Bank of Russia

Балабанова Марина Александровна, Директор по связям с общественностью и государственными органами Danone в России. Родилась в 1972 году. Образование:

В 1994 году окончила филологический факультет Санкт-Петербургского государственного университета. Специальность - "математическая лингвистика".

Профессиональная деятельность:

C 1991 года, в течение 9 лет, входила в оргкомитет Международного банковского конгресса, который проходит в Петербурге. После окончания университета работала в Центральном банке РФ, в российской торговой компании "Алмаз".
С 1996 по 1998 год - работала в представительстве PriceWaterhouse в Северо-Западном регионе.
С 1998 по 2004 год – работала в отделе внешних и внутренних связей Phillip Morris.
В апреле 2005 года – управляющая по корпоративным вопросам  ЗАО "Филип Моррис Ижора".
С 2005 по 2006 год – директор по связям с общественностью холдинга "Веда. Объединенные компании".
С 2006 по 2010 год - Вице-президент по связям с общественностью и государственными органами финской корпорации Fortum в России.

С апреля 2010 года - Директор по связям с общественностью и государственными органами Danone. Отвечает за развитие корпоративного имиджа группы Danone в России, связь со СМИ, программы в области социальной ответственности и отношения с регулирующими и государственными органами. В сферу ответственности входят две компании: ООО «Данон Индустрия» (молочные продукты) и  ООО «Нутриция» (детское питание).

Увлечения: чтение современной английской и американской литературы (в оригинале), театр драмы, опера, балет.

Wealthy Russians save their dollars in a US bank


Citibank reported a record inflow of wealthy Russians in August and September, and this trend continued in October.

Temporary administration came to Sergey Bazhanov's bank


The Central Bank introduced a temporary administration in the International Bank of St. Petersburg (IBSP) in connection with the threat to depositors.

Dollars ran from Sberbank


In August-September, private investors withdrew $ 2 billion from Sberbank.

Grief-developer Alexander Dolgin spoiled to "Prominstrakh"


The Central Bank has prohibited the insurer of the bankrupt Urban Group from working with developers. The company is excluded from the list of insurers of developers and can not enter into new contracts.

Russians have increased spending in foreign online stores


In the first half of the year, Russians spent $ 5.19 billion in foreign online stores, a 24% increase from a year earlier. Traditional retailers complain about the inability to compete with foreign sites.

Bank FC Opening will sue former top managers


The claims are brought against nine managers, including former members of the board. To the former owners of the bank, who brought it into the financial abyss, the administration of Mikhail Zadornov claims for some reason no.

State Bank VTB protects its loan from the Bank of Russia


Andrei Kostin's bank was dissatisfied with the transfer of Amaznoye Arkhangelskgeoldobycha to the repayment of debts "The Holding's opening" in 335 billion rubles. In this case, the fate of VTB's loan of 1.45 billion dollars "is sagging" to the beneficiary of the holding Vadim Belyaev. With this money he bought the company from LUKoil.

The Central Bank cut investments in the US government debt to an 11-year low


From April to July 2018, the CBR cut its investment in US Treasuries to an 11-year low of $ 14.5 billion.

Felix Bazhanov invests the money of Master-Capital clients in auto racing


The Bank of Russia discovered signs of the withdrawal of the leadership of the bank "Master Capital" 2 billion rubles. Earlier, the bank, owned by Nadezhda and Felix Bazhanov, washed out 55 billion rubles.

Transcapitalbank did not receive additional money for the reorganization of Investtorgbank


Transcapitalbank did not receive additional money to reorganize the bank and it was extended by a preferential deposit of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation for 20 billion rubles.

The external debt of the Russian Federation began to decline


The volume of Russia's external debt fell to $ 485 billion due to the withdrawal of non-residents from sovereign debt instruments and low lending to companies in foreign markets.

The Central Bank withdrew a license from Gazbank because of numerous violations


The Central Bank of Russia revoked the license from the bank, which was the key financial institution of the Samara holding company Volgopromgaz. This could be the beginning of the end of the financial and industrial grouping, of which the current acting president is also a descendant. governor of the Samara region Dmitry Azarov.

Working in the Crimea the Yakut bank suspended work


Another Russian bank that started work in the Crimea was in the zone of financial collapse.

The CBR revoked the license from the Bank Soviet after three years of rehabilitation


The Central Bank of the Russian Federation was tired of injecting liquidity into the zombie bank for three years, and withdrew its license. The hole in Sovetskoye was 40 billion rubles.

Elvira Nabiullina and Vasily Pozdyshev remembered the missing 335 billion rubles


Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Bank of Russia Vasily Pozdyshev threatened the "Opening of the Holding Company" with a lawsuit on bankruptcy. Where disappeared allocated last year 335 billion rubles, no one in the Central Bank does not know.

The Central Bank spent on saving the Bank "FC Opening" 140 billion rubles


Elvira Nabiullina poured money into the bankrupt pension fund of the Bank of Russia.

The Bank of Russia will provide a rehabilitated bank "Otkrytie" assistance in the amount of 217 billion rubles


The total cost of the Central Bank of Russia for the rehabilitation of Promsvyazbank, Binbank and Bank Otkritie reached 2.8 trillion rubles.

Former president of the OFC-bank sent under house arrest


In Moscow, under house arrest, the former president of the United Financial Capital Bank (OFC-bank) Nikolay Gordeyev was imprisoned.

"Alfa-Bank" on the fall of the ruble in April earned $ 500 million


In the game of exchange rates, the bank of Mikhail Fridman and Pyotr Aven was generously helped by the state budget of the Russian Federation, which granted a loan of 77 billion rubles.

Danil Khachaturov accuses FC "Otkrytie" of violating the terms of the deal


The former owner of the robbed insurance company Rosgosstrakh accused the head of the bank FC Opening, which failed to comply with the terms of the acquisition of the insurer: did not transfer Khachaturov shares in the head of the opening of the Holding. Danilo Khachaturov has nothing to lose: his brother Sergei is already in the jail, the question of planting Danil himself is extremely temporary.

German Gref proposes to privatize Sberbank


Being a state Sberbank can not uncontrollably absorb other Russian banks, and the status of the state prevents it from doing business abroad, taking into account international sanctions against the Russian Federation.

The Bank of Russia thought about banning bankers from leaving the country


On the eve of the second wave of the banking crisis, the Central Bank intends to prohibit owners of sanitized banks from traveling outside the Russian Federation. Their assets will also be blocked for the duration of the proceedings. For large oligarchic banks, already sanitized by the Bank of Russia, an exception has been made.

The CBR spent 2.62 trillion rubles on sanation of large banks and could spend another


The Central Bank of the Russian Federation in 2017 spent 2.62 trillion rubles on the rehabilitation of three private banking groups. This was told by the Chairman of the Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina. This is five times more than Russia's annual spending on education.

Mikhail Prokhorov worked as a garbage for Viktor Vekselberg


A professional oligarch bought out a share of toxic Vekselberg in an IFC bank.

Eugene Giner brainwashed the Central Bank


The Central Bank of Russia for two years allegedly did not know the real owner of "RGS Life".

Promsvyazbank lay down on the bottom


The bank has stopped disclosing its securities reporting, fearing possible US sanctions.

Roskosmos will repair the scrapped Fonservisbank


Since 2015, Novikombank was involved in this, but had no success. Roskosmos has already lost 47 billion rubles in this bank.

Bank of unknown fathers


Promsvyazbank will keep its management secret to avoid US sanctions for its managers.