finally the Winter. <...>. House designed for representative functions - receiving dignitaries - so layout and decor are designed to amaze visitors <...>. We can say that this is the only marble palace in the vicinity of St. Petersburg. Square mosaic marble floors - more than 600 square meters. m "- so wrote about Palace Vasiliev Salon magazine.

Coumarin to the late 1990s, he became vice-president of the Petersburg Fuel Company (PTK), established in 1994 at the suggestion ofSt. Petersburg mayor's office after a series of fuel crisis in the city to control the supply of petroleum products to the city. Among the owners of PTK were Traber and Petrov structure.

PTC has been a co-owner of Petersburg Oil Terminal Skigin and Vasiliev. Among the other co-owners - the St. Petersburg seaport and companies related to Traber, Skigin and Petrov

Without Skigin it was difficult to manage

Petersburg companies working in the sphere of fuel and energy sector, in the 1990s were in the complex system of interaction and mutual dependence, their managers had to take into account many different factors, says Dmitry Skarga, who was the manager of oil trader "Kineks" and then CEO of "Sovcomflot". Through controlled Dmitry Skigin Petersburg Oil Terminal were exported oil and oil products in the beginning, "Kineksa", and then the structures Gunvor old acquaintance of Putin Gennady Timchenko. "Of course there was another route through the Estonian port, but the Petersburg Oil Terminal has been much closer, and there were able to read and offer best price," - explains the meaning ofSkarga terminal. But those who supplied the fuel, it was impossible to ignore another structure Skigin - "Sovex." For example, jet fuel produces very little and was more profitable to send it for export through the Estonian port. "There's a tanker filled - and the head does not hurt," - explains Skarga. Timchenko was able to achieve contracts with BP for the supply of aviation fuel to the Stockholm and British airports. But part of kerosene had to give "SOVEX", which was engaged in refueling aircraft "Pulkovo", albeit in "Pulkovo" there were problems, such as late payment. But Skigin could make us the supplier concessions on tariffs for transshipment via Petersburg Oil Terminal.

Traber is also considered one of the most influential people in the seaport of St. Petersburg, together with Skigin entrance to the port's board of directors. When formed in 1997 CJSC "Association of banks that invest in the port" (OBIP) OBIP board of directors headed by Traber and association management company was a seaport.

Over the years, these people have got bigbonds, say their friends. "Those of the faction leaders who understand that it is necessary to maintain a relationship with the government, and to realize that you need to know your level with increased security forces, and to see beyond the limits - they survived and bad feeling. And for those who do not understand, everything ended with death, or imprisonment "- says former investigator Andrew Petersburg Zykov.

Sometimes the information that relationship falls to the documents.

So, in the materials of the Spanish criminal proceedings against Petrov argues that the defendant in 2007 in contact with senior Russian Investigative Committee (SK), the heads of Russian state-owned companies, MPs and ministers. Allegedly, in October 2007, he was on the phone to discuss the case on the land plot with the then deputy chairman of the SC Igor Sobolev, a classmate of Putin and Chairman of the UK Alexander Bastrykin. Sobolewski left the UK voluntarily. Also in case there are indications that Petrov helped to acquire a villa in Spain for the former Minister of Communications Leonid Reiman (representative Reiman denies it). At last week's Spanishnskaya newspaper ABC wrote that investigators believe the people close to Petrov ex-Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov and former Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov.

With Petrov did business and businessmen from the Forbes list. Thus, the co-owner of "Evraz Group" Alexander Abramov earlier recalled that in 2007 bought the development projects in St. Petersburg and Sochi, the company has a son of Anton Petrov. And when discussing the deal in contact with Gennady Petrov. Asked if his reputation is not embarrassed Petrova, Abramov said that if in this sense to impose restrictions, it lost half of transactions. The main thing - the guarantee of legal cleanliness and property rights, and from this point of view, the standards have been met, Abramov stressed.

Gennady Petrov and even came under investigation in Spain, but, according to his friends, three years ago, I was able to return to Russia "with minimal losses." Kumarin fate was different.

"Coumarin not understand the new rules of the game become too noticeable, I tried to run into people who are close to Putin. And it ended sadly, "- says Zykov opinion.
Coumarin was arrested in 2007 after encroachingI co-owner of Petersburg Oil Terminal - Vasileva. According to the investigation, coumarin preparing an attack, as decided to take control of a terminal through which to export oil companies were controlled, in particular, Timchenko. Also Kumarin accused of raider attacks a few houses in St. Petersburg connected with friends Valentina Matvienko.

Petrov did not respond to questions sent to him. Contact Traber failed. Michael Skigin gave "Vedomosti" that no structures Traber, Petrov or Kumarin among the co-owners of the terminal.

Who has made a career

Meanwhile, managers Skigin companies Traber, Petrov and Kumarin made a brilliant career. So, head of corporate management department costs of "Gazprom" Mikhail Sirotkin in the late 1990s - early 2000s. OBIP was Counsel and legal information "Peter" Bureau Traber.
Predpravleniya "Gazprom oil" Alexander Dyukov in the early 1990s. He worked as an engineer in "SOVEX", later - Chief Financial Officer of the St. Petersburgrgskogo oil terminal, OBIP authorized representative and head of the economic unit seaport.

predpravleniya of "Gazprom" Alexey Miller himself at the end of the 1990s. was Putin's assistant in the St. Petersburg mayor's office, and then as Director of Development and Investment seaport and an authorized representative of OBIP.

