Yakunin Jr. invested in pipes

The foundation founded by the son of the president of Russian Railways, Vladimir Yakunin, bought a stake in the production of centrifugal cast pipes, which are used in metallurgy.
Venture Investments & Yield Management private equity fund (VIYM), one of the founders of which is Andrey Yakunin, son of the president of JSC "Russian Railways" Vladimir Yakunin, I bought a blocking stake in the capital of the Scientific and Production Association "Akhtuba", told "Vedomosti" representative of the fund , an association engaged in the production of innovative centrifugal tubes. The amount of the transaction and the exact size of the package, which bought VIYM in "Akhtuba", representative of the fund declined to disclose, but said that all pipe company raised $ 30 million - in the form of investments from VIYM and bank credit. Neither the Bank, which attracted a loan or the amount of occupied fund representative is named.

Borrowed funds union "Akhtuba" intends to direct the expansion of production capacity, the development of a new product line, as well as for working capital. General Director of "Project" Petrol-Akhtuba "(a second majority, NGO" Akhtuba Shareholder "), Alexander Lyakh confirmed the information about the transaction: an agreement with the Fund VIYM there, he remembers.

"Ohtuba "produces annually 500 tons of centrifugal pipe, furnace rolls, radiant tubes, retorts and coils for nefteorganicheskogo synthesis plants. His production association produces using corrosion-resistant, hard-to-heat-resistant and other special steels and alloys. According to the NGO "Akhtuba" site, the company supplies pipe "Mechel", "daughter" of "Rosatom" - the company "TVEL" and ChTPZ.

In the company "TVEL" could not confirm the information that buy products "Akhtuba". "It is possible that the companies included in the Fuel Company control loop, buy products of scientific-production association or small parties or through intermediaries, so it is no data in the system", - he explained the representative "fuel rods".

The representative of "Mechel" refused to comment.

Contact representative ChTPZ failed.

"The products of this research and production association point and used at industrial sites - where necessary heavy-duty pipe, - says one of the Conchurentov "Akhtuba". - The market is very small, and invest in the company - the manufacturer of such products without a clear understanding of marketing can not. "

"As a rule, centrifugally cast tubes are used at high temperatures - in furnaces or for casting metal," - explains the purpose of production "Akhtuba" interlocutor "Vedomosti" in one of the steel companies.

BCS analyst Igor Krajewski noted that direct leverage RZD President Vladimir Yakunin on the business of the new company, which happened in VIYM portfolio, no, but political influence is possible, although this should not be a foregone conclusion. "If we take into consideration that Andrei Yakunin invest in a company that has nothing to do with the railways, it is possible that he is confident in the competitiveness of products" Akhtuba "- concludes Krajewski.