Bank of Moscow


Judgment Day for Andrey Borodin and Dmitry Akulinin will be held in absentia


The fugitive managers of the Bank of Moscow were not taken to a Russian court from the UK.

Why Russian billionaires prefer foreign courts


The popularity of Western courts among Russian billionaires has not declined, despite attempts to make domestic legislation and the judicial system more attractive for resolving major disputes.

The High Court of London recognized Vladimir Kekhman as a fraudster


The court ruled in favor of the Bank of Moscow, deciding to recover from the banana-theatrical figure $ 140 million.

Ex-head of the NGO "Cosmos" Andrei Chernyakov deprived of oil, wine and villas near Florence


The list of Andrei Chernyakov's losses sounds directly poetic: a bamboo grove, an olive orchard, a vineyard, and an old (15th century) mansion attached to them.

Banks that fail


The largest bank failures in Russia in the last 10 years.

VTB will sell its hotels in Moscow cheaply


Their buyers may turn out to be entities connected with the head of the bank Andrey Kostin or his entourage, experts suspect.

Andrey Chernyakov against VTB raiders


NGO Cosmos has been captured by the people involved in scandals with offshore salaries and bribery of Forbes.

London does not help


The case of the ex-owner of Cosmos, Andrey Chernyakov, can serve as an example how to make the Russian fugitives bankrupt. 

Lenders chase Telman Ismailov into bankrupcy


The oligarch Telman Ismailov squandered hundreds of millions of dollars, and is now entangled with giant debts.

Who and for how much bought the property of Vladimir Kehman's company


Bankrupt theater-love didn't give the lenders a chance to get rich at his expense.

The court arrested the castle of the former head of Bank of Moscow in the UK


The court arrested the estate with a castle belonging to the ex-president of Bank of Moscow, Andrey Borodin. Investigators believe that it was purchased for ₤140 million stolen from the bank. The castle is considered the most expensive house in Britain outside London.

Saboteur Kostin


President of VTB Bank caused record damage to the Russian energy sector.

A legal argument in absentia is prepared for Andrey Borodin in Russia


The accomplices of the former president of Bank of Moscow have been convicted. 

The London court has allowed the former head of NPO Cosmos to spend £80 thousand a month


Defenders of Andrey Chernyakov, accused of stealing a loan of 12 billion rubles from the Bank of Moscow, appealed against the arrest of his villa in Italy and restrictions on personal spending in the UK.  

Restaurant for Kostin: Telman Ismailov lost "Prague"


As it became known to Forbes, VTB obtained ownership of restaurant "Prague" and a business center "Tropicana", which belonged to the former owner of the Cherkizovsky market.

Telman Ismailov's sons will pay for their father


Bank of Moscow has got the right to collect the debt from the businesman's family's company.

Moscow money was found in Florence


President of NPO Cosmos Andrey Chernyakov is accused of large scale credit fraud.   

Oleg Deripaska understood what Zenith was


Transstroi hands the arena over to the football players. 

VTB got rid of Fitch


The agency withdraws the ratings of the state bank and its subsidiaries.