William Browder was briefly arrested in Spain

The investor, declared by Russia in the international search, was detained in Spain, but after an hour they were released. The reason, according to the National Police, was the expiration of the warrant.
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The head of the Hermitage Capital Management William Browder, delivered in Madrid to the police station on Wednesday, May 30, was released about an hour after his arrest, reports Bloomberg.

Reuters source in the police said that Browder was released after it was found out that the warrant for his arrest, written out earlier by Interpol, is no longer valid. At the same time, the agency's interlocutor could not explain what happened to the warrant, nor did it confirm that it was issued at the request of Russia.

"It turned out that the Interpol warrant was overdue, so it was not valid. Browder was released, "the press service of the Spanish National Police told RBC.

At the same time, Browder wrote on his Twitter page that he was released by the Spanish police after the Secretary General of Interpol advised them not to pay attention to Russia's requests for detention.

"This is the sixth time that Russia has abused the capabilities of Interpol in my case," Browder wrote. He also noted that he arrived in Spain to give the prosecutor's office evidence of a large sum transferred to the country by the defendants of the "Magnitsky case".

"Now that I am at large, my mission will continue," Browder assured.

The Browder Foundation Hermitage Capital Management from 1995 to 2006 was one of the largest foreign investors in the Russian economy. In 2008, on the case of financial fraud and evasion of Hermitage Capital from paying taxes, the auditor of the fund, Sergei Magnitsky, was detained. In 2009, he died in Sailor Matrosskaya Tishina, after which Browder launched an international campaign aimed at finding the perpetrators of death. According to the financier, the persecution of Magnitsky was due to the fact that he disclosed the scheme for withdrawing funds from Russia.

Browder was twice convicted in absentia in Russia - nine years in 2013 in the case of financial fraud and tax evasion, as well as nine years in 2017 in the case of tax evasion. The investor was also announced in the international wanted list.