Yevgeny Strzhalkovsky stormed the castle in Scotland

The son of the head of the sport society "Dynamo" acquired a mansion in Scotland for 4 million pounds.
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The son of the chairman of the Russian Dynamo sports club, Vladimir Strzhalkovsky, Evgeny Strzhalkovsky bought a mansion and land in Scotland for almost four million pounds, the Herald Scotland reported.

The house is on the west coast of Scotland, to it in addition the Russian has acquired 250 acres of land. The land on which Evgeniy Strzhalkovsky's house is located belonged to the Scottish aristocrats of the Lamont family for 600 years.

Previous owners modernized the house, using it and as a place for wedding parties, and as a five-star hotel. The property includes a stable, a building for staff, a number of outbuildings. In the main building there are five isolated suites.

Seller Fatima Cameron said that the improvements did not spoil the charm of the 18th century.

"We paid much attention to the original details, cornices, plinths, wooden elements of the building, because they cared about preserving the historical heritage and transferring it to future generations," Cameron commented.

The house was sold in 1996 for 525 thousand pounds. Together with other lots (only nine pieces), the price of real estate reached then two million pounds (and the total area - 6000 acres).

According to the editor-in-chief of Hotelier.PRO Andrey Ryabov, most likely, Strzhalkovsky Jr. acquired the estate for himself, and not to engage in hotel business.

- This is not a hotel story, but a story about your house. For myself, to meet friends. People simpler buy property in Bulgaria, and he - in Scotland - said Layfu Andrey Ryabov.

Estimating the cost of the purchase, the expert added that the purchase cost the entrepreneur inexpensively.

"Obviously, it was difficult for previous owners to sell real estate for 20 years, because it was applied too much territory to the load, which is unrealistic to use, that's why they sold at that price," said the editor-in-chief of the Hotelier.PRO, Andrey Ryabov.

According to the SPARK-Interfax database, Evgeny Strzhalkovsky is a co-owner of two metropolitan companies - GMA and GM Essentials, specializing in providing medical services to the public.

The entrepreneur was not contacted.

Yevgeny Strzhalkovsky's father, Vladimir Strzhalkovsky, currently heads the Dynamo sports club in the status of chairman. Until December 2012, he served as the general director of Norilsk Nickel. Prior to joining Norilsk Nickel, he held the post of Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade, and was also Head of Rosturism.