Yenisei for the Khotins: the businessmen claim the company of the son of the head of "Rosatom"

The owners of Gorbushkin Dvor, Yuri and Alexei Khotin, can buy the Yenisei oil company for $400 million.
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As it became known of Forbes, Alex and Yuri Hawtin are the main contenders for the purchase of "Yenisei" of the oil company's assets, which is engaged in oil production in the Komi Republic and the Nenets Autonomous District and owns a refinery in Usinsk with a processing capacity of 2.5 million tons of oil per year. Two sources among bankers say that the value of the company, despite the decline in oil prices, is about $ 300-400 million.

According to SPARC, the company "Yenisei" 44% owned by Bavex and 29% Coruno (both - Switzerland), British Maddison Associates and Motif own 19% and 16%, respectively. According to two investment bankers, "Yenisei" beneficiaries are the son of the head of "Rosatom" Sergey Kiriyenko, Vladimir, who owns about 40%. Another beneficiary is the head of the State Duma of the unit and a former speechwriter Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin Jahan Pollyeva (led by the secretariat, Sergei Kiriyenko, when he was Prime Minister), which owns a minority stake of about 10%. The rest of the company's own Yuri Yakubenko and Alexander Lipsky. Usinsk Refinery and "Yenisei" did not respond to voprWasps Forbes. In "Rosatom" does not have to give a comment. Telephone Head of the State Duma of department on work with the media Yuri Shuvalov did not answer.

Oil Company "Yenisei" is a player of average size and little publicity, she does not even have your own site. LLC "Yenisey" was created at the end of 1999 oil trader "Mosneft" (it belonged to the company "Timan-Pechora Exploration" and "Kosyuneft"). In the same year, "Yenisei" has won an auction to develop the West Synatyskogo deposit in Komi. "Yenisei" has built two stages refinery in Usinsk (Komi) with a capacity of 2.5 million tons per year and has received about $ 500 million loan for the construction of the second phase of the refinery capacities bail.

The underlying asset of the company is Yuzhnotoraveyskoe deposit with reserves of about 12 million tons in the Nenets district, which Yenisei bought from "Gazprom oil" in 2012. According to a source close to "Gazprom oil", the company's Board of Directors agreed on the value of sales Yuzhnotoraveyskogo for up to $ 50 million. "After the transaction, this field is already estimated at $ 600-700 million, which could not be called a successful deal notftegazovoy company ", - said one of the investment bankers. In "Gazprom oil" did not respond to questions about the price. Buyer field became a little-known "Polar Oil Products" from Arzamas Nizhny Novgorod region (Vladimir Kirienko has long led the local Sarovbusinessbank Board of Directors), and its owners were Singapore Mardener Industries and Swiss Bavex.

Managing Director of Advance Capital Dashyan Karen believes that the relatively high production (in 2014, 340 000 tonnes) reserves in the asset are not very high. "Rate refinery venture is even more difficult to sell it separately impossible - plant burdened company credits its construction. Therefore, the whole company is entirely sold at a large discount to the credit banks for the construction of the refinery. As the assets of the company may be of interest to private players, "- said Dashyan. Director of the Small Letters Vitaly Kryukov, believes that now is not exactly the best time to sell. "I think that the attempt to sell could be associated with high credit burden, the tax maneuver (low-quality recycling suffered major losses), lack of dossufficiently resources for the modernization of refineries and expensive loans, "- Hooks said.

For Hawtin this purchase may be at least fifth in the last few years. Last year, the company bought Hawtin "Aurora" from ConocoPhillips and "Rosneft" for about $ 150-200 million, "Negusneft" Leonid Lebedev for $ 150-200 million, and before that became the owners of the company "Dulisma», Exillon Energy and " Irelyakhneft ".

At Vladimir Kirienko has only indirect ties to the oil assets. The board of directors Sarovbusinessbank operates its Nizhny Novgorod friend Igor Zimin, his company engaged in the business of oil production in the Komi Republic, together with the group "Alliance Oil" family Bazhaev, as it belongs to the company "Entikominvest" (more than 40 petrol stations and tank farms), which was bought from billionaire Mikhail Gutseriev.