Anti-Corruption Foundation


Ilsur Metshin moved on the clock


Navalny's headquarters found a collection of watches for 120 million rubles from the mayor of Kazan.

Nailya Asker-zade flew off on her plane


The Bombardier Global 6000 business jet, which, according to the Anti-Corruption Foundation, was regularly used by TV presenter Naila Asker-zade, is put up for sale.

The daughter of the president of "Transneft" left the resort


Former Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Sergey Shmatko became the owner of 25% in Gelendzhik Resort Complex-Meridian LLC.

Yuri Trutnev stands alone in the Far Eastern Federal District


FBK showed the mansions of the Far Eastern plenipotentiary Yuri Trutnev.

The head of the Moscow City Election Committee Valentin Gorbunov could not hide the property


The Anti-Corruption Foundation found Valentina Gorbunov two apartments on the Adriatic coast.

Igor Chaika did not understand why his property was encrypted in Rosreestr


The son of the Prosecutor General said that since 2016 he had not performed registration actions with real estate.

Viktor Zolotov will pay Igor Sechin two prices for gasoline


Rosguard spends billions of dollars with the approval of the government and the court.

Alexey Navalny choked with "Friendship of Peoples"


The Crimean Meat Processing Plant "Friendship of Peoples" demanded to refute the investigation of the purchase of products by Rosgvardia at inflated prices. The court ordered the Anti-Corruption Foundation to remove the scandalous investigation.

Viktor Zolotov did not agree to change the scuffle to the debate


The head of the Rosguards expectedly abandoned discussions with Alexei Navalny. According to the general, he invited the oppositionist to a "sport match".

Tuleyev's 12 chairs for Navalny


Furniture for Alexey Navalny's HQ in Kemerovo had to be carried from another region. Subordinates of Tuleyev began to throw sand in the wheels of the opponent of their master.

Navalny Foundation found a "FSB general's dacha" on the state border


Alexey Navalny's Foundation discovered that the namesake of the deputy head of the Border Service of Russia owns a dacha in the border area. As clarified by RBC, a man with the same name, as well as the head of the Foreign Intelligence Service Sergey Naryshkin and senator from the "United Russia" Valery Vasiliev, are co-owners of the partnership "Lesnaya Lubyanka."

Navalny told about "Medvedev's dacha" in Ples


Alexey Navalny published a video of a huge residence near Ples, which, as he states, belongs to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. The latter's press secretary, Natalia Timakova, says that the minister just uses it.   

Alexey Navalny found "king's dogs" in Igor Shuvalov's possession


Russian Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov is suspected of possession of the aircraft Bombardier Global Express worth $52 million.

Manager of Shuvalov's assets spoke about the apartments on Kotelnicheskaya


The manager of assets of Deputy Prime Minister. Igor Shuvalov. talked about the purpose of the apartments bought in the high-rise on Kotelnicheskaya Embankment, and revealed the details of management of the official's trust. 

Igor Shuvalov turns out to have an entire floor to live in


Alexey Navalny alleges that the First Deputy Prime Minister has ten apartments in high-rise building on Kotelnicheskaya Embankment.

Rosreestr hid the names of the public prosecutor's sons in property statements


Alexey Navalny is planning to sue the agency. 

Navalny told about the Prosecutor General Yury Chaika's family business


The protagonist of the new investigation of Anti-Corruption Foundation is the son of the General Prosecutor, Artyom Chaika. 

Shoygu's daughter replied to Navalny's disclosures


Defense Minister's daughter did not acquire land on Rublyovka, as was recently reported by the foundation of the opposition leader Alexey Navalny, said her representative to RBC. Howerever, he didn't explain how a full namesake of Xenia Shoygu had become the owner of these land plots. 

LifeNews removed the article about the alleged funding of Navalny by the Kremlin


On Thursday, LifeNews channel removed from its site an article stating that the activities of the opposition leader Alexei Navalny were allegedly secretly funded by the Kremlin structures after a Kremlin source called it "complete nonsense."

"The picture case"


A search at the Navalny's place has is no direct hit against the politician. However, the blow is directed against the investigations of the Anti-Corruption Foundation.