Yevgeny Dod will live on welfare

The investigators are looking for the former RusHydro head's money at his consultants' places. 
The search company "Nafkom-Consultants" in "Moscow City", held on Thursday FSB and TFR within the resonant criminal case of the former head of the company "RusHydro" Yevgeny Dod, who is accused of a particularly large-scale fraud. As investigators believe, through this law firm, Mr. Dodd and his family members to withdraw their funds abroad, acquiring real estate there and open accounts in foreign banks. On the eve of the searches by the decision of the Basmanny Court Yevgeny Dod he was removed from the current position as head of the company "Quadra" and he was an official gosposobie as five times the minimum wage per month.

As the "Kommersant", about ten o'clock in the morning of FSB operatives came to the office OOO "Nafkom-Consultants", located on the 12th floor of the "Moscow" complex "Moscow City" (Presnenskaya embankment, 8, p. 1). They acted on the instructions of the investigating TFR. The visit was modestly furnished - security officers have done without the usual in such cases, the presence of special forces. They were interested in documents and files in computers containing information on financial transactions Evgeny Dod, seven members of hisand, as well as some possible "unidentified accomplices' crimes, which is charged with the former head of" RusHydro ".

As investigators believe, that "Nafkom-Consultants" is one of the commercial structures, through which Mr. Dod and his relatives and possible accomplices take their money abroad, acquiring real estate there and open accounts in foreign banks. The investigators calculated that the seized documents may contain evidence of theft of property and assets "RusHydro", which are imputed to Mr. Dodu.

Sources "Kommersant" reported that the raid was motivated by the need for including the fear that "friends and former colleagues," the former top manager "RusHydro" may try to destroy evidence in the case. Speaking of these attempts the investigation reported in the Basmanny District Court of Moscow, when it considered the application for the conclusion of Mr. Doda custody.

It should be noted that the company "Nafkom-Consultants" has a small staff - on its website states that "team" law firm consists of 15 people. She was waspsNova in 2003, its main activity is called "arbitration, tax and financial consulting." However, the website states that over time (especially in the last four years), the main clients of LLC were Russian energy companies: at different times, the firm has worked on the "RusHydro", OJSC "Inter RAO UES", Far Eastern Generating Company, "HydroEngineering - Siberia" "Mosenergosbyt" Sochi Thermal Power Plant, and so on. d. About the company also reported that "close cooperation with the major energy companies have allowed" Nafkom consultants "to gain invaluable experience in the power industry." Before the evening phones LLC is not responsible.

On the eve of the searches in the Basmanny District Court held a meeting at which the application was considered TFR to suspend Mr Doda from office now. As previously reported by "Kommersant", after the departure of "RusHydro" in the autumn of last year, he as chairman of the board of directors headed by a generating company "Quadra". In court, representatives of the TFR, according to "Kommersant" noted that Yevgeny Dod and his accomplices, & quot; acting in concert, are making active efforts to prevent a full, impartial and thorough investigation of illegal activities, as well as take measures to conceal documents and objects relevant to the criminal case "was emphasized that in order to destroy the evidence." measures were taken to their targeted destruction . "The investigators explained that after the conclusion of Evgeny Dod into custody on charges of fraud was a meeting of the Board of Directors of PJSC" Quadra ", which he was re-elected chairman. The TFR calculated that this would suggest that, even under held in spetsbloke "Sailor's Silence" Mr. Dod can influence the witnesses in the case. Lawyers for the former head of "RusHydro", asked the court to dismiss the petition, calling it "baseless and unfounded", considering that the investigation had failed to provide proof of their arguments. However, judge Natalya Dudar took the side of the TFR, removing from office Evgeny Dod. It was noted that he had appointed a monthly stateallowance equal to five times the minimum wage (37.5 thousand. rub.), and a copy of the decision is sent to the PAO "Quadra".

Yevgeny Dod and chief accountant of "RusHydro" Dmitry Finkel accused of fraud in especially large (Part 4 of Article 159 of the Criminal Code..) - Illegal issuance ourselves on the basis of the award in 2013 for the sum of more than 73 million rubles. His guilt, they do not recognize. In the election of a preventive measure in court, Mr. Dod did not deny that a very wealthy person. This investigation evaluated only by his Russian assets (real estate, stocks and bank deposits) to 1.5 billion rubles.

Lawyer Mr. Doda Victoria Burkovskaya said "Kommersant" that does not know of any investigative actions against companies allegedly associated with its client.