Central Bank of the Russian Federation


The Central Bank will jam Artem Avetisyan for Vostochny Bank


To rectify the situation, the bank needs about 5 billion rubles in capital, analysts say.

DIA found a way to liquidate banks in an accelerated mode


It proposes to transfer the unsecured assets of credit institutions to mutual funds.

Sberbank and Alfa-Bank will play a little in the crypto currency


Crypto-currency private banking will be tested at the site of the Central Bank of Russia.

The Ministry of Finance approved the privatization of state companies to implement the may decree of Putin


The state can sell even a part of the shares of Sberbank.

Former owner of Rosgosstrakh Danil Khachaturov spoke about the details of the sale of RGS Life


The former owner of Rosgosstrakh, Danil Khachaturov, for the first time disclosed the details of the sale to the company of RGS Life by Evgeny Giner. According to him, the deal was made in order to cover Rosgosstrakh's billions of losses from compulsory motor third party liability insurance.

Vnesheconombank is equated to non-state pension funds


Otherwise VEB's role in the pension system will be incomprehensible.

What is the fate of the banking sector in Russia


Only 21% of Russian banks are able to independently generate capital, analysts concluded ACRA. The only source of financing in these conditions is the state, and on the horizon of three to five years the situation will not change.

Buyers lose interest in "White Bird"


Rusagro refused to buy the agricultural holding.

Foreign investors arranged a sale of federal loan bonds after the announcement of sanctions


This is an outflow, but not an escape, analysts estimate.

Elvira Nabiulina: "We therefore created a new mechanism for sanitation"


The Chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation explained why a new mechanism for the reorganization of commercial banks was needed, and is waiting for the government's decisions on taxes and budget to clarify the macroeconomic forecast of the Bank of Russia.

The head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina cut the Moscow banking ring


Cross-cutting operations in it the Central Bank estimated in tens of billions of rubles.

Vadim Belyaev resigned from the "Opening Holding"


He left the post of general director of the company, with which the Central Bank is trying to collect almost 5 billion rubles.

Insurance company Respect can not cope with obligations to developers


The auditors indicated the risk in the work of the insurance company Respect.

Ministry of Internal Affairs demands to check "Rosgosstrakh"


The Ministry of Internal Affairs (MOI) asks the Central Bank to check the activities of Rosgosstrakh. Earlier, Mikhail Zadornov, who headed the board of directors of the insurer, accused his former leadership of theft.

Holding "Otkritie" acquired almost 15% of VTB shares


Bank "FC Otkrytie", which is under control of the Central Bank, unexpectedly increased its stake in VTB.

Deposits outflow from Otkritie Bank beats all rankings


Less than two months have passed since ACRA assigned a rating to the bank, but it can reconsider it.

Russian Central Bank will present $109 billion to the US


It sounds like an ultimatum: if the Bank of Russia does not withdraw $109 billion invested in US debt obligations and does not transfer them to securities in Europe and China, the Federation Council will have to go back to the question of its nationalization.

Jugra Bank sues the Russian Central Bank


The credit organization accuses the Central Bank of unlawful actions.

Spiders' fight in Jugra Bank


Has the system of state deposit insurance in Russian banks ceased to exist?

Jugra Bank had 17 billion rubles in loss before its collapse


In June, the bank's capital declined by a third.

Russian banks do not believe there's an end to the crisis


The number of bank offices in Russia has been declining for four consecutive years and has already become less than in 2006.

Two-week's fear: immediately after the annexation of Crimea, Russia withdrew $115 billion from the US


The US Federal Reserve is spying on the funds of foreign central banks in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in the interests of Washington.

Jugra Bank ordered to insure deposits at the maximum tariff


Over the year, the bank's deductions to the insurance fund have grown 5.5 times to 828 million rubles.