Who will dig agross Moscow for 40 billion rubles

Entities of the FSO, arrested businessman Mihalchenko and Capital Group will conduct the beautification of the capital.
Last week, the capital covered the campaign for the improvement of the city. In 2016 under the city program, "My Street" will be repaired for a record 2,000 hectares of urban areas, including 52 of the street and the seven so-called entry groups on major thoroughfares of the capital.

Department of Transportation warned that because of the start of the project all summer in the city will be limited to traffic, including in the center - at Taganka Square, as well as from Moss to Pushkin Square. In the last section of the roadway narrowed and canceled the reversal in the direction of the field. On Saturday, work began on the streets around the Kremlin, this week zagremit jackhammers on Novy Arbat.

For the first time on the streets will elevate architectural concepts created on the basis of a single standard improvement. And the concepts and standards developed KB "Arrow" in cooperation with Russian and foreign architects. Only it was spent about 900 million rubles.

All in all, as explained in March, Deputy Mayor for Housing and Public Utilities and Public Works Peter Biryukov, in the streets of the update this year buchildren allocated 22.4 billion rubles. against 21.6 billion in 2015. According to a partner CB "Arrow" Alexei Muratov, over the next three years, Moscow authorities plan to spend on urban improvement project "My Street" about 90 billion rubles.

Having studied the materials procurement, "Vedomosti" found on the improvement contracts for 40 billion rubles. with a term of execution in 2016 - taking into account the work of relaying of the asphalt on roads. The main part of town contractors chosen in late April - early May this year.

Among those with the money the city is to transform the street into "a comfortable urban environment", businessmen from around the country - as participants in Forbes list and well-known companies with long experience in the utilities sector, as well as little-known structures originating from the regions.

The main thing - safety

Contractor for the most "central" from played out this year in a row - on street beautification, squares and quays around the Kremlin for a maximum price of 2.6 billion rubles. - I was selected for the competition closed at the end of April. This sensitive sites, so according to the law no information about thetechnical design assignment, and the winner of the selection procedure was not disclosed, told "Vedomosti" representative of the customer, repair Department (JKR).

Win streak structure FSO - Federal State Unitary Enterprise "ATEKS", told "Vedomosti" two officials City Hall, as well as the top manager of one of the largest construction companies. A member of the FSUE "ATEKS" in the receiving institution said "Vedomosti" that the leadership of the organization does not comment on such matters. However, the April 26 "ATEKS" announced purchase of services on insurance of risks of contract works on the Kremlin embankment, Borovitskaya Square, Manege and Moss streets, Okhotny Ryad, the Old and New areas and other areas that were in the "Kremlin" consecutive improvement.

"ATEKS" won open tenders and the Moscow government: in April he received a contract for 228 million rubles. improvement group entry Rublevskoe and Mozhaisk highway, and in January - a row for design and survey work on the improvement of the Garden Ring for 366 billion rubles.

Now there is a competition for the selection of underminingdchika to perform work on the improvement of the Garden Ring - from the building of the Foreign Ministry to Dolgorukovskaya streets.

How does control

The results of the design are checked for compliance with the specifications and concepts. Results of construction and installation work, in turn, is checked daily CB "Arrow," said Sitnikov. "Our task - to make the compromise as little as possible", - she said. This means that the replacement of materials, most likely, will not, because they are all at an advanced stage had been carefully worked out and agreed upon with contractors points Sitnikov. Although there may be exceptions to the rule. "Last year, when working on the street. Gun was discovered historical masonry of clinker a layer of asphalt - says Sitnikov. - According to our proposal laying lifted, cleaned and shifted next to the temple of Sophia, the Wisdom of God. " "We really want to not be in the role of" useful fools ", - says one of the employees of" Arrows ". Contractors have undertaken a conversation like this: are anythen you have lights on the draft strange, my friend has a plant, it will make similar and three times cheaper, he complains.

Its maximum cost -. 4 billion rubles, applications are accepted until 19 May. Applications for the contest can submit "ATEKS" or companies that often operate its contracts, know the official government of Moscow and the top manager of the contractor's competitor. "We" ATEKS 'great advantage, any tolerances in secrecy, so it is quite logical gets modal projects, but for work attracted contractor, and the most common of them - the company associated with Dmitry Mihalchenko ", - says the last interlocutor" Vedomosti " .

The group "Forum", one of the founders and the founders of which is Mihalchenko, includes LLC "Baltstroy" engaged in the construction and restoration work. In St. Petersburg, it is involved in the renovation of historic buildings in the city center, including the Hermitage and the Haymarket Square. In Moscow, "Baltstroy" is working in the Grand Kremlin Palace in 2014 won the Ministry of Culture competition for 3 billion rubles. for the construction of the museumth town on the basis of the State Fine Arts Museum. Pushkin. In 2015, the company has worked for the "My Street": reconstructed Triumphal Square, paving the tile and setting it there a giant swing. Total from 2012 to 2015 "Baltstroy" received contracts for 90 billion rubles., Its revenue in 2014 amounted to 20 billion rubles.

