Zolotov of the Putin's party

What owns the family which is the closest to the body of the president.
"Novaya Gazeta" continues to explore business interests and assets of Vladimir Putin's closest circle. Today we will focus on perhaps the closest person to the Russian president - the former chief of his security service Viktor Zolotov. For 13 years (from 2000 to 2013) in Russia, probably, was not a man who would have physically spent more time near the president, than gold, protecting its security and secrets.

After studying at the open of business interests Zolotov family sources, we found out that his son was engaged in the construction business with a man who is accused of attempted theft from the budget of almost two billion rubles; and the total value of real estate owned by Zolotov, may be hundreds of millions of rubles.

Viktor Zolotov, began his career in the 9th department of the KGB of the USSR, which was later transformed into the Federal Guard Service (FSO). In the early 90's he was the bodyguard of St. Petersburg Mayor Anatoly Sobchak and his then deputy, Vladimir Putin. And when Putin became prime minister, Viktor Zolotov headed by his guards. Until 2013 Zolotov was the chiefPresidential Security Service, but then moved to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, where a year later led the internal forces and was appointed deputy minister.

Paradoxically, while Zolotov bodyguard Putin knew about it only in narrow circles. But he had to go to the Interior Ministry, as his name was mentioned in the subjects of federal channels; Zolotov started confidently call the future Minister of the Interior. Sources of the "New" in the various law enforcement agencies, including those familiar with Zolotov, divided into two camps. Some are as confident of the future called the date of appointment, at the same time, however, pushing them further and further away (and is stopped at May 2015). Others, on the contrary, insisted that no purpose is not planned yet, but information about it was deliberately thrown into the media enemies of the former president's security guard. (According to the "New" sources from Zolotov has contradictions with the so-called "clan of Patrushev," which includes the director of the FSB, Alexander Bortnikov.)

In this investigation, we deliberately omit the details of the "clan wars" and will focus on the fact that lends itselfezuslovnoy verification - business interests.

Building bussiness

As the "New" Victor Zolotov son, Roman, at least until 2014, he held a senior position in the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Security" the Russian Interior Ministry, which is commercially offers services for protection of property of citizens and organizations. Clarify whether Roman Zolotov works in the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Security" today, we could not - in enterprise reception refused to connect with him.

Simultaneously with the work in the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Security" Roman Zolotov was engaged in business. Company "STROYALYANS" was founded in Moscow in June 2013. Zolotov partners in this firm were Alexander Sabadash and Sergey Somov. Sabadash - former Senator from the Nenets Autonomous District and the owner of several alcohol companies, for which it is often in the media called "vodka king." A little less than a year after the company was founded with Zolotov, in May 2014, Alexander was arrested Sabadash investigator SK Russia. In December last year, Gagarin Moscow court extended his detention until May 2015.

Sabadash accused of attempting to steal 1.8billion rubles from the budget under the guise of VAT refunds. According to investigators, in 2010, the company "ES-Contractstroy" submitted to the tax office in Moscow №28 application for reimbursement of 1.8 billion rubles VAT. The reason for the reimbursement of steel construction work allegedly performed for belonging Sabadash "Vyborgskaya Cellulose" companies. According to investigators, the cost of the construction work has been repeatedly overestimated, and therefore "ES-Contractstroy" had no right to a refund of the tax.

Recall that the 28-th tax inspection can be considered already legendary. It is headed by Olga Stepanova made the decision about the illegal reimbursement of 5.4 billion rubles of income tax in the framework of the "Magnitsky case". In 2009-2010, the budget with the help of solutions have been kidnapped for about 8 billion rubles signed Stepanova under the guise of VAT refunds. On this fact the Russian IC is now investigating a criminal case.

As reported by the St. Petersburg news agency fontanka.ru, as part of the same criminal case, which was detained Sabadash, FSB officers raided the "Tauride" bank in St. Petersburg. This bank vozglulation second partner Roman Zolotov - Sergey Somov (see the FAQ.). In Zolotov with Somov has another joint venture - "STROYALYANS Plus", which is also engaged in the construction.

Get comments Somov and representatives Sabadash for the publication of "Novaya Gazeta" has failed. Earlier Sabadash lawyers argued that their client does not plead guilty.

The property

To understand how Viktor Zolotov is close to Vladimir Putin, quite on the cards "Yandex" get directions from official and non-official residences of the President to the property, which belongs to the family of Zolotov.

For example, Roman Zolotov owned land (4,5 thous. M) and a house (280 sq m) in the village Yascherovo Valdai region. Just 7 km from the house is the official residence of President Putin "Valdai".

In May 2014 Roman Gold has become the owner of a three-storey house in Gelendzhik. The total area of ​​the house is almost 1 thousand square meters. On satellite images show that the house is on the first line, right next to Churnth sea. According to the latest available photographs, the house is built is still active, and when the construction is completed, the entire complex will become a real residence.

Just 30 km from the house is the village Praskoveevka, where there is another residence - attributed to Vladimir Putin, as in 2010, told the St. Petersburg businessman and former partner, friends of President of Russia Sergey Kolesnikov.

Finally, another interesting property, which belongs to Roman Zolotov, located in the village of Esto-Sadok, Sochi. This is - a cottage (188 square meters), located near the "mountain-tourist center" Gazprom "in the territory of the Grand Hotel" Glade ". Here begins the cable car to the Olympic facilities - ski and biathlon complex "Laura".

Chalet Zolotov, acquired three years before the Olympic Games (in 2011), side by side here with the homes of other influential owners who constitute today a kind of modern Russian elite (see. Certificate).

In addition to these properties, Zolotov family also owns two luxury apartments inMoscow (160 and 172 square meters) on the street Zvenigorod and Spasonalivkovsky lane.

The total cadastral value of the entire property we found more than 120 million rubles. The market value can be several times more.

"New" A source in the Interior Ministry knows that the salary for positions similar to the one that held the Roman Zolotov, can hardly exceed 2-3.5 million rubles a year. If so, then this income is clearly not enough for the purchase of the half of the property that we found.

What are the legal sources of funds, which allowed family Zolotova probresti all these assets? Unfortunately, we were not able to answer this question. Viktor Zolotov refused to respond to the request of "Novaya Gazeta", and find the declaration of income and property Zolotova we could not - they do not exist on the site Ministry of the Interior or the FSO website, where until 2013 he served as Deputy Director.

Help - 1

In 2013, the "Novaya Gazeta" has already written about "Tauride" bank, whose board is headed by Sergey Somov. Then we found that the relatedAnkom company "IC" Tauride "has become the exclusive supplier of coal for the Defense Ministry. Becoming "IC" Tauride "as the main supplier of solid fuel for the Defense Ministry coincided with the period when the heating of military facilities Naginsky replied Gregory, a former deputy defense minister and the head of the Russian Spetsstroy. As our investigation, the main shareholder of the bank, "Tauride" Oleg Zakharzhevskaya and Gregory Naginsky were old friends and former business partners. Simultaneously with the publication of "Novaya Gazeta" GUEBiPK Russian Interior Ministry carried out pre-investigation checks in connection with the supply of coal in the Defence Ministry. Led whether this check to criminal charges, "Novaya Gazeta" is not known.

Help - 2

Next to the chalet Roman Zolotov other influential home owners are in Sochi. This mini-village on the site "Glade" can be considered closed the VIP-club elite of modern Russia. In addition Zolotov, the houses are owned by Viktor Zubkov, chairman of "Gazprom" Board of Directors; Love Kabaeva & mdash; Mom Alina Kabaeva, the chairman of the board of directors of the holding "National Media Group"; Kirill Seleznev, Member of the Board of "Gazprom", and others.