Arbitration Court of Moscow


Bank "Yugra" lived to bankruptcy


The negative capital of the financial institution grew to 143 billion rubles. However, there are no claims to the former owners of the bank, Alexey and Yuri Hotin, the CBR and law enforcement agencies do not. Hotins managed to withdraw their assets from Ugra in advance.

The arbitration court did not appreciate the sleight of hand of Boris Mints


The Moscow Arbitration Court ordered the O1 Group to return the bank "FC Opening" 34 billion rubles. This money, Boris Mintz withdrew from the bank on bail of its bonds shortly before the decision on its readjustment in the fall of 2017.

How Rosgosstrakh and Otkrytie Holding have become entangled in debt


Of the company that owns part of the offices of Rosgosstrakh, 26 billion rubles have been withdrawn, the bankruptcy trustee said.

The refrigeration plant was built into the case of Anatoly Motylev


15 buildings of OJSC ICMA were arrested.

Scandalous developer Maxim Blazhko will lose his last major facility in Moscow


The Moscow Arbitration Court ordered the sale of the firm - owners of LCD Neskuchny Home & Spa. The plaintiff was VEB, to whom the businessman's structures owed in aggregate up to 12 billion rubles.

Paul Fuchs was again on the verge of failure


Scandalous owner of the Moscow development company MosCityGroup with Ukrainian roots stuck in the next trial over the long construction of Sky House in Moscow.

The High Court of London defended Boris Mintz from Mikhail Zadornov


However, the head of the bank "Otkrytie" can not withdraw his claims to the fugitive oligarch structures in Russian courts. This decision was taken by the Moscow Arbitration Court. If the "Discovery" does not stop pursuing Mintz, the state bank faces sanctions in the UK.

Boris Mintz demanded from Dmitry Ananyev 3.9 billion rubles


This money demands to collect from "Promsvyazkapital" pension funds of the financial group "Future".

The pharmacy network "36.6" ran out of money for the supplier


The network refuses to pay, referring to the fraud of the counterparty.

Boris Mintz will answer in London


So decided the High Court of England and Wales.

"R-farm" did not pay for tablets


The company lost the dispute to Native.

Sergei Kapkov charges burnt deposits from a co-owner of a bank that has collapsed


The former Minister of Culture of Moscow and his children demand to pay them 19 million rubles.

VTB went on a hunt for Alexander Pleshakov


The State Bank intends to recognize the former owner of Transaero bankrupt. Pleshakov himself and his family have already fled Russia.

Yuri Kotler could shoot himself because of financial problems


A member of the United Russia expert council, Yuri Kotler, who was found dead, filed a suit against the Novorossiysk commercial sea port, where he previously worked as deputy general director. On May 8, 2018, the Moscow Arbitration Court declared bankruptcy because of a debt of 49 million rubles.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs again buys computers on domestic processors "Baikal"


Earlier, the agency broke the contract with the "T-platforms" for 287 million rubles.

Space Conflictology


The White House will deal with the dispute between the state Roskosmos and private Dauria Aerospace.

The former owner of the Rossiyskiy Kredit Bank Anatoly Motylev was declared bankrupt


The court began the procedure for the sale of his property.

Veronica Skvortsova's house is bogged down in the courts


What prevents the head of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation from completing and opening a federal center for a stroke in Moscow.

Maxim Blazhko again loses assets


The founder of Don-system lost control of Sorta.

The court refused to return Siemens gas turbines from Crimea


Deputy Energy Minister Andrei Tcherezov noted that the first two Siemens turbines have already been installed at the Sevastopol and Simferopol TPPs and they are carrying out alignment activities.

Crimean turbines wouldn't be arrested


The court refused Siemens' request for interim measures.

Jugra Bank sues the Russian Central Bank


The credit organization accuses the Central Bank of unlawful actions.