General Director of "Baltstroya" Dmitry Sergeev previously was listed among the founders of other major construction company - St. Petersburg LLC "Dormet". This company participants in the construction market is also considered close to the "Forum". Like other structures: Sergeyev established OOO "Strojkomplekt" (now it is not among the founders) and LLC "Stroyfasad" CEO who was a childhood friend Sergeeva - Stanislav Kuhner. Kuhner has worked as director of construction and in the "Baltstroy". According to the magazine The New Times, Kuhner and Sergeev met with Mihalchenko in 2003

All these companies have repeatedly participated in the same competition "ATEKS". For example, "Dormet" won this year's "ATEKS" competition for the design and Isaskatelskie work on further improvement Prospekt Sakharova (including the transfer of the ground wire) to 8.9 billion rubles. It competes with the "Strojkomplekt".

The competition for capital repairs of houses on the waterfront Tinkers, who held in December 2015 "ATEKS", the winner was "Stroyfasad". Starting price exceed 2 bln., The amount of the contract was not published.

Former managers and co-owners of structures Mihalchenko worked in the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "ATEKS". So, Kuhner in 2011-2013. He was deputy director of the organization. Who now heads the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Andrew Fireplaces in 2008 led the Holding Mihalchenko Ltd. "Phoenix". This structure is the operator of the construction of a deepwater port Bronk.

Partner Mihalchenko in holding "Forum" is a general of the KGB, the former deputy head of the Leningrad region, and Nikolai scoundrel. For example, the company "Forum-capital" from him, as well as at Mihalchenko was 50%. Daughter Negodova she worked in the "Forum".

According to The New Times, Negodov friendly with his former colleaguevgeniem Murov, which since 2000 is headed by the FSO.

This year the "Forum" and its structures are serious problems. April 30 Mihalchenko was arrested on charges of smuggling alcohol under the sealant views. Imputed to him damage - 1.7 million rubles. One of the largest employers of St. Petersburg categorically denies charges of smuggling. Before his arrest, he told reporters about the pressure on his business, in particular on the project on construction of the port of Bronka.

Shortly before his arrest Mihalchenko investigation team of the FSB raided the office of the "Forum" in another case of theft in the restoration of cultural heritage. His helpers - senior officials of the Ministry of Culture: Deputy Pirumov Gregory, director of asset management department of investment policy and Boris Mazo, director subordinated to the Ministry of Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Tsentrrestavratsiya" Oleg Ivanov. FSB estimates the damage caused by them to the state, 50 billion rubles.

In mid-March of this case he was arrested and Sergeev "Baltstroya". His company spent restoration servantyou Izborsk fortress in 2012. It was during these works and the bulk of the money was stolen, according to investigators.

In February, "Baltstroy" won subcontracting "ATEKS" for design and survey work on the improvement of the Garden Ring on the program "My Street", and in May lost the competition for the reconstruction of trees and shrubs of the New Arbat. This contract for 1.9 billion rubles. "Dormet" won. The protocol was signed on May 4 information on public procurement contract for the site No.

Contact with representatives Mihalchenko Sergeyev and failed, Kuhner told "Vedomosti" that he could not comment on the situation with contracts and cooperation with "ATEKS", because for a long time does not work in the Federal State Unitary Enterprise.

"Capital" beautification

As long as the absolute leader in this year received contract packages "My Street" - LLC "Spetsstroy". In late April, it won the tender for the improvement of the Boulevard Ring. Funding for this year - 3.4 billion rubles, the next -. 1.2 billion rubles. "Spetsstroy" and last year was a major contractor of the LSC, winning his contests by 5.47 billion rubles.

"Spetsstroy" The company is part of the Capital Group, told "Vedomosti" representative of the group. Construction Holding Capital Group is controlled by businessmen Vladislav Doronin, Edward Berman and Paul Te.

"For us, this project has the status of a priority as part of a global project implemented by the Government of Moscow, and work is being done in the city center, which imposes a special responsibility. People on the project are available 24 hours a day with a special time schedule for the process of reconstruction afforded minimal discomfort Muscovites and thus all the work was performed well in time ", - gave" Vedomosti "Bazanov.

Among the major contractors on the improvement of Moscow in this year a lot of work for a long time for the city structures, backed by large enterprises.