The companies in which they worked, were in the complex system of mutual dependence, managers had a lot to consider, says Skarga. But the nuances of shadow world managers did not penetrate, their task was to make sure that the company was working, he said. I skarga himself was familiar with Dyukov "Djukov - smart, competent and professional person."

"The ambitions of these people are completely incomprehensible"

Discussing on the phone the arrest of Vladimir coumarin, Gennady Petrov, who is accused in Spain in the creation of Tambov-Malyshev criminal community, according to Spanish police reports, put it very bluntly: "I've always wondered, and now, too, his behavior for the past 5-10 years . They [the authorities] have a life, we have our own. we are interested inonly an economic issue, and the rest of us to hell. If I could open a couple of stores, it would have been happy. And the ambitions of these people [Kumarin] to become the number one completely incomprehensible. "

Miller Sirotkin, as well as representatives of "Gazprom" and Timchenko did not respond to "Vedomosti" requests.

"A lot of business people who have worked together in St. Petersburg with Putin, were now in power. What's so surprising about that? Is this measure aspects of their criminal activities? This is an indicator of their business qualities, which were known to Putin as one of the leaders of the then administration of the city ", - said Novolodsky.

What does Putin

Putin and his friends have mentioned before in connection with the people and the companies, which, in his interview told Freidson. In 2008, the ex-FBI agent and former head of intelligence of Monaco Robert Erindzher filed a lawsuit for the recovery of underpaid wages with Prince of Monaco Albert II, which in the list of executed orders referred to a list of Russians seen in questionable financial activities. In this list Figureurirovala Putin's name, according to "Novaya Gazeta", Erindzher believed that it is related to a company belonging to the Monegasque Skigin Sotrama, engaged in maritime transport. Sotrama owned oil trader Horizon International Trading.

In the Spanish case Petrova there are indications lawyer Juan Antonio Untoria Agustin, served by the defendant company, in which he says that he met with Peter through employee intelligence center of Spain Colonel Jose Aliesa Saens. Colonel, according to a lawyer, said that Petrov knows from the time when he "was involved in the KGB," and that Petrov - "a close friend of Vladimir Putin." In about Russia's ties with the KGB Petrova is not known. But we know that in 1998-1999. Petrov owned a 2.2% stake in bank "Russia", Putin brought together friends and relatives.

Other friends also worked with Putin mentioned Freidson people. Thus, the chairman of the famous dacha cooperative "Lake" Vladimir Smirnov in the 1990s managed to stay CEO of PTC - just as its owners were firm and Petrov Traber. The company has another Putin youth Victor Khmarin "ita-X "still owns 5% of the company.

A former colleague of Putin's KGB Viktor Korytov was a minority shareholder and deputy director general of "SOVEX" in the early 2000s., After the firm "Sigma" and Skigin Freidson disappeared from among the shareholders of this company. He was also a co-owner of the information and the legal "Peter" bureau with Traber. In 2001 Korytov headed the security service of Gazprombank, and in 2003 became deputy chairman. The co-owners' SOVEX "in the late 1990s - early 2000s was Nicholas Ulanov, partner Putin old friend Nicholas Shamalova and firm Dolomana Liechtenstein. "Daughter" last held several major assets (eg, Vyborg Shipyard) with Shamalova and the company "Rosinvest", the one that worked was later told Shamalova former partner Sergei Kolesnikov, among other things, the construction of "Putin's Palace" in Gelendzhik.

While working in the mayor's office of St. Petersburg, Putin adopted several decisions favorable "SOVEX" Petersburg Oil Terminal and PTK. In May 1996, he agreed to sdAchu rent "SOVEX" state "The airlines Pulkovo" fuel-filling complex. In May 1995 he signed an executive order mandating the Petersburg Fuel Company to acquire and store the urban reserve of motor fuel.

At the stage of formation and development of Petersburg Oil Terminal Putin provided invaluable support as the official in charge of foreign economic activity, says Michael Skigin. He noted that Putin has supported the company as understood "the need for construction of the first Russian oil and refined products export-oriented port with the reorientation of flows from foreign countries" without any tightening of bureaucratic and formal quibbles. Skigin categorically denied any personal involvement in Putin's "SOVEX".

Decisions are then taken Putin, were normal, routine activities - they are taken over a huge number of companies, and this was the work of official, told "Vedomosti" Peskov. Detailed answer questions related to the statements of personal Freidson The interestedPutin esovannosti in history with "SOVEX" makes no sense, because they are completely out of place, said a spokesman for the president: "The general answer - no. Emblem of whether Putin with these gentlemen? They were engaged in Petersburg businesses, including those that related to foreign trade. Putin then headed by the mayor's office department of St. Petersburg, which regulate this activity. They did not have friendly relations. Could Putin be aware of their existence? Could. But everything else - nonsense. "

Earlier Peskov dismissed the construction of the palace for Putin in Gelendzhik.

Was it possible for an officer of the St. Petersburg Mayor's Office does not take into account the interests of the people, who were considered the leaders of criminal gangs? "Anatoly Sobchak, because of their personal qualities was not a man who caved in under the bandits. Putin has repeatedly over the past 15 years has shown that the same is not the man who yields to anyone whatsoever. Did you try to interfere with criminal circles [in the work]? At that time, all the time. whether he acted [Putin] with an eye on them? A oneStart - is unlikely, "- said Peskov.

"No information attack is not here. If Putin had no relationship to all these stories, then how about a number of his friends and acquaintances, "- says Zykov.