Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation


Alexander Kudrin and Viktor Zubkov slide to Paris


The court session will be held in the first half of November in Paris.

The estimate of the most expensive Football Championship in history increased several times


The World Cup in Russia will be the most expensive in history, although the organizers refused some plans, and some of the objects failed to be delivered by the deadline. Taking into account the costs of the regions, the total budget of the championship will exceed $ 14 billion.

The Accounts Chamber found violations in the defense and space industries of 1.3 trillion rubles


The amount of violations when spending budget funds doubled in 2017, the Accounting Chamber reported. The strengthening of audit and uncertainty in the pre-election year are affecting, say experts

Madame Arbidol can return to the government


The scandalous head of the Accounts Chamber can lead a social bloc in the government and supervise public health.

47 billion rubles from Roskosmos disappeared from the federal budget


Roskosmos, earning on international launches of spacecraft, owes the state nearly 47 billion rubles. That sum was named by the Accounting Chamber and added to the budget by the Ministry of Finance. But now the money disappeared.