So, OOO "Stroystandart" and LLC "Spetsstroymontazh" who prosper accordingly Malaya Dmitrovka and Yaroslavl highway entry group (600 mln.) And Frunzequay (for 642 million rubles.), share a common e-mail address specified in the tender documentation. Co-owner of both companies was Maxim Gromov, who worked from the beginning of 2015 the director of the construction of the "Cascade" holding included in "Tashir" group of companies billionaire Samvel Karapetyan. A company spokesman did not respond to questions "Vedomosti". Karapetyan told RBC that "Spetsstroymontazh" does not belong "Tashir", but perhaps soon the group will buy the company.

IMPROVEMENT Taganka Taganka Square streets and more than 1 billion rubles. will "Moskapstroy", owned by AFK "System" (50%), president of the company Marina Mammoth (30%) and Leonid Monosov (18%). Monosov in 2007-2010. He led the department of public procurement of capital construction in Moscow, where the vice-president moved to the "Olimpstroy".

Roads - only the giants

Large contracts for the construction of new roads in the city, as a rule, benefit structures are well known in the construction market. For example, the largest of orders played out this year - on the constructioTVO section of the North-East of the chord from the highway enthusiasts to Moscow - won for 22.4 billion rubles. LLC "MISK" Farid Khaydarov long performing large infrastructure contracts the city. Application "Volgomost" this competition was rejected.

However, sometimes there are exceptions to the rule. Last Saturday, the Deputy Mayor for urban policy and the construction of Marat Khusnullin promised to terminate the contract with the company - contractor for the reconstruction of the Shchelkovo highway. A few years ago, he won the "Transstroi" Oleg Deripaska. But the contractor is still not finished building the overpass next to the item. m. "Shchelkovskaya". As "Interfax" referring to Husnullina, a new contractor will receive about 3 billion rubles. And the bulk of the work is scheduled to finish by the end of the year.
Two other major contract the city can not even play. In public procurement website on Friday, May 13, it was reported that the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) due to technical violations found instructs to cancel the tenders for the reconstruction of Warsaw highway nand the new territory of Moscow's maximum cost 7.4 billion rubles. and the chord section of the Shchelkovo before the opening of the highway the maximum value of 12.4 billion rubles. The complaint filed in the FAS ONF activist Aleksandr Kulakov, who believes that the total cost of the project can be reduced by 2 billion rubles., Follows from the complaint. According Kulakov, contracts must be played on an electronic auction, as this method of price reduction, as a rule, is not less than 10%. Customer - Moscow Construction Department will make the necessary changes to the tender documentation and announce new tenders, he told "Vedomosti" city hall official.

Contact other contractors with large structures difficult to trace.

For example, a contract for landscaping Tverskaya street from Pushkin Square to Moss for 890 million rubles. I won "RADOR M". A relatively small amount of the contract due to the fact that the site has landscaped streets - setting there granite tubs for plants and benches. Granite forms remain, some of them moved to not interfere with pedestrians, he explained to "Vedomosti" Director of the projectionand "My Street" CB "Arrow" Alexander Sitnikov. Now "RADOR M" will implement the project of the Dutch company West 8, providing a return on Tverskaya limes and other greens.

"RADOR M" debut in "My street", before this has been one of the largest contractors GBU "Highways", supplying materials for road markings - on the website of the manufacture of materials for road markings and road marking are called basic types of its operations. Also this year, "RADOR M" put "Highways" and even granite curbs almost 1.4 billion rubles.

The company was founded in 2011. Denis Denisenko, since 2012 it belongs to Victor Polyakov, bond business could not be traced to other business projects. But her phone coincides with the telephone number listed in the registration data of another major contractor for repair of roads Moscow - OOO "Road materials and technologies", established in 2012. Natalia Kormich from Pyatigorsk. This year the company received from the GBU "Highways" contracts on blgoustroystvo road for 2.2 billion rubles.

Contract works on Yakimanka, Leninsky Prospekt and Khamovniki Val 2 billion rubles. performs LLC "Basis groups", created in August 2013 by Sergey Prussovym, and now owned by Mikhail Malyutin. Prussia was also the owner of the "Strategy" (earlier - "Clean City"), from 2013 wins case management competitions President GBU "Gormost" major repairs department of Moscow (in 2015 1.47 billion rubles.), As well as of "net capital" receiving contracts from the small town. Full namesake Prussova mentioned on the website the Ministry of Interior of Russia as a veteran of the service connection the Russian Interior Ministry, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2015. The declaration of the Ministry of Interior income for 2014 is mentioned and Prussia MS, the first deputy chief of operatively-search information management Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. According to the telephone directory Sergey and Maxim S. Prussovy lived before at the same address on Rublevskoe highway. failed Contact Prussovymi from the Interior Ministry to "Vedomosti".

The LSC did not comment on the information about the providers of communication: winning ConkUrsa fully comply with requirements of the legislation, said the representative of the department.