Basmanny Court of Moscow


Co-owner of "VIM-Avia" flew away from the investigation


Svetlana Mursekaeva was put on the international wanted list. She left Russia in 2017 with her husband and airline co-owner Rashid Mursekaev.

Kerimov found "Vedomosti" accomplice in social networks


This allowed the senator to appeal to the Basmanny Court of Moscow.

After the arrest of Dmitry Mihalchenko, his holding company is experiencing troubles


The portfolio of state contracts of Baltstroya has shrinked, and the turnover of the Bronk port is lower than planned.   

Sechin ordered Novaya Gazeta to delete an article on his yacht through court action


The Moscow City Court upheld the decision of the court on the suit of Rosneft to the newspaper. 

Trust Bank assets were wasted on loans


The activities of the former bank's top managers will be assessed by the Basmanny Court of Moscow.

The end of the war: Rotenberg can take "Togliattiazot"


According to Forbes, the president's friend is the main contender for the asset, which had been the cause of a corporate war for more than ten years.

Moscow business reached US


The Basmanny court arrested in absentia the lawyer Andrey Stolbunov who was seeking politycal asylum.