Yevgeny Dod is reminded of premiums

Former Chairman of the Board of JSC RusHydro was accused of fraud.
Employees of the TFR and the FSB detained the former chairman of the board of JSC "RusHydro" Yevgeny Dod, the company "Quadra" is now heading. He is suspected of committing a massive fraud.

Evgeny Dod was arrested after a series of raids that are now members of the FSB and the TFR held at his home and office, as well as from a dozen current and former top managers of "RusHydro". Lord of Doda, according to preliminary data, is suspected of organizing fraud on a large scale (ch. 4, Art. 159 of the Criminal Code).

According to investigators, in 2013 at the direction of Mr. Doda him and other leaders of JSC "RusHydro" illegally were decorated large bonuses. In particular, himself, Mr. Dodd has received more than 300 million rubles. However, in accordance with the charter of "RusHydro", for such reward top managers of the company may only claim if it ends the year with a large profit.

However, in the same 2013 in the construction Zagorsk PSP-2 in Moscow there was a major accident, the elimination of the consequences of which, according to some, a cost of tens of billions of rubles. During the investigation inozbuzhdennogo in connection with the state of emergency a criminal case under Art. 238 of the Criminal Code (the execution of works or services that do not meet safety requirements) and became aware of the fraud with premiums in the "RusHydro". However, compromising material was set in motion only after 2015 Evgeny Dod left "RusHydro", leading the board of directors of "Quadra" generating company.

The "Quadra" confirmed that to them today came to law enforcement officials, noting that they received from the company all the needed information. At the same time representatives of the company did not know to be associated with the management of investigations "Quadra" or not. "We are cooperating with law enforcement authorities and, if necessary, ready to continue to provide all necessary information", - said the representative of the company.

In "RusHydro" reported that working in normal mode, and the issue of the detention of Mr Doda suggested to ask the law enforcement bodies.

Why Evgeny Dod left "RusHydro"

In the late summer of 2015, led the "RusHydro" for almost six years YevgenyDod resigned. The specific claims to the general director of "RusHydro", according to "Kommersant", it was not, but some sources of "Kommersant" called Care Evgeny Dod part of the "general policy of the Kremlin to replace the heads of major state-owned companies with uncontrollable costs".

The famous Evgeny Dod

Private bussiness

Evgeny V. Dod was born in Moscow on April 17, 1973. In 1995 he graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute with a degree in "Economics and Management at the enterprises of mechanical engineering."

From 1993 to 1996 he worked in Promradtehbanke and investment company "Yukos-Invest". In 1996-1999 - deputy director and general director of "FARC Securities" (investments). In 1999 he was appointed deputy head of the Department of Export of RAO "UES of Russia". From June 2000 to 2009 he headed the "Inter RAO UES", first as CEO and then as chairman of the board. From November 2009 to September 2015 - Chairman of "RusHydro" rule. In February 2013, Vladimir Putin has criticized Mr. Dod because "RusHydro" not filed for embezzlement of about 1JPL rubles. during the construction Zagorsk PSP-2. From December 2011 to December 2015 and served as Chairman of OJSC "RAO Energy System of East" of the board. In September 2015 he established the "Fenix" Ltd. (trade). In March 2016 elected Chairman of the Board of Directors the power company "Quadra" (part of the group Onexim Mikhail Prokhorov).

Candidate of Economic Sciences (thesis - "The movement of capital and its features in the real sector of the Russian economy").

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