Zakharchenko transferred his billions to the Panama offshore

FSB officers continue to investigate the sources of 300 million euro, which were found on accounts of the MIA T Department deputy head's family.   
Origin source
CounterSpy is known that the huge sums of money in the account, which is controlled by the father of a policeman Viktor Zakharchenko, have been issued to offshore firms. With regard to the charges of taking bribes Dmitry Zakharchenko, they managed to find out, "Rosbalt", dating back to the events of December 2015.

Told "Rosbalt" a law enforcement source, now the operatives involved in "business Zakharchenko" on their hands are full set of documents on the activities of the six offshore companies associated with and. about. "T" head of department. In particular - about the movements of the extract Panamanian offshore funds "Batchelor GROUP Inc.". It was created in November 2008, at the same time opened the scoring in the Geneva branch of Dresdner Bank. As soon as it changed owners and department name (currently applies to the LGT bank), account was maintained. Managing in this account, according to the received documents is Zakharchenko Victor D., born in 1953, - father Dmitry Zakharchenko. He is also the manager of the accounts of five more offshore companies, opened in the same LGT bank, andakzhe Rothschild Bank. Total in each account from 45 to 47 million euros, and the total amount of money close to 300 million euros. By the way, Victor Zakharchenko recorded a large number of expensive real estate - both in Russia and abroad.

The documents were made available to operatives only this week, is now related work conducted with them. The main task - to determine the origin of these funds. As previously reported by "Rosbalt", there is operational information, it can be a means of persons closely connected with the former leadership of Railways and still receive part of the financial flows of the company. It was found that Zakharchenko at his office provided these persons cover.

Do not ignore the version that it all - money, derived at different times of the "Nota-Bank", the owners of which Zakharchenko was closely associated. At the time of withdrawal of the license at the "Nota-Bank" was identified financial "hole" of 35.5 billion rubles. Considering found in the apartment of sister Zakharchenko $ 120 million and € 2 million, just get about that amount.

As we found out, "RosAlto ", is now in custody in the" case "Nota-Bank" is not only the CFO Galina Marchukova, but her sister Lyudmila (14 September Tver Court extended the arrest of her term until November 19). Both of them were long familiar and friendly with Zakharchenko. By the way, the police at different communicated and cooperated with many bankers, in particular - with Alexei Frenkel, later convicted of the murder of Central Bank Deputy Chairman Andrei Kozlov. From the testimony of the women, it follows that some of the stolen funds "Nota-Bank" cash out, and some - really went to Switzerland.

"It is doubtful that Zakharchenko found in huge amounts associated only with" Nota-Bank ", - said the source of" Rosbalt ". - Their origin is found out. "

With regard to the charges of accepting bribes, then, as it became known to "Rosbalt", they are very vague in nature. The record states that Zakharchenko December 25, 2015, "about 21 hour 20 minutes while the house number 10, page 1 on Malaya Bronnaya street (there are several expensive restaurants -." Rosbach. LT "), personally received from an unknown person a bribe in the form of money worth a total of not less than 7 million rubles, that is - on a large scale, for their general protection and connivance in the service as an officer in respect of an unknown person and the persons represented by him